Level 1 Universities in Australia for Indian Students

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Embark on an educational journey in Australia's Level 1 universities, renowned for their top-tier academics, cutting-edge research, and exceptional facilities. With institutions like the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and Australian National University leading the academic charge, these premier universities offer a range of courses from Management to Sciences. From clarifying Level 1 and Level 2 distinctions to application tips and popular exams, this comprehensive guide ensures you are well-equipped to explore and apply to these esteemed institutions.
Level 1 Universities in Australia for Indian Students

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Level 1 Universities in Australia for Indian Students


If you are planning to set on studying in Australia, we have something interesting for you! Australia has become the ultimate hotspot for international students like you, offering not only world-class education but also a lifestyle that's a perfect blend of sophistication and quality. But before you dive into the land of kangaroos and koalas, let's break it down a bit.

You've probably heard about 'Level 1' and 'Level 2' universities, right? No worries if you're a little puzzled – we've got your back!

In this blog, we will discuss level 1 universities in Australia for Indian students. These are simply the academic A-listers that have consistently attracted the world's attention with their top-notch rankings. The Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, the list is more! Whether you're into high-tech-driven courses or creative arts, we've got all details to help you choose the perfect level 1 university in Australia for your journey. Read further to get all details.

What Are Level 1 Universities in Australia?

Australia's Level 1 universities stand proudly as the cream of the academic crop. These distinguished institutions secure a spot in the nation's prestigious top 10 list and boast international acclaim for their outstanding academics, cutting-edge research, exceptional facilities, remarkable job prospects, and more. Noteworthy names like the Australian National University and the University of Sydney shine brilliantly within this esteemed group of level 1 colleges in Australia.

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What is the Difference Between Level 1 and Level 2 Universities in Australia?

Now that you know about the level one universities in Australia, you should also be aware of the fact that there is also a category called level 2 universities in Australia. We have listed below the major differences between level 1 and level 2 universities in Australia.

  • Level 1 universities in Australia are the nation's premier institutions, whereas level 2 colleges are regarded as good universities.
  • Level 1 universities hold positions within the top 10 rankings nationally, while level 2 institutes are located below the top 10.
  • Globally, level 1 universities enjoy higher recognition compared to level 2 universities.
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List of Level 1 Universities in Australia - Global Rankings

The level 1 universities in Australia will be a constant presence in several national and international rankings, like Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings, QS World University Rankings etc. We have tabulated the list of level 1 universities in Australia below. The table also contains a list of level 1 colleges in Australia.

Name of University

QS WUR, 2023

THE, 2023

University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



University of Sydney



Australian National University



Monash University



University of Queensland



University of Western Australia



University of Adelaide



University of Technology Sydney



Macquarie University



Top Courses and Average Tuition Fees at Level 1 Universities in Australia

In addition to the conventional academic pathways such as Management, Engineering & Technology, Sciences, Humanities, and Art-related disciplines, level 1 universities in Australia extend their offerings to include short courses as well. These concise yet impactful courses witness a significant increase in student applications, not only across the Go8 universities but also among other esteemed institutions in Australia. The tuition fees in Australia vary depending on the educational level pursued. A level-wise cut-down of the average tuition fees at Australian universities is tabulated below.

Study Program

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)

Short-term Courses

AUD 100 - AUD 5000

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

AUD 4000 - AUD 22,000

English Language Studies

AUD 300 per week

Bachelor’s Degree

AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000

Master’s Degree

AUD 22,000 - AUD 50,000

Doctoral Degree

AUD 18,000 - AUD 42,000

Popular Exams to Study to Get Admitted to Level 1 Universities in Australia

To study in any of the level 1 colleges in Australia, you will need to prove your proficiency in the English language. IELTS, TOEFL and PTE are the top English proficiency tests accepted by Australian universities. Apart from these, you will also have to take subject-specific tests like GMAT, LSAT etc. The table below shows the application fee for the popular exams to study to get admitted to level 1 universities in Australia.


Average Application Fees (in INR)


INR 14,700


INR 11,468 - INR 17,919


INR 13,300


INR 18,300


INR 6000


INR 7500


INR 11,571 - INR 12,429


INR 23,400


INR 3799


INR 7990


INR 17,833

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How to Apply to Level 1 Universities in Australia?

All level 1 universities in Australia accept applications online. You will be required to satisfy a few criteria and upload a few documents when you apply to these universities. These requirements will vary depending on the university, course and program. You can refer to the official website to get updated information on the application process, deadline etc.

We hope to have covered all information related to level 1 universities in Australia for Indian students, the list of level 1 universities in Australia etc. If you have any further questions or doubts, you can contact AECC's counsellors. You can get expert assistance on everything from profile assessment to visa guidance for FREE!

AECC has been assisting students in realising their overseas education dream for several years. From university application to visa guidance, we will help you throughout the process. Feel free to contact us to get free assistance!


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