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BTech In Computer Science


 Various technologies strongly influence today's digital age. Suppose you have completed a science school and have an essential desire to develop, experiment and explore in the digital world. In that case, BTech in Computer Science (BTech CSE) is one of the most popular courses today. This CSE course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career in the technology industry.

BTech in Computer Science (BCS) is not just another four-year degree. It's a journey and an opportunity to lead you to exciting opportunities. BTech experience has been nothing short of remarkable for many students where they have had fun exploring new things, learning, helping, and mentoring many people who are either first-year students or even senior students.

"The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before." — Bill Gates

You might be thinking, what is BTech in computer science? How to get there? Let's explore the essential features of BTech Computer Science. This article includes its suitability, subjects, prestigious universities, career opportunities, etc.

Btech in Computer Science - Course Overview

A BTech in computer science, is a four-year undergraduate academic degree program in computer science. As a computer scientist, you would be expected to apply your knowledge in building apps for smartphones, designing robots and solving computational puzzles. The table will give you an overview of the Btech in Computer Science course.

Course Full form

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

Course Duration 

4 years 

Examination Type



10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics + Entrance Exam acceptable by the University

Admission Process

Based on Merit or Entrance  Exam

Average Course Fee in INR 

2 to 10 lakhs (more if opted for foreign university)

Average Salary Package in INR

4 to 15 lakhs per annum 

Higher Studies Options

M.Tech Computer Science, M.Tech Information Technology, MBA, PhD, etc. 

Career Prospects

Technical Support Manager, Software Engineer, Testing Engineer, System Analyst etc.

Why Study BTech in Computer Science?

There are several benefits of pursuing B tech CSE. Check them out in the bullet points below.

Excellent Remuneration

Candidates with a BTech CSE degree get a reasonable remuneration. A BTech CSE graduate's average annual pay is INR 3 lakhs.

Multiple Options

There are several opportunities available to BTech CSE grads. Candidates can work in well-known jobs such as game developer, database administrator, software and testing engineer, etc.

Learning of numerous required abilities

The B tech CSE course prepares applicants to study various skills, such as website and software development, programming languages, and so on.

Candidates are trained to work in multiple settings

Candidates pursuing the B tech CSE programme are trained to work in a variety of settings such as software organisations, the banking industry, MNCs, and so on.

Employment Security

Candidates with a B tech CSE degree have a high level of job security. A computer specialist with a degree is precious in today's digital environment. As a result, job stability is guaranteed here.

BTech Computer Science: Subjects Offered

The majority of classes given in a BTech Computer Science are skill-focused, providing students with a basic understanding of many facets of computer science over its four-year term. It begins by familiarizing students with fundamental engineering ideas before progressing to more specialised areas such as Machine Learning and Mobile Computing.

Though the exact course options vary depending on the course and university, the following are some of the most typical subjects taught in this course:

Applied Mathematics

Computer Graphics

Compiler Design

Operating Systems

Introduction to Programming

Foundation of Computer Science

Database Management Systems

Object-Oriented Programming

Data Structure and Algorithm

Electrical Technology

Computer Organisation and Architecture

Java Programming

Computer Network

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Communication

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Web Engineering

Information Security

Wireless Communication

Mobile Computing

Machine Learning

Industrial Management

Algorithm Design and Analysis

Eligibility for BTech Computer Science in India & Abroad

  • To qualify for BTech Computer Science, students complete 12th grade in Science Stream with the lowest grades accredited boards set by the university of their choice, with physics, chemistry and mathematics as core subjects.
  • In addition, many universities in India require candidates to submit the results of entrance examinations such as JEE Mains, SRMJEE, and MUOET. Also,
  • If you want to study for this BTech CSE degree abroad, you must submit an SAT or ACT proficiency test.
  • You will also need to submit language proficiency such as IELTS / TOEFL / PTE.
  • Also need Statement of Purpose (SOP) and an optional Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

Admission Process for BTech Computer Science in India

All BTech students must follow similar processes for admission to study in India.

  • There are various levels for BTech approval: First, BTech applicants need to appear in one of the entrance exams for admission to the laboratory and qualification.
  • Country-level engineering entries such as JEE MAIN are accepted by NITS, I1, GFTIS, and other private universities.
  • JEE Advanced is an entrance check. Unlike the two examples mentioned above, B-Tech approval is done by the STELEVEL test such as WBJEE, KEAM, AP EAMCET, TS EAMCET, MHT CET.
  • All engineering entrance exams are held in April, May, and June.
  • After the results of each test were determined, responsible authorities consulted and assigned seats. Counselling requires students to choose the college and course based on their rank.
  • Once seated, each student must go to the assigned engineering school to complete the admission process.

