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Data Scientist Salary in the UK


LinkedIn has ranked the job of a Data Scientist as one of the most promising careers. It is also a lucrative career that allows one to explore many opportunities. Companies across industries are on the lookout for data scientists as they envision harnessing the power of data to drive digital commerce. UK has recently seen a rise in the demand for UK scientists, and businesses are willing to pay them handsomely. Wondering what a Data scientist's salary in the UK is? Keep reading to learn more:

What is the average salary for a Data scientist in the UK?

The data scientist job has been categorised as one of the best-paying jobs in the UK. The numbers speak for themselves:



Entry- level

 Up to £80,000

Mid – Level

 Up to £55,444

Senior – Level

 Up to £42,400

On average, a data scientist makes £55,472 annually.

States-wise UK Data Scientist Salaries

The salary of a data scientist may be different for each state in the UK. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to get paid on average in the below states:

England – A data scientist may withdraw £50,593 per year on average when working in England.
Scotland – A data scientist may withdraw £49 721 per year on average when working in Scotland
Wales – A data scientist may withdraw £37, 241 per year on average when working in Wales.
Northern Ireland – A data scientist may withdraw £39 716 per year on average when working in Northern Ireland.

Average UK Data Scientist Salaries Based on the Gender Gap

Even though it is unlawful to pay people unequal salaries for the same services rendered, a difference in salary exists in the UK.

Currently, the gender gap in pay for all employees is 14.9%. This gap suggests that working women must wait for 54 days before they can stop working for free on Women's Pay Day.

Data scientist Salaries UK: Self-Employed vs Full-Time

The difference between a part-timer and a full-timer is the number of hours Full-time works.

Full-time employees require to work 35-40 hours a week. Generally, their work time is divided five days a week – 8 hours per day. A part-time employee, on the other hand, may decide to work shorter shifts, at irregular hours, and on weekends too.

Full-time employees are given a flat salary, whereas part-timers are paid hourly.

The government of the UK has some rules in place when it comes to paying the part-timers. The minimum hourly rate, effective April 1, 2022, is £9.50 (for individuals 23 years and above). If you are of ages 21 and 22, then this hourly rate is £9.18. However, considering that the job of a data scientist is a prestigious one and requires skills, an employer may pay more.

According to the data mentioned above, where we discussed that the average salary of a data scientist would be £55, 472 the hourly rate, when calculated, is £28.45. The job of a data scientist is a prestigious one, and employers readily agree to pay the part-timers more than the basic pay stated by the government.

Career Options and Opportunities for a Data Scientist in the UK

Although the job of a data scientist is considered to be tech-based, they may not necessarily be employed by tech companies. Almost all types of industries may benefit or have requirements for data scientists. Some examples of industries that hire data scientists include education, finance, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, scientific research, and more.

Businesses understand the value of data scientists and how data science can help their organisations to make profits and expand in the near future. According to a ten-year approximate data of the Bureau of Labour Statistics, between 2019 and 2019, the employment of data scientists will increase by 11%. This rate happens to be faster than any other occupation.

If you're interested in working with data, there are several different job areas that you may be interested in pursuing. Once you know the basics, it's simpler to move from one area to another as you expand your technical and analytical skill set.
Businesses are desperately looking for individuals with skills in the field of data science. They have strong job prospects and can easily advance their career in different directions in data science in their choice of industry.

There are thousands of job openings in the UK, and some of the roles that data scientists may be employed in include:

  1. Database Administrator
  2. Data Architect
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Database Developer
  6. Statistician
  7. Business Intelligence Analyst
  8. Data Mining Specialist
  9. Marketing Analyst

There are three different levels in which data scientists may be employed. This level is generally based on their experience.

An entry-level data scientist will be an associate, junior, or coordinator. Internships are also considered as entry-level jobs.
Mid-level jobs are generally employees that have managerial titles.
Advanced-level data scientists may be the lead, senior, or head of their organisation. Some may also be offered director-level positions.

Note: These opportunities and job titles mentioned may differ from company to company.

So, if you like to use detailed knowledge and get to the bottom of tricky questions, you must opt for the profession of a data scientist. It also offers immense opportunities for career advancement and is a stable job. Besides, a data scientist's salary in the UK is quite lucrative.

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