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Best Countries to Study Architecture


Are you dreaming of crafting awe-inspiring structures and shaping skylines around the world? Then, embarking on an architectural degree in the best countries to study architecture might be your first monumental step. This article, focusing on the best countries to study architecture abroad, guides you through a world where ancient art meets modern innovation. From the architectural marvels of Europe to the futuristic skylines of Asia, we delve into the top destinations offering the finest architecture courses abroad.

Here, you'll discover not just the countries but also the best universities to study architecture abroad, comparing course structures, fees, and the unique potential each destination holds for your future. Whether it's the historic campuses of the UK or the avant-garde studios of Japan, every aspiring architect will find a corner of the world to ignite their creativity. This guide is your compass to navigate the options for studying architecture abroad, including insights into the cost of studying architecture abroad, helping you to chart a path towards an illustrious career in this vibrant field.

Let this article be your stepping stone to finding the perfect place to study architecture, tailored for young visionaries eager to explore the best countries to study architecture. Let's embark on this journey together!

Which countries are the best Countries to study architecture abroad?

Embarking on a journey to study architecture abroad opens a world of possibilities. In this section, we spotlight the top 10 countries renowned for their architecture courses, each a beacon of educational excellence and innovation. In your journey to become an architect, the world offers a rich palette of options. Beyond stellar universities, each country boasts an architectural legacy that blends theory with tangible experiences. Our guide highlights the best countries for architectural studies, celebrated for their blend of academic excellence and inspiring environments.

These destinations are more than educational choices; they are portals to a world where historical and contemporary designs converge, shaping your architectural aspirations.

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Netherlands

Each of these countries offers a distinct flavour of architectural education, blending historical influences with cutting-edge design and technology. The best universities to study architecture abroad are nestled in these countries, where students can immerse themselves in diverse cultures and architectural styles. Whether you're drawn to the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, the skyscrapers of North America, or the sustainable designs of Asia-Pacific, these countries for architecture will provide the foundation for a robust and inspiring education.

"Meet Aarav, a young, ambitious student from India with a deep passion for architecture. Aarav's dream to study in Italy's prestigious universities, amidst its architectural splendours, seemed distant due to financial hurdles. Italy, for him, was not just a study destination but a source of inspiration, where history and innovation intersect. His journey reflects the common struggle of balancing dreams with practicalities, a testament to the aspirations and challenges faced by students navigating their educational paths. Through diligent research and guidance from his mentors, Aarav discovered a scholarship program that perfectly aligned with his aspirations. Applying with a portfolio that showcased his talent and dedication, Aarav secured the scholarship, significantly reducing his tuition fees. His journey illustrates the importance of perseverance, research, and exploring financial aid options when pursuing higher education abroad."

Top 10 Countries to Study Architecture Abroad

When choosing where to study architecture, it's vital to consider each country's unique educational landscape and opportunities. Here, we delve into the specifics of the best countries to study architecture abroad, highlighting their top universities, QS rankings for 2024, and the associated fees. This detailed exploration will help you understand the nuances of architecture courses abroad and the cost of studying architecture abroad in these esteemed locations.

United Kingdom: The UK, known for its rich architectural history and cutting-edge design schools, offers a blend of tradition and innovation. Top University: University of Cambridge (QS Ranking #3, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: £20,000. The UK stands as a pinnacle for those looking to study architecture abroad, providing a comprehensive education that intertwines history with modern design.

Italy: Italy, the cradle of Renaissance architecture, offers a deeply immersive experience in architectural studies. Top University: Politecnico di Milano (QS Ranking #12, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: €4,000. Students here can explore ancient aesthetics alongside contemporary design principles, making it a prime choice among countries for architecture.

United States: The USA is renowned for its innovative architectural programs and cutting-edge research facilities. Top University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (QS Ranking #1, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: $50,000. The country's diverse architectural styles and leading universities make it a top destination for studying architecture abroad.

Australia: Australia's focus on sustainable and innovative architecture is reflected in its academic offerings. Top University: University of Sydney (QS Ranking #15, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: AUD 30,000. The blend of modern design with environmental consciousness makes Australia a unique choice for architecture studies.

