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MBBS in New Zealand for Indian Students


No doubt! MBBS is one of the most sought-after courses in contemporary New Zealand. MBBS universities in New Zealand have always been part of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) educational excellence. New Zealand's medical universities never fail to offer aspirants a world-class six-year MBBS degree with state-of-the-art technology and premium-quality infrastructure. The Australian Medical Council accredits medical degrees on behalf of the New Zealand Medical Council. So, the education system of New Zealand is as good as the quality of Austrian education in terms of curriculum, learning environment, and advanced methodology. All this attracts thousands of international students to practice MBBS in New Zealand, and these numbers are about to boom in the coming years. If you're looking to study MBBS in New Zealand, many opportunities await you while studying medicine.

Why Should you Study Medicine in New Zealand?

We all know New Zealand is a great study spot, and it's now emerging as one of the topmost preferences among international students wanting to study medicine abroad. Besides being a beautiful country, there are still a few other reasons why New Zealand is internationally considered the matchless medical study destination. Here are the must-consider reasons why you should choose New Zealand for your further education.

  • There is a record of over 1500+ doctors in the medical council of New Zealand each year.
  • In New Zealand, universities offer unmatched educational quality, smart classrooms, highly attentive professors, and research-oriented projects.
  • Some universities in New Zealand allow medical degree students to practice in India. The University of Auckland is one such university recommended by MCI.
  • The MBBS universities in New Zealand prepare their students with predefined exams to prepare for medical subjects.
  • While studying MBBS in New Zealand, one can improve English proficiency as all the mediums of communication in New Zealand are English.
  • New Zealand is the safest learning and study environment in the world, as international students are constantly being monitored by the universities' internal students' associations.
  • The MBBS degree offered in New Zealand is globally recognized, and it's the reason many students want to study MBBS in New Zealand.
  • 40% of the 17,500 doctors who are practising in New Zealand are international students.
  • MBBS universities in New Zealand demand very few entry requirements, making the admission process easier and more seamless compared to other countries.
  • Most of the MBBS universities in New Zealand are in the prime list of Q.S. world university rankings.
  • Doctors who graduated from New Zealand earn NZ $150,000 on average, which is five times what doctors in India earn after completing their MBBS.
  • The country has a very low-cost education system, so the cost of studying MBBS in New Zealand is moderate.
  • Studying MBBS in New Zealand is the right choice to study medicine abroad.
  • New Zealand is the most peaceful country for medical education.
  • The New Zealand education system has a robust curriculum and advanced methodology, which attracts many international students to study medicine in New Zealand.
  • Medical students will get more opportunities to gain practical training in medicine through research and exchange programs.
  • MBBS universities in New Zealand offer their international students a wide range of scholarships.

MBBS in New Zealand: Course Highlights

The following are the noteworthy highlights of studying MBBS at New Zealand universities:

Degree Awarded


Entrance test 


Course duration 

6 years 

Medium of instruction 



Compulsory with a qualifying score


Compulsory with qualifying marks

NMC Approved



MCI/WHO and other governing bodies

Average course fee

 NZD 42,350/ year

Popular MBBS Specialization in New Zealand

Medicine in New Zealand is the most popular career choice among international students. But, beyond MBBS, there are several specializations available in MBBS universities in New Zealand. Let's find out what they are:


Specialization offered

Course fees/ year

University of Auckland

Clinical Education

NZD 28,350

University of Otago

Occupational Medicine

NZD 24,800

University of Auckland

Master of Science (Optometry and Vision Science)

NZD 31,500

University of Canterbury

Medical Physics

NZD 36,900

University of Auckland

Health Sciences

NZD 52,150

University of Otago

Child Health

NZD 40,800

Auckland University of Technology

Medical Laboratory Science

NZD 29,750

University of Auckland

Master of Science (Exercise Science)

NZD 28,600

University of Otago

Musculoskeletal Medicine

NZD 31,250

University of Canterbury

Health Sciences - Palliative Care

NZD 38,450

Universities to Study MBBS in New Zealand

In the opinion of many educational experts and consultants, New Zealand is the best country for studying MBBS abroad. Surprisingly, the University of Otago and the University of Auckland are the two best universities in New Zealand to offer excellent MBBS programs and are considered great options for international students. Look for the Q.S. world rankings, programs, average tuition fees, and related details of those two MBBS universities given below:


QS Ranking

Program offered

Tuition Fees

University of Auckland


Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)

NZD 72,000

University of Otago


Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)

NZD 41,500

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in New Zealand

Apart from completing class 12 in science subjects like biology and English with good marks, there are some other essential eligibility criteria to study MBBS in New Zealand. Here you can find the detailed criteria below:

Age criteria

The age of the applicant must fall between 17 and 25 years old on or before December 31st of the year of the admission process.

Qualification Criteria

As mentioned before, the applicant must complete class 10+12 with a minimum grade of 65% and have a bachelor's degree in the field of science to be eligible to apply.


The applicant needs to clear the UCAT, a mandatory entrance exam, before applying to MBBS in New Zealand.


The international applicant needs to pass the English language proficiency test before applying to study MBBS in New Zealand.


Before applying to study medicine in New Zealand, it is mandatory to clear the NEET, a standard entrance test for every medical aspirant.

