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Accommodation in the UK


Embarking on your journey to study in the UK is thrilling, yet the quest for accommodation in the UK for international students can be daunting, isn't it? Picture this: you're miles away from home, in a new country, and the myriad of lodging options feels overwhelming. This is where our comprehensive guide comes to your rescue! From understanding the cost of student accommodation in the UK for international students to selecting the best student rooms in the United Kingdom, we've got you covered. Our article will illuminate the pathways, simplifying your search for the ideal student abode.

Whether it's the charm of university-managed options or the freedom of private spaces, we delve deep into each choice. Not only will we answer pressing queries like 'How do international students find accommodation in the UK?' but also offer a sneak peek into affordable student accommodation locations. So, gear up for an insightful journey into finding your home away from home in the UK, tailored just for you!

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Types of Accommodation in the UK for Indian Students

Navigating the diverse landscape of student accommodation in the UK? It's a pivotal choice, shaping your study abroad experience. Whether it's finding a cosy corner in a bustling city or a serene spot near campus, the UK's student housing spectrum offers something for everyone. From affordable digs to the best student rooms in the United Kingdom, your ideal home is waiting. Let's simplify this with a clear table, detailing the types of accommodation in the UK for international students and their costs.

Types of Accommodation

Average Weekly Cost

Key Features

University Halls of Residence

£120 - £200

Campus proximity, community environment

Private Halls of Residence

£150 - £250+

Additional amenities, higher-end options

Private Rentals

£100 - £300

Independence, varied locations


£80 - £150

Cultural immersion which includes meals

Short-term Accommodation


Flexibility, ideal for the initial stay or short courses

University Halls of Residence

Often the first choice for first-year students, these halls are typically located on or near campus. They offer a vibrant community feel and are a fantastic way to meet fellow students. Average costs range from £120 to £200 per week, depending on the city and facilities offered.

Private Halls of Residence

Similar to university halls but owned by private companies, these often come with additional amenities like gyms and games rooms. The cost here varies widely, from £150 to over £250 per week, reflecting the level of luxury.

Private Rentals

Crave Independence? Private rentals let you steer your lifestyle, with the added responsibilities of bills and upkeep. Think London, where prices swing from £100 to £300 weekly, echoing the variety of locations and property sizes. On the flip side, homestays immerse you in British culture. Living with a local family, expect costs around £80 to £150 weekly, meals included, offering a budget-friendly peek into UK life.


This option is not only budget-friendly, with costs averaging around £80 to £150 per week, but also offers a warm, home-cooked meal experience and a deeper understanding of local customs and lifestyle. 

Short-term Accommodation

Ideal for when you first arrive or if you're on a short course. Options include hostels and serviced apartments, with costs varying significantly based on location and type.

"Aarav, a 20-year-old student from Bangalore, India. He faced the challenge of finding affordable and safe accommodation in Manchester for his engineering course. With a limited budget, he was overwhelmed by the high costs and unfamiliarity of the UK housing market. Aarav researched extensively and spoke with alumni. He discovered shared student flats as a cost-effective option, allowing him to rent a room for £120 per week, saving significantly compared to studio apartments. His diligent search led to a comfortable and secure home, enhancing his academic experience. Aarav's story illustrates the importance of research and exploring various accommodation options, ensuring international students can find a home that suits their budget and needs in the UK."

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Student Accommodation

Picking your student accommodation in the UK isn't just a checkbox for your study journey; it's about matching your lifestyle with your learning. Costs, location, and accommodation type – each plays its role. Urban student vibes or suburban calm? Your choice shapes your study experience, so ponder these aspects to find the best student rooms in the United Kingdom that align with your needs.

  • Location: Proximity to your university is key. A central location might mean higher rent but saves on transport costs and time. For instance, accommodation in central London averages around £200-£400 per week, while options outside the city centre can be as low as £120-£250.
  • Budget: It's more than just rent. Factor in utilities, internet, food, and personal expenses. A comprehensive budgeting plan will save you from unexpected financial strain.
  • Facilities: What does the accommodation offer? En-suite rooms, communal spaces, laundry services, and security features are aspects to consider. For instance, accommodations with gyms and high-end facilities can push the rent up by 10-20%.
  • Lease Flexibility: Understand the tenancy agreements. Some accommodations offer short-term leases at a premium, while others might require a full academic year commitment.
  • Safety and Security: Prioritise locations with a good safety record. Check for 24/7 security services, especially in larger cities.
  • Community and Social Life: Consider the type of environment you want. University halls often offer a vibrant community feel, ideal for first-year students, while private rentals might provide a quieter setting.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Look for student reviews or ask for recommendations from seniors or alumni. This firsthand experience can be invaluable.
  • Internet Connectivity: With online learning and resources, having a strong internet connection is crucial. Some accommodations include this in the rent, while others may charge extra.
  • Support Services: Does the accommodation provide support for international students? Services like airport pickups, orientation programs, and assistance with local registrations can be a big help.

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Student Accommodation Locations

Exploring the landscape of student accommodation in the UK for international students further, let's shift our focus to the various student-centric cities across the UK. Each city offers a unique living experience, influenced heavily by factors such as cost, proximity to universities, and local amenities. To aid in your decision-making, we present a detailed table highlighting key cities in the UK, known for their student populations, and the average cost of student accommodation in these areas.

  • London: A tapestry of culture and education, where shared spaces start at £150 weekly, scaling up to plush studios at £300+.
  • Manchester: Bustling student life, pocket-friendly too, with rents from £90 to £180.
  • Edinburgh: Historical charm meets modern living, averaging rents between £110 and £200.
  • Birmingham: Diversity at a bargain, with accommodation costs averaging £80 to £150.
  • Glasgow: Friendly and affordable, expect to pay £75 to £150 for a student home.
  • Leeds: Urban allure meets green spaces, with living costs ranging from £85 to £170.
  • Cardiff: Budget-friendly with a warm welcome, housing options from £70 to £140.

Each city weaves its unique blend of academic and social experiences. As you ponder your international student accommodation in the UK, consider how each place aligns with your academic goals and lifestyle preferences.

City Name

Average Weekly Cost of Student Accommodation



£150 - £300

High living cost, rich cultural scene


£90 - £180

Vibrant student life, more affordable


£110 - £200

Historic city, a balance of old and new


£80 - £150

Diverse community, lower living costs


£75 - £150

Friendly atmosphere, affordable living


£85 - £170

Urban and natural beauty, vibrant student community


£70 - £140

Lower cost of living, welcoming city

As we wrap up our exploration of accommodation in the UK for international students, remember that your choice of lodging is more than just a place to sleep. It's about finding a space that supports your academic journey, suits your budget, and provides a comfortable environment to grow and explore.

Whether it's the bustling streets of London or the historic charm of Edinburgh, each city offers unique experiences and student accommodation options. Don't hesitate to reach out to AECC for personalised guidance and support in finding the best student rooms in the United Kingdom. Start your adventure with AECC today and step into a world of opportunities!


What is private student accommodation in the UK for international students, and how can I find it?

Private accommodations are owned by companies or individuals and found through online platforms or agencies like AECC.

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