Admission Process to Study Btech in CSE Abroad

There are some additional application criteria in addition to your academic credentials and transcripts.

  • Resume
  • Essays on reference letters/letters of recommendation (as demanded by the colleges)

The application procedure

  • First and foremost, begin investigating universities that offer BE/B.Tech in Computer Science programmes in other countries.
  • If you have settled on a nation before deciding on a college, you can search for colleges based on your profile.
  • If you haven't determined a country yet, you can evaluate a few institutions based on tuition, living costs, and eligibility criteria. 

BTech Computer Science Universities Abroad

All engineering students want to get into a prestigious university to study engineering; however, only applicants with an exceptional profile will be admitted. Engineering courses are available at several prestigious universities across the world.


Ranking in 2022

California Institute of Technology, US


Stanford University, US


University of Cambridge, UK


Harvard University, US


University of Oxford, UK


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US


Princeton University, US


ETH Zurich, Switzerland


University of California, Los Angeles, US


Georgia Institute of Technology, US


Top Colleges in India Offering Btech in Computer Science

Here is the list of top universities in India offering Btech Courses for all students.

  • IIT Delhi - Indian Institute of Technology
  • IIT Bombay - Indian Institute of Technology
  • IIT Kanpur - Indian Institute of Technology
  • IIT Kharagpur - Indian Institute of Technology
  • IIT Roorkee - Indian Institute of Technology

Cost to study Btech in Computer Science Abroad

Deciding a destination to study B.Tech in is not a simple process. If you haven't settled on a destination yet, you may compare institutions based on characteristics such as tuition, living costs, and eligibility requirements.

Best Universities in Australia for Btech in Computer Science


Course duration

Tuition fee (Approx.) 

The University of Adelaide

4 Years

AUD 39,500

La Trobe University

4 Years

AUD 35,000

University of New South Wales

4 Years

AUD 46,230

Best Universities in Canada for Btech in Computer Science


Course duration

Tuition fee

Dalhousie University

4 Years

CAD 19,471

McGill University

4 Years

CAD 36,547

Memorial University of Newfoundland

5 Years

CAD 11,460

Best Universities in UK for Btech in Computer Science


Course duration

Tuition fee (Approx.) 

University of Manchester

3 Years

GBP 24,000

Coventry University

3 Years

GBP 15,600

The University of Edinburgh

4 Years

GBP 27,550

Best Universities in USA for Btech in Computer Science


Course duration

Tuition fee (Approx.)

Dakota State University

4 Years

USD 8,614

Southern Arkansas University (SAU)

4 Years

USD 10,350

Eastern Michigan University (EMU)

4 Years

USD 11,128


Job Prospects & Salary of Btech in Computer Science

The CSE sector's growth has created attractive job prospects for professionals. The need for CSE professionals has grown in tandem with the rising number of job possibilities in this industry. After finishing their education, Computer Science Engineers typically find employment in various areas, including IT/Software companies, academic institutions, sales and marketing organisations, journalism, editing and content corporations, engineering firms, and so on.

Job Profile


System Database Administrator

The system database administrator is generally in charge of the database's security, performance, and integrity. This entails designing the framework as well as addressing concerns.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write the code used to develop software applications and operating systems. The code written makes it possible for computer applications to execute on a computer.

Engineering Support Specialist

A data warehouse analyst gathers, analyses, mines, and assists businesses in using data warehouse information.

Data Warehouse Analyst

A data warehouse analyst gathers, analyses, mines, and assists businesses in using data warehouse information.

System Designer

A system designer's job is to define a system's architecture, interfaces, and data.

Software Developer

Software developers create programmes that allow individuals to execute certain activities on computers or other devices.

Software Engineer

A software engineer creates, maintains, tests, and evaluates computer software.


A computer science lecturer or professor would teach the topic. In addition, the work will entail educating students about the subtleties of computer programmes and designs used in the industry.

Computer Operator

A computer operator's job is to keep a logbook, scan for viruses, upgrade software, and do basic computer operations.

Research Analyst

Surveys are conducted, data is documented, information is gathered via the internet, and research analysts.


In the table below, you can see the average income for several BTech Computer Science grads.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per annum)

Computer Engineer

INR 296,016

Testing Engineer

INR 421,759

Multimedia Programmer

INR 463,788

Technical Support Engineer

INR 4,50,000

Full-Stack Developer

INR 375,000

We hope this article equipped you with the information you need about B.Tech in Computer Science. We are here to assist you if you are interested in pursuing higher education overseas. We have over a thousand career specialists and mentors to help you get into famous overseas colleges. Schedule a free Physical/Virtual meeting with one of our AECC consultants and take an educated step toward accomplishing your study abroad goal.

FAQs About BTech In Computer Science

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