CBSE Class 12 Exams Canceled: A news which nearly one crore students were waiting to know.


Since March 2020, grades 10th and 12th have taken place online. For youngsters of this age range, it has been both physically and psychologically difficult. The customary method of examinations puts a lot of load on students particularly in classes 10 and 12. Parent protection against Covid has been offered to their students throughout the year, reducing the number of physical activities and giving online schooling using computers, mobile telephones, and home internet connections.

The proper caution that is essential to prevent the spread of this highly transmissible disease is challenging for children of this age range. Thus, It will be precarious to allow students to attend exam centers. Uncertainties and dread have afflicted students who must take board tests on the second corona wave that runs over the globe, and India is the world's worst-hit country, with viruses soaring every day to new highs and exhibiting no evidence that they would be reduced much thereafter.

The Board's insistence on offline examinations at this time was beyond understanding. We have an outmoded educational system and we stick to a fossil which the new educational strategy has already dismissed. The worry amongst students and parents is very justifiable, as reports reveal that the second wave is deadlier, more communicable, highly virulent, and affects young people more than before.

The whims of the old schools that reject any change cannot be threatened by our younger generation. It is not easy to accept changes, but these are times when exceptional steps need to be taken. There is no use in carrying out offline board examinations in this epidemic, which is as serious as threatening our children who are the highest asset of any nation.

Hence, In the middle of the continuing crisis of Covid-19, CBSE class 12 examinations were canceled, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi after chairing an important meeting on Class 12 examinations.

PM Modi stated that, due to the unpredictable pandemic situation, a decision on Class 12 CBSE Board examinations was made for the sake of students. All options for 12-class students were informed by the Prime Minister.

The fate of the CBSE and other state board examinations in the epidemic was discussed during a review conference. Representatives delivered a detailed presentation on the wide-ranging and extensive consultation that has been held so much so far.

Class 12 results on 'well-defined objective criteria'

During the PM Modi Key meeting, it was also resolved to take measures to compile CBSE Class 12 student results in a time-bound way, according to a 'well defined objective criteria.'

"The results for class XII will be issued in a time-bound manner according to stated objective standards," added the PM.

What PM Modi said on class 12th board exams 2021

Due to the pandemic crisis, PM Narendra Modi ordered the cancellation this year of the Class 12 board examinations. He added in a tweet, "Class XII Board Exams were cancelled by the Government of India. We have adopted a student-friendly choice following thorough discussion which ensures our youth's health as well as their future."

The Prime minister added that it was in the interest of the students to make a choice on the Class 12 CBSE examinations. He said that coronavirus disrupted the academic calendar and the Board exams caused enormous concern among students, parents, and professors, which has to stop. "Our student's health and safety are extremely important and that is not a compromise," added the PM. Such exams cannot be a basis for putting our young people in danger in today's day.

"Students should not be pushed to take tests under such stressful conditions," stated PM Modi, adding that all stakeholders need to exhibit student sensitivity. PM Modi appreciates that after discussing all stakeholders in India throughout the whole of India, a student-friendly resolution has been made. The PM was also grateful to the States for their feedback.

The current state of Covid-19 is a dynamic situation across the whole country, PM Modi added. While the number in the nation decreases and some countries manage the problem by efficient micro-containment, certain states nevertheless choose a lockdown. The health of students in these circumstances is of course worrying for students, parents and educators. It was also determined that CBSE will give them such an alternative if certain students choose to take the tests, as it did last year, as well.

CBSE would now proceed in a time-based way, according to the PMO, to draw up the results of class 12 students according to well-defined objective criteria. The CBSE announcement stated: "It was agreed that if any student is not pleased with the evaluations, CBSE will offer the chance to appear in the test as soon as the scenario becomes propitious."

Two days before a Supreme Court hearing, in which the Centre should file its reply on a request to seek this precise judgement, the decision is to terminate the examination this year. On 31 May, after seeking time to make a judgement, the Court delayed the hearing until 3 June. Earlier, CBSE requested the examination to be held between 15 and 26 July during a meeting on 23 May. There were also two options: regular examinations in 19 key topics at certified locations, and shorter examinations at schools where the students are registered.

The Union Minister for Human Resources Development Ramesh Pokhriyal stated that a majority of states expressed their viewpoint in support of the examination.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath welcomed the decision announced on Tuesday by CBSE and said this was a significant step forward for safe health students around the country. "Heartfelt thanks to the Honorable Prime Minister from all the students and guardians," he stated in a tweet.

Class 12 boards: Exam or no exam? Here's what school principals said

The Indian School Certificate Exams Board (CISCE) has decided, in view of the Covid 19 scenario across the country, to cancel the Class 12 of ISC Board Exams 2021 after canceling the CBSE examination. "The tests were discontinued. Soon will be published the alternative evaluation criteria " stated officials.

CISCE stated in an official decree, "In light of the current pandemic scenario in the country of Covid-19, CISCE decided to examine CANCEL ISC 2021 (Class 12) year. Our first focus and top priority are the safety, health, and well-being of our students, teachers, and all stakeholders."

Both CBSE and ICSE have declared in their official pronouncements that the criterion would be comparable to the criterion of class 10. The Committee stated further that when the situation improves, students who are not content with the results would have an opportunity to take written tests.

Detailed notification of the criterion for evaluation can be anticipated by 3 June when the Supreme Court will conduct the next hearing on requests for the annulment of board examinations. Within that time frame, the Government has to communicate the final decision to the court.

Now it is expected that the Supreme Court will take the examinations of the State Board. Previously, a number of countries urged the government to make a standard decision for students across the country, including students on state councils. "I request the Hon'ble PM for a common national examination policy such as the Standard XII Boards so as not to affect the future of children," said Maharashtra CM.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia hail the decision to cancel CBSE class 12 exams

The Class 12 Board Exams have been canceled, announced Arvind Kejriwal from Delhi, Chief Minister. His comment was that in view of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic throughout the country, the Center decided to cancel the CBSE Class 12 Board examinations.

Delhi Deputy Minister Sisodia also tweeted "I am glad that the never-ending class 12 is finished for 1.5 crore children in the country." Delhi was opposed to the notion of holding tests under the prevailing conditions.

In Hindi, Kejriwal had tweeted earlier: "Class 12 examinations are worrying for students and parents. You want the tests not to be carried out without vaccination. I call on the Center to suspend examinations based on prior performance and to carry out a review."

As Twitter has inundated memes and congratulatory comments, it has purchased happiness for students. There were still concerns about the calculation of the results and how would university admissions take place?

What are the possibilities?

Various possibilities were considered throughout the discussion. Between 15 July and 26 August, CBSE proposed conducting examinations. However, the examinations had to be carried out in several patterns.

Option A: The Govt only had the alternative of carrying out examinations for important topics.

Option B: proposed that examinations be conducted in a new format with brief question answers. CBSE also advised conducting examinations twice, so that students may be flexible if they skip the examination once in a future phase.

Now the government is scheduled to declare its judgement on admission tests like JEE Main and NEET shortly following the board examinations. College admission, which has been held because the academic session has been postponed, is set to commence.

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