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Meghna Shah

Study Abroad Expert| IELTS Expert

Meet Meghna Shah, a seasoned expert in international education with 21 years of experience. Meghna has helped countless students achieve their dreams of studying abroad, guiding them through every step, from course selection to visa applications. Her role involves training counsellors, staying updated with university and government policies, and ensuring students receive the best possible guidance.

One of her mentees, Ananya, shares, "Meghna’s advice was a game-changer. She guided me through selecting the right course and navigating the visa process. Now, I’m thriving at a top university in Australia"

Beyond her professional life, Meghna loves exploring new cuisines and travelling, bringing a relatable and refreshing perspective to her mentoring style. Her extensive knowledge and personal interests make her a trusted mentor for anyone looking to study abroad. With Meghna, you’re not just getting advice; you’re gaining a mentor who genuinely cares about your success and future.


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