Your Journey Forward: Pathfinder - UK Pre Departure.


Congratulations on having decided to study in the UK! Education in the United Kingdom offers excellent learning opportunities and provides you with a fantastic study and living experience. 

But before you begin your studies in the UK, you must prepare yourselves to live your life in a whole new country. A Pre-departure briefing is a crucial step in the whole process, as it will help you plan for your future in the UK effectively. Right from the essentials needed for your travel to all other aspects of your stay in the UK, this briefing will cover it all! 

We understand the difficulties one may face during their pre-departure time. Hence we are here with an exclusive ‘Pathfinder’ event to help you get ready for your future in the UK. Our pre-departure orientation aims to help students have a comfortable travel journey and a hassle-free experience during their stay in the UK.  

Join us in this webinar where our friendly education counselors will be explaining everything you need to know in detail before you fly off to the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles!

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Know the Information you require before you fly to the UK.
  • Understand the recent changes in travel due to Covid-19.
  • Learn about the Immigration clearance process.
  • Learn more about living in the UK.
  • Experiencing the exciting first week at your desired University.
  • Know about the Dependent Visa Conditions.

So converse with our counselors and start making checklists for your future in the UK. This is the final step towards the start of a whole new journey in the United Kingdom. 

Good luck to you, you & you!

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