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Masters in Public Health in UK for International Students


The masters in public health in the UK degree program for international students run for between one to two years. The length of the program depends on the learning institution and mode of study you choose. This course educates you on global health by applying preventative disease measures and maintaining proper hygiene measures. It imparts you with skills and knowledge that will enable you to handle critical emergency conditions. It is a course we recommend for individuals who seek a specialized career within the medical industry.

Masters in Public Health in UK: Highlights


Master in Public Health


Master of Public Health

Duration of the course

1-2 years


Must have achieved a second class upper in a degree relevant to the course or an equivalent.

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

20,000 GBP-37,000 GBP


Epidemiologists, Nutritionists,

Average Salary

29,000 GBP/year

Why Masters in Public Health in UK?

A master's in Public Health in the UK provides you with one of the best healthcare industry experiences.

Listed below are some of why you should pursue this course in the UK.

Course Duration:  Compared to many other countries abroad that offer 2 years to complete the master's in public health, the UK provides a shorter study duration, taking at least 12 months.

Career Opportunities: There are better job prospects for public health workers in the UK. It is ranked the third highest paying country globally for its public health professionals.

Infrastructure: The UK will expose you to better educational infrastructure and education. Its exceptional curriculum will ensure that you are updated with emerging technologies with its world-class health facilities.

Impact: Employers seek professionals who are exceptionally well-skilled, and international studies will provide you with a reputable experience which will enable you to have a greater impact on your employer.

Who Should take Master in Public Health in UK?

  • This course is for individuals passionate about making an impact in global health systems and ensuring health equity.
  • Professionals who seek to build a successful career within the public health industry.
  • Individuals with basic math and computer knowledge and skills.

Master in Public Health in UK: Course Curriculum

The course structure of the Masters in Public Health in the UK focuses on methods and ways public health professionals can handle challenges through research and practical experiences. 

There are vast specializations within the course, such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Health Education
  • Occupation Health Safety
  • Health Economics

There are, however, some standard courses that cut across all universities. 

This include:

  • Principles of Social Research
  • Health Research Methods
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Principles of Public Health

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TOP Universities to Study Master in Public Health in UK

The UK is listed as one of the top 3 international study destinations globally. At least three of its universities consistently ranked among the top 10 universities to study for master's in public health. 

Tabled below are some of the highly ranked universities.

Name of the University 

QS World Rankings


University of Cambridge



Imperial College of London



University College London



University of Edinburgh



University of Manchester



Cost of Studying Master in Public Health in UK

The cost of enrolling to this course in UK for international students is determined by two key variables; the cost of living in UK and the tuition fee. 

Tuition Fees

Name of the University



Tuition Fees in INR

University of Cambridge

Masters in Public Health (MPhil)

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years

28.2 lakhs

Imperial College of London

Masters in Public Health (MPH)

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years

Online part-time- 2 years

34.4 lakhs

University of Manchester

Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MDPH)

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years

Online part-time- 3 years

36.7 lakhs

University of Edinburgh

Masters in Public Health (MSc)

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years

21.95 lakhs

University College London

Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MSc)

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years

25.1 lakhs

Cost of Living in UK

The cost of living for a student pursuing this course in the UK is generally higher than other countries. This, however, depends on the way you choose to live. The average cost of living for a student studying master's in public health in the UK is about 13,000 GBP -18,000 GBP annually.

We advise that you take advantage of student discounts and transportation cards to cut down on these costs. 

The table below features some monthly expenses and their cost.

Kind of Expenses

Amount in GBP







Public Transport


Utility bills


Eligibility Criteria to Study Master in Public Health in UK

In order to qualify to study for a master's in public health in the UK, you are required to fulfil and satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria, 

which is outlined below:

  1. Have an upper second class undergraduate degree from a UK university in a relevant subject or an equivalent.
  2. Must have sat for and passed an English proficiency test.
  3. Must have relevant work experience, especially if you have low scores on your bachelor's degree.
  4. Show proof of basic math and computer skills.
  5. Result transcripts from your previous course and any other supporting documents such as a statement of purpose and recommendation letters.

Exams Required to Study Master in Public Health in UK

Exam Name

Minimum Band Requirements




100 overall





Scholarships to Study Master in Public Health in UK

This course can prove to be very costly especially for international students. Several universities in the UK offer scholarships to excelling students and those in need to help reduce their financial burden. 

Some of the scholarships available for the master's in public health in UK include:

Scholarship Name 



Amount in GBP

King’s International Scholarship

King’s College London

Must be enrolled and starting a full-time post-graduate program in the university


Social Impact Scholarship

Imperial College of London

Must possess and showcase outstanding leadership skills and potential.

Must be pursuing a post-graduate program in the university.

Must meet all admission requirements.

Maximum of 20,000

University College London Alumni Scholarship

University College London

Must be legally culpable of paying the overseas fee rate for their study.

Currently studying for their bachelor’s degree at the institution or have successfully completed their undergraduate course.

Must have received an offer letter to study a full-time master’s degree at UCL


University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship

University of Glasgow

Must have a bachelor’s degree.

Excel academically and achieve grades equivalent to UK first class honor or equivalent.

Have an offer letter to enroll in a post graduate course in the university.


Vice-chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships

Newcastle University

Must have received an offer letter from the university.

Must have at least achieved a grade of ABB in you’re a level or equivalent.


Placement Opportunities after Master in Public Health in UK

Universities offering a placement for students studying for master's in public health in the UK provide the much-needed support to international students in gaining formidable employment. This is done through career events and industry connections.

Students receive support for a maximum of one year. It is, however, important to note that these universities do not offer a guarantee of work placements but guide you through the process of finding one.

TOP Recruiters

Top recruiters for the masters in public health graduates in the UK include:

  • National Health Service
  • Greenwich Council
  • Global Data
  • London Borough of Islington
  • Ardgowan Hospice

How to Apply for Master in Public Health in UK?

AECC recommends these steps as a guide in submitting your application to study master's in public health in the UK:

  • Carry out in-depth research on your university of choice and its eligibility requirements.
  • Study the course scope and curriculum and any program requirements you should meet.
  • Fill out the application form via the institution's online website; we are always present to help you if you need any clarifications.
  • Upload any required documents.
  • Ensure you pay the application fee.
  • Submit the application.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive an offer letter. You will be able to make your student visa application using the offer letter.

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The masters in public health in the UK is a noble and great course to pursue. It also offers lucrative career options. Every health institution needs a public health specialist as they are taught and highly skilled in tough decision making processes in critical times of emergency.

We, however, recognize that the process of securing entry to study this course in the UK may be very overwhelming. In case of any queries or difficulties, please reach AECC India through our online website and we will guide you through this process and ensure your success.


AECC India is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey of fulfilling your dream.

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