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Upcoming Intakes in the USA

Intakes in USA

If you are thinking of studying abroad, the United States is probably the first place that comes to one's mind. The country's educational system is adorned with multiple Ivy League colleges, attracting international students worldwide.

US colleges and universities have a batch-based application procedure that takes place three times a year to streamline the process and ensure that all candidates have an equal chance. Only a few courses and colleges are available for enrolment during each intake session. Meanwhile, let us go into the nitty-gritty of the admissions procedure, criteria, and institutions accessible for you to apply to in the United States.

Most colleges and universities in the United States have three admission sessions per month.



Fall Intake

September to December

Spring Intake

January to May

Summer Intake

Starts from May

With the Universities in the USA, you may not have the ability to make an educated guess on which one is ideal for you. This problem arises because each institution has a different set of courses that they offer to students depending on their needs and availability. So, how about this for a thought: Assuming you are interested in a course at your desired institution, you should wait for the application period to begin. Do everything else necessary to get there first—study, get a good grade on your tests, get your visa approved—while you wait! Let us examine how each university tailors the application process for each admission session.

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Fall Intake

It is the most popular time for college hopefuls to apply for fall or autumn semester admissions. There are many courses and slots available to apply for, to be accepted, and pursue the degree of your choosing at almost every university in the United States! Six months before the first day of class, prepare yourself for the fall intake by getting your affairs in order and applying to your chosen US institution. Since most colleges' academic sessions begin in August or September, now is a good time to research and apply to schools. Then there is this: a little something extra for you! The better your chances are of getting into your first choice university, the calmer you may be while submitting your college applications. Several factors contribute to its popularity in the United States, but its size is one of the most important. There are more courses to choose from in the autumn semester, making it a good time to earn a degree. After graduating, you will have access to many full-time and internship possibilities. Additionally, completing your undergraduate degree in the autumn allows you to start working on your master's degree.

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The following is the list of Universities in the USA which accept Fall Intakes.

List of Universities Accepting Fall Intakes in the USA

  1. Harvard University
  2. Colorado School of Mines
  3. UC Berkeley
  4. University of Minnesota
  5. Stanford University
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. Brown University
  8. CalTech
  9. North Carolina State University (Raleigh)
  10. Georgia Tech
  11. Texas A&M
  12. UC Santa Barbara
  13. UT Austin
  14. Ohio State University
  15. Carnegie Mellon
  16. University of Colorado Boulder
  17. Wisconsin-Madison
  18. Virginia Tech
  19. Cornell University
  20. Penn State
  21. Yale University
  22. Boston University
  23. Illinois Urbana Champaign
  24. UC Irvine
  25. Duke University
  26. Northeastern University
  27. University of Chicago
  28. Vanderbilt University
  29. University of Pennsylvania
  30. University of Virginia
  31. University of Michigan
  32. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  33. Northwestern University
  34. University of Delaware
  35. Purdue University
  36. University of Pittsburgh
  37. Columbia University
  38. Case Western Reserve University
  39. Arizona State University
  40. University of Notre Dame
  41. Johns Hopkins University
  42. Dartmouth College
  43. Rice University
  44. Rutgers State University of New Jersey
  45. New York University (NYU)
  46. University of Tennessee Knoxville
  47. University of Southern California (USC)
  48. UT Dallas
  49. UC Los Angeles (UCLA)
  50. Michigan State University
  51. UC San Diego
  52. Lowa State University
  53. UC Davis
  54. University of Rochester
  55. University of Maryland, College Park
  56. University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  57. Princeton University
  58. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  59. University of Florida
  60. University of Utah

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Spring Intake 

In the United States, the spring or January intake is the second most popular for students to apply and go abroad, after the fall or September intake. However, there are several attractive incentives for meeting the necessary criteria. You will have plenty of time to study and do well on tests like the IELTS, GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL. You may also learn more about other institutions and their programmes by exploring. In other words, six months before you go for your study abroad trip, you may begin laying out your educational goals. Spring intake courses allow you to finish your degree faster and begin working toward your goals and career sooner than other intakes, so apply early! The spring admissions procedure in the United States is easy for students. Students do not have to go through a stressful procedure to enrol. Taking classes in the spring gives students plenty of time to research their options before deciding whether or not to enrol. In the United States, taking classes in the spring allows students to finish their degrees faster. Pace University, San Francisco State University, and Temple University are just a few schools that have spring intake. International students prefer the spring semester because it gives them time to learn about and weigh their alternatives. The following is a list of institutions in the United States that offer a spring intake.