Admission Process to Study MBBS in New Zealand 

The admission procedure to get into an MBBS in New Zealand is so easy and seamless compared to other countries. The admission process is based on two criteria: round-corner counseling and academic progress. Any student who is looking to apply for MBBS in New Zealand needs to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Fill out the application form with all the relevant information and valid personal details.

Step 2: Once you've finished filling out the form, click the submit button to proceed.

Step 3: Following confirmation, pay the enrolment fee and keep a printout of the receipt as proof.

Step 4: Wait for the application review process and official confirmation from the board, which usually takes around 15-20 days.

Step 5: Once confirmed, the eligible candidate will receive an official invitation letter from the university they applied to.

Step 6: After paying the tuition fees, applicants must confirm their seats.

Step 7: Apply for a visa and notify the university of your intended arrival date.

MBBS in New Zealand Syllabus

Before applying for admission to an MBBS degree in New Zealand, it is essential to know the MBBS syllabus of some top-rated medical universities. Here is the year-wise syllabus for the MBBS degree at New Zealand's medical university:



Year - 1

Fundamentals of Psychology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Histology,

Medical Chemistry, Human Anatomy, Cytology, Embryology,

Elective Courses

Year – 2

Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology, Microbiology,

Embryology, Patient Care, Emergency Medicine

Year – 3

Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Pathomorphological,

General Surgery, Ecology, Biostatistics, Elective Courses, Radiology

Year – 4

Tuberculosis, Urology, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology,

Neurology, Ophthalmology, Forensic Medicine, Narcology, Medical

Psychology, Social Medicine

Year – 5

Epidemiology, Obstetrics, Oncology, Social Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Traumatology, Gynaecology, Medical, Genetics,

Clinical Immunology

Year - 6

General Practice, Elective courses

Cost of studying MBBS in New Zealand

The average cost of studying MBBS at universities in New Zealand can range somewhere between NZD 72,000 and NZD 85,000 and may even vary as per the university you have opted for. Here is the tuition fee structure approved by the medical council in New Zealand.



Tuition fees 

Average cost study (Inclusive cost of living)

University of Auckland

6 years

1st & 2nd year

NZD 32,400

NZD 188,500

2nd & 3rd year

NZD 71,250

4th to 6th year

NZD 82,500

University of Otago

6 years

1st & 2nd year

NZD 35,400

NZD 1,25,000

2nd to 6th year

NZD 67,450

Scholarship for Studying MBBS in New Zealand 

MBBS in New Zealand is the best choice to study as the country has an educational standard for medical education and a low-cost medical degree. Moreover, international students may find many medical scholarships to study in New Zealand that help pay for their living expenses, food, transportation costs, and health. Here are some popular scholarship programs international students can apply to and make use of:



Stipend per Annum

New Zealand Excellence Award

Must be an Indian citizen with a minimum GPA of 6.0

Up to NZD 18,000

TWJ Johnson Scholarship in Clinical Medicine

Must be a full-time medical student enrolled in any medical university in New Zealand

Up to NZD 16,000

University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

Must be enrolled as 'on campus' and full fee-paid student

Up to NZD 12,000

University of Auckland MBChB Graduate Entry-International student scholarship

Must complete part 3 of the MBChB degree at the University of Auckland with a GPA of 7.0

Up to NZD 70,000

Generation Study Abroad Excellence and Travel Awards

Must score a minimum GPA of 3.0

Up to NZD 21,000

Career Opportunities after Completion of MBBS in New Zealand

Students who complete MBBS in New Zealand earn among the top 10% of earners in any profession. MBBS in New Zealand entitles students to get an MBBS degree with various career options that MCI recognizes. Apart from practicing medicine after completing the MBBS course here, there are various conventional and contemporary career opportunities that you can choose from after the completion of the program. Let's check out the top career opportunities with their descriptions and average yearly salary:

Job Role

Job Description

Average Annual Salary


A podiatrist, also called a foot doctor, cares for issues related to injuries in the feet or ankles, such as nail disorders, calluses, and athlete's foot infections.

NZD 45,000


Psychiatrists are doctors who clinically diagnose and treat the mind through psychotherapeutic treatment and medication.

NZD 65,000


Radiologists use x-rays and other imaging technologies to find and detect physiological ailments to scan and treat a patient's body for cancer cells.

NZD 70,000


An orthopaedist is a specialist who works to diagnose and correct injuries, disorders, abnormalities, and other deformities in the skeleton via surgery.

NZD 65,000


Dermatologists generally care for skin-related issues such as moles, acne, scars, skin allergies, and skin damage and check if there is any chance of skin cancer risk factors.

NZD 74,000


A gastroenterologist cares for the patient's digestive system and related organs such as the liver, stomach, bowels, gallbladder, and pancreas.

NZD 72,000

General Practitioner

A general practitioner is simply a family physician who cares for the whole family and indulges in monitoring the regular check-ups and screening tests for ongoing medical conditions.

NZD 80,000

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FAQs About MBBS in New Zealand

1. How much does it cost to study MBBS in New Zealand?

The tuition fees for studying MBBS in New Zealand costs around 40,000 to 80,000 NZD. 

2. Is New Zealand Good for MBBS?

65% of the MBBS graduates in New Zeland are international students. Therefore we can see studying MBBS in New Zealand is a good option.

3. Is MBBS free in New Zealand?

No. Studying MBBS in New Zealand is not free for international students.

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