IELTS Listening Band Scores

IELTS Listening Band Scores

The IELTS Listening score is calculated on a 0-9 scale. There will be 40 questions in the test, and each correct answer will help you secure one mark. The scores will be given in half bands as well. For instance, you will be able to get a band score of 5.5, 6.5 etc. In India, the average listening band score is 6.5. You will require a band score above 7.0 to get admission to top universities abroad.

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IELTS is not considered a very difficult test, and you can easily ace it if you prepare well and plan ahead. The minimum score required for admission varies greatly depending on the university, course, and program you choose. For instance, most top-tier universities in any country will ask for a good test score. Similarly, the score required for a Postgraduate program will be higher than that required for an Undergraduate program. As such, you can always aim for a top score so that you get admission to the course and university you prefer.

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IELTS Listening: Band Score Chart

There is no negative marking for the IELTS listening test. As mentioned above, there will be 40 questions that carry one mark each. These will be converted into a 9-band scale. We have given the IELTS listening band score chart for your reference.

Raw Score

IELTS Band Score























IELTS Listening: Score Calculator

The IELTS listening section contains 40 questions that carry one mark each. There is no negative marking, and the score you earn will be converted to your total IELTS listening band score from 0-9.

IELTS Listening Band Score Descriptors

It will be beneficial for you to know the skill level based on the IELTS band score you obtain. We have given a table below that contains information on the IELTS band score descriptors.


Skill Level

Band 0

Did not attempt the test

Band 1


Band 2

Intermittent user

Band 3

Extremely limited user

Band 4

Limited user

Band 5

Modest user

Band 6

Competent user

Band 7

Good user

Band 8

Very good user

Band 9

Expert user

IELTS Listening: Evaluation

It is essential for you to understand the score evaluation of the IELTS listening test; in both the Academic and General Tests. The marking pattern remains the same for both Academic and General Tests. All 40 questions will have their own audio, which will be played as multiple audio dips. You have to listen to the audio and give answers to them. You will be required to write the answers on the question booklet and then copy them onto the answer sheet. You will be given an additional 10 minutes for this copying. Your raw scores will be calculated based on the number of answers you got correct. These raw scores will then be converted to the IELTS listening band scores.

IELTS Listening: Top Universities

The IELTS listening test score required for admission to top universities can range from 6.5 to 8. We have given a table below that contains the list of top universities abroad and the listening scores required for admission to these universities.

Name of University

IELTS Listening Band Score



University of Chicago


University of Toronto


Harvard University


Oxford University


University of British Columbia


We have covered all the information you need about the IELTS listening band scores. If you want to learn more about the IELTS test, you can read our blogs. You can also contact AECC’s counsellors to get free one-to-one assistance on everything you need to know about studying abroad.


The IELTS listening test contains 40 questions that carry one mark each. Your total raw score will then be converted into IELTS listening band scores.
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