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Understanding the Financial Aspects: Cost of Studying in New Zealand


The cost of Studying in New Zealand is an essential aspect for Indian students, in mapping out their international academic path. Venturing into the realm of education in New Zealand is a thrilling endeavour for many international students. Nonetheless, it's imperative to grasp the monetary facets tied to this journey. The financial elements of studying in New Zealand are diverse, encompassing academic fees, cost of living, and sundry expenses.

The academic fees depend on the selected institution and the field of study. A thorough look at these expenses equips Indian students and their parents/guardians to strategise their finances effectively, ensuring a smooth and enriching academic journey in New Zealand. Moreover, it's beneficial to probe into scholarships and financial support schemes that can aid in mitigating these expenditures.

Gaining insights into the financial aspects of studying in New Zealand is a cornerstone for Indian students planning their educational voyage. It's not just about tallying the costs, but also about understanding the value of investing in a globally recognised education system. 

Breakdown of Tuition Fees for Various Programs

Initiating a journey towards higher education often involves careful financial planning and considerations. One of the most significant among these is the tuition fee. Let's take a closer look at the breakdown of tuition fees for various programs offered by popular New Zealand universities, to help you make an informed decision about your future.

The tuition cost at New Zealand's Universities for International students is given below:


Study Duration

Tuition Fee in NZD / Year


1-2 years

NZ$ 22,000 - NZ$35,000

Undergraduate (UG)

3-4 years

NZ$ 22,000 - NZ$25,000


1-2 years

NZ$ 15,000 - NZ$50,000


3-4 years

NZ$ 6,800 - NZ$9,000

Certificate courses

Varies from a few months to a year

Varies according to Universities.

Comparative Analysis of Tuition Costs Across Major New Zealand Universities

As you set out on your academic journey in New Zealand, understanding the tuition costs across various universities becomes a priority. A comparative analysis can offer valuable insights, aiding in making a choice that aligns with your educational goals and financial considerations.

Here are the tuition costs across major New Zealand Universities to provide a clearer perspective on the cost of studying in New Zealand:

New Zealand University

Undergraduate Tuition Cost in NZD

Master’s Tuition Cost in NZD

PhD Tuition Cost in NZD

University of Auckland

36,836 - 53,122

38,310 - 55,247


University of Otago

20,400 - 22,600

6,417 - 29,151

6,800 - 91,864

Massey University

20,000 - 21,000

6,500 - 50,000

6,500 - 9,000

Victoria University of Wellington

21,100 - 24,900

6,500 - 50,000

6,500 - 9,000

University of Waikato

21,000 - 27,800

6,500 - 50,000

6,500 - 9,000

University of Canterbury

21,400 - 23,400

6,500 - 50,000

6,500 - 9,000

Lincoln University

6,300 - 7,536

6,500 - 50,000

6,500 - 9,000

Auckland University of Technology


6,500 - 50,000


Student Visa Costs to Study in New Zealand

When planning your educational journey in New Zealand, it's essential to factor in the cost of New Zealand student visas. These costs form a significant part of the budgeting process for international students.

Here are the types of New Zealand Student Visa and their application costs:

Type of Irish Student Visas


Cost in NZD

Fee-Paying Student Visa

For full-time courses for up to 4 years. The visa holder can also work part-time.

NZD 330

Exchange Student Visa

Allows you to sign up for a full-time course of up to 4 years in New Zealand under an approved student exchange program.

NZD 246 - 495

Pathway Student Visa

With a Pathway Student Visa, you are eligible to sign up for three consecutive study courses for up to five years.

NZD 246 - 495

Post-Study Work Visa

Allows for a work visa if you apply within 3 months of completing your tertiary degree in New Zealand.

NZD 246 - 495

Additional Study Expenses: Books, Supplies and Insurance

Studying in New Zealand also involves additional expenses such as books, supplies and insurance that play a significant role. These costs are often overlooked but impact a student's budget substantially.

Here's a glimpse of the additional study expenses that are part of the cost of studying in New Zealand.

Additional Study Expenses

Cost in NZD Per Month

Books and Supplies

NZD 50

Health Insurance

NZD 20 - 60

Library Fees

NZD 10

Book Fairs

NZD 20

Buying Additional Study Books

NZD 40

The cost of studying in New Zealand for Indian students is a significant investment, encompassing many expenses which are discussed in this blog. However, these expenses are balanced by the high-quality education and diverse opportunities offered by New Zealand's universities. Gaining an unparalleled educational experience will make your study in New Zealand's universities a worthwhile endeavour.

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Why should I study in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers a world-class education with globally recognised qualifications and a unique learning approach that encourages critical thinking.

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