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Science Vs Commerce


The most common subjects of study among Indian students are Science and Commerce. Most students after the tenth grade are torn between studying Science and studying business. While there are several career prospects in both sectors, there are additional considerations to consider before picking between the two. You may be predisposed towards a particular field based on rumour, but you don't want to base your selection on that. So, if you're undecided between the two, here's all the information you need to solve the issue of Science versus Commerce. 

Difference Between Science Vs Commerce

Let's start with a quick glance at the Science vs. Commerce debate:





Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics

Economics, Business, Accounting, Mathematics

Best for

Engineering, Technology or Medicine-related careers

Business, Entrepreneurship, Management or Accounting-related careers

Difficulty Level

Rigorous than commerce

Considered easier than Science

Main focus

Scientific formulas, equations, math-oriented, experiments

Theory-based and mathematical both


Engineer, IT Analyst, Research Scientist, Doctor, etc.

Manager, CA, CS, Economist, Research Associate

Courses after 12th

BTech, MBBS, BE, BSc


Why Do We Study Science Abroad?

Science degrees from other countries may provide significantly diverse facilities and study chances. It is beneficial to look at overseas choices, but keep in mind that they may not fit you as well as degrees from UK colleges.

Science degrees are rarely provided in English in Europe, with exceptions in physics, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.

  • Science is a more practical stream that prepares individuals for employment.
  • Engineering, one of the most popular occupations nowadays, can only be undertaken if the student is well-versed in scientific information.
  • Pursuing any of the STEM disciplines will place you in a position to benefit society directly.
  • The shifting climate and environmental changes can only be addressed and mitigated by people who thoroughly understand Science and technology.

Why Should We Study Commerce Abroad

Studying abroad has become an essential part of the curriculum for international business students to help them grasp the economic, political, and cultural issues that shape business in and across nations. These programmes provide personal and professional advantages to business students, making them an essential component of their curriculum. Commerce is a popular topic for many young kids. Many students who study business in their 12th grade aspire to study abroad following graduation. Of course, for most students, the opportunity to learn in a foreign nation is a dream come true. The great news is that this desire can be realised with only hard effort, patience, and total attention.

  • A career in Commerce may provide applicants with valuable skills, expertise, and high pay.
  • After completing your tenth grade, you have a wealth of career options in Commerce.
  • Market and customer knowledge might assist you in starting your firm.
  • Simple job options that do not need study hours, such as in Science.
  • If you dislike math and wish to avoid it at a higher school level, there are several Career Options in Commerce Without math available to you!
  • After completing the 12th grade, students can pursue computer courses.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to double your assets through shares, funds, and stock markets.

Courses For Commerce Students Abroad

Commerce is a field that may lead to many opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Choosing a profession in business might be exciting if you are eager to learn new things. Commerce may lead to opportunities in a variety of industries throughout the world. Various prominent universities around the globe offer high-quality education. Following is a list of top courses that may be pursued after completing 12th Commerce:

Courses For Science Students Abroad

There are several chances for you to explore if you pursue Science. One of the many benefits of studying Science is that you may explore non-scientific subjects such as business and humanities at the collegiate level. Following 12th Science, the following courses might be pursued:

Eligibility Criteria to Study Science Stream Abroad

As a result, there are no additional criteria for enrolling in a BSc degree programme overseas. Candidates must have completed high school (10+2) in the Science stream to qualify for the BSc programme. Aside from that, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Secondary schooling GPA
  • Language Proficiency in English Scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE
  • Scores on the SAT or ACT
  • Personal Statement/SOP/Essay (depends from university to university)
  • Letters of recommendation/LOR
  • Curriculum Vitae (turns from university to university)
  • Copies of passports

Eligibility Criteria to Study Commerce Stream Abroad

The qualifying conditions for studying abroad after completing class 12th commerce vary depending on the location and university chosen. The following are the basic tests for studying abroad after 12th Commerce:

In addition, applicants will require an SOP and LORs to complete their application.

The Admission Process to Study Science Stream Abroad

Before applying, we recommend that you read the explanation of the application procedure for the M.Sc. degree that interests you.

In general, you will need time to apply, and a scanner and a computer to preserve the scanned papers necessary for the application. You will go to the university's website, choose the programme you are applying for, and upload the application materials on their application platform before the deadline.

The deadlines vary. On a rolling basis, several academic programmes accept applications. The majority of programmes offer two admission periods, one in the winter/spring and one in the summer/autumn.

You will have to wait for your file to be examined after you have uploaded the application materials and paid the application cost (if there is one). If your file demonstrates that you meet the admission standards, you will be invited to a Zoom/Skype or face-to-face interview.

After that, you must be patient and await the university's offer of admission! OR, you may bypass all of that and apply right now, which will be considerably more manageable.

The Admission Process to Study Commerce Stream Abroad

The admission procedure that a student must complete in getting admission to any international college is outlined below:

  • Create a personal statement that explains your interest in the subject.
  • An instructor's offer of a school reference.
  • Submit a Preliminary Application Online
  • Complete the University's Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ).
  • Submit academic transcripts by the course's criteria.
  • Most applicants must take a subject-specific written entrance assessment before or during the interview.
  • At the interview, a reasonable level of spoken English is expected.

Top Universities Abroad

The following are the top colleges for Commerce:

  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • Stanford University
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of Oxford

Here are the top colleges for Science:

  • Princeton University.
  • Harvard University.
  • Stanford University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • University of Cambridge.

Science Vs Commerce Salary Abroad

Science and Commerce both have a variety of high-paying occupations to offer. So, while comparing Science vs commerce compensation, you should be aware of the most excellent, high-paying employment in these fields of study.

Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Digital Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, and Investment Banker are among the high-paying occupations in Commerce. The income in the commerce stream ranges between 5 and 20 lakhs INR per year, depending on the job description and organisation you work for.

High-paying employment in the Science field is mainly found in Computer Science, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, and Psychology, among other areas. Salary in the scientific stream ranges from 3 Lakhs INR per year to 5 Lakhs INR per year and may go higher if you pick research, IT, and medical disciplines.

We hope this post about Science versus Commerce clarified some of your concerns. Don't be concerned if you intend to attend professional courses in various professions and are perplexed. AECC can assist you in determining what is best for you. Our mentors can give you excellent advice and assistance to ensure you have a successful future.

FAQs About Science Vs Commerce

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