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Anshul Mishra, with his dynamic and strategic approach in the field of international education, has carved a niche in creating impactful educational pathways for students. His experience, spanning various significant roles in the education sector, reflects a deep commitment to enhancing the global educational journey for students.

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Gauri Jadhav, with her substantial experience in the international education sector, is a distinguished professional guiding students in their journey to study abroad. Her career, marked by impactful roles across esteemed educational institutions, underscores her comprehensive understanding of global education dynamics.

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Karan is a renowned figure in the field of international education, celebrated for his ability to guide students towards fulfilling their global academic ambitions. His expertise lies in connecting students with international educational opportunities that align with their career goals and personal growth.

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Devi Mukherjee, with a rich tapestry of experience in the education management industry, is a pivotal figure in shaping the international educational trajectories of students. Her expertise, honed over years of work in client relations, student counselling, and business development, particularly in the UK education sector, makes her an invaluable resource for those looking to study abroad.

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Anuj Gupta, a seasoned strategist in international higher education, has carved a distinctive path in the realm of client relations and developments, particularly for Canadian educational institutions. His journey in the sector, enriched with various strategic roles underscores his deep understanding of the intricacies of global education systems.

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Nidhi Mehrotra, with her extensive experience in overseas education, particularly in the Australia and New Zealand sectors, is a guiding force for students aspiring to study abroad. Her journey in the study abroad industry, enriched with a deep understanding of global education processes, reflects a commitment to fostering academic and career success for students.

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Payal Chandra, with a rich background in training and development within the international education sector, is a significant contributor to shaping the academic and professional futures of students aspiring to study abroad. Her career spans roles that have put her at the forefront of student engagement and development, particularly in the context of overseas education.

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Rohan stands as a pillar in the realm of international education, renowned for his exceptional ability to guide students towards realising their study abroad dreams. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in global education systems, Rohan offers more than just advice; he provides a roadmap to success in foreign universities.

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Kanchan Arora, an award-winning overseas education professional, has been a transformative force in the international education sector for over 15 years. Her journey from a consultant to a leading role in operations demonstrates her deep commitment to creating successful student narratives in overseas education and international admissions.

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Meghna Shah, with her extensive experience in the field of international education, particularly in operations and student counselling, is a key figure in shaping the educational journeys of students aiming to study abroad. Her tenure in the industry, marked by significant roles in various organisations, underlines her deep understanding of the complexities of global education systems.

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With an impressive 19 years in the education industry, focusing on international student recruitment, counselling, and business development, Bindu Mary Idicula is a pillar of support and guidance for students aiming to study abroad. Her journey, which spans across renowned organisations, is marked by a deep commitment to student success and career advancement.

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With over a decade in the international education sector, Joel Noronho stands as a beacon of guidance and expertise for students aspiring to study abroad. His journey, rooted in a deep understanding of the global education landscape, has been marked by a commitment to student success and career progression.

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