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List of Universities Accepting Spring Intakes in the USA

  1. Florida International University
  2. University of Alabama, Huntsville
  3. University of Wisconsin - Madison
  4. George Mason University
  5. Oklahoma State University
  6. University of Florida
  7. Texas A&M, College Station
  8. University of Texas, Dallas
  9. University of Houston
  10. Rice University
  11. Wichita State University
  12. Vanderbilt University
  13. Arizona State University
  14. Lowa State University
  15. Howard University
  16. Northeastern University
  17. Kent State University
  18. Case Western Reserve University
  19. Michigan Technological University
  20. University of Louisiana - Lafayette
  21. Virginia Tech
  22. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  23. University of Arizona
  24. Purdue University
  25. University of Tennesse Knoxville
  26. Brown University
  27. Texas A&M, College Station
  28. Cornell University
  29. University of New Mexico
  30. University of Southern California
  31. Western Michigan University
  32. Carnegie Mellon University
  33. University of Nevada, Reno
  34. University of South Carolina
  35. Texas Tech University
  36. University of Kansas
  37. University of Central Florida

Summer Intake

Summer intake enrolment begins in May and lasts until August. Summer classes are less popular since they only last two months. A few colleges offer the summer semester, and fewer students sign up for it. After the autumn and spring intakes, institutions will no longer be accepting applications for this particular application intake. However, only a few institutions allow students to apply for specific courses. This 1st semester, universities primarily offer language and cultural programmes to non-native English speakers. There is just one main advantage to choosing a summer semester: finding work and internships. As summer semester students are ahead of typical autumn semester students, they will have the first opportunity to get a job. Some universities in the United States accept applications for the Summer Semester; however, only a few of those institutions' departments are available for summer courses. The Summer Intake begins in June and lasts for two to three months in US universities. For non-English speaking students, there are mainly language and cultural programmes available. The following is the list of Universities in the USA which accept applications for Summer Intake.

List of Universities Accepting Summer Intakes in the USA

  1. University of Florida
  2. New York University
  3. Mississippi State University
  4. The University of Illinois at Chicago
  5. University of Houston
  6. The University of Texas at Austin

Difference Between Fall Intake Vs Spring Intake Vs Summer Intake

Fall Intake

Spring Intake

Summer Intake

There are a large number of colleges throughout the USA that accept students in the Autumn or FallIntake.

There are a lot of institutions available for admission in the springintake as well.

There are very few Universities that accept applications for Simmer Intake in USA.

The Fall Intake’s admissions are open to almost all undergraduate and graduate courses.

The Spring Intake’s admissions are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, but the ratio is less when compared to Fall Intake.

During the summer semester, colleges often offer a variety of short courses and diploma programmes.

During this time of year, you'll be able to take advantage of additional scholarship possibilities and networking chances with other students.

Because most scholarships and financing are awarded at the beginning of the year, fewer options are available at the beginning of the academic year.

Summer Intakes are not very generous in terms of scholarship and internship opportunities. However, you may begin applying for internships in the spring semester since you are ahead of everyone else.

There are additional on-campus options during the autumn admission, such as research or teaching assistant positions.

Opportunities for campus employment and research are rather limited if you begin your studies in the middle of the year or later.

You will have an edge in applying for on-campus positions if you enrol in the summer semester since you will be ahead of the normal autumn semester.


There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of ingestion. For example, you will have a slew of internship and job options based on your autumn intake goals. Starting your schooling in this intake will also help with the timeframe. Class sizes will be less in the spring because of the shorter school days. As a result, you will be able to have the finest possible student-teacher relationship and a wonderful college experience. It is as simple as figuring out what you want to study and then applying to the school that offers it.

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