Germany: Germany is celebrated for its technical prowess and precision in architectural education. Top University: Technical University of Munich (QS Ranking #25, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: €0 (No tuition fees for international students). Germany's approach to architectural education is deeply rooted in technical knowledge and practical application.

Spain: Spain's architectural programs are known for their focus on artistic design and historical influence. Top University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (QS Ranking #27, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: €2,000. Spain offers a vibrant mix of traditional and modern architecture, making it an ideal place to study architecture abroad.

France: France, with its iconic architectural landmarks, provides a profound backdrop for studying architecture. Top University: Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) University (QS Ranking #40, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: €3,000. The French approach to architectural education blends classic design principles with modern innovation.

Japan: Japan is renowned for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. Top University: University of Tokyo (QS Ranking #22, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: ¥535,800 (approx. $5,000). Studying architecture in Japan offers insight into innovative design and technology-driven architecture.

Canada: Canada's architecture programs are celebrated for their focus on sustainability and environmental design. Top University: University of Toronto (QS Ranking #18, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: CAD 45,000. Canada provides a diverse landscape for studying various architectural styles and principles.

Netherlands: The Netherlands is known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to architecture. Top University: Delft University of Technology (QS Ranking #15, 2024). Approximate Annual Fee: €10,000. Dutch architecture courses are renowned for their emphasis on sustainable and futuristic designs.

Top Universities for Architecture by Country with QS Ranking 2024 and Fees



QS Ranking 2024

Bachelor's Program

Annual Fees (approx.)


University of Cambridge


BA in Architecture



Politecnico di Milano


BSc in Architecture



Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT





University of Sydney


Bachelor of Design in Architecture

AUD 30,000


Technical University of Munich


BSc in Architecture

€0 (No tuition fees)


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture



Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) University


Bachelor of Architecture



University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture)



University of Toronto


Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

CAD 45,000


Delft University of Technology


BSc in Architecture and the Built Environment


What are the Popular Architecture programs in the best countries?

When diving into the realm of architecture education, the specifics of each program play a crucial role in shaping your academic and professional journey. In this section, we focus on the best universities to study architecture abroad, detailing their prominent architecture programs, their durations, and the associated fees. This information is key for students seeking to understand the cost of studying architecture abroad and the various architecture courses available in different countries.

Here, we not only highlight the best countries to study architecture abroad but also provide a comprehensive view of what each program entails. From the intricacies of design principles to the technicalities of building construction, these courses offer a diverse range of knowledge and skills. This table is an invaluable resource for students aiming to compare architecture programs across different countries for architecture and make an informed decision about where to study architecture.

Architecture Programs in Top Universities Abroad



Program (Bachelor/Master)


Fees (Annual)

United Kingdom

Architectural Association, London

BA (Hons) Architecture / MA in Architecture

3 yrs / 2 yrs

£22,000 / £28,000


University IUAV of Venice

BSc in Architecture / MSc in Architecture

3 yrs / 2 yrs

€900 / €1,000

United States

Cornell University

B.Arch / M.Arch

5 yrs / 2 yrs

$57,222 / $58,586


University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Design in Architecture / Master of Architecture

3 yrs / 2 yrs

AUD 39,168 / AUD 41,232


Bauhaus-University Weimar

B.Sc. Architecture / M.Sc. Architecture

3 yrs / 2 yrs

€0 / €500


Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona

Bachelor in Architecture / Master in Architecture

5 yrs / 1-2 yrs

€3,500 / €4,000


École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville

Bachelor of Architecture / Master of Architecture

3 yrs / 2 yrs

€500 / €500


University of Tokyo

B.Eng. in Architecture / M.Eng. in Architecture

4 yrs / 2 yrs

¥535,800 / ¥535,800


University of Toronto

B.Sc. (Arch.) / M.Arch

3 yrs / 1.5-3 yrs

CAD 7,631 / CAD 8,186


Delft University of Technology

BSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences / MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

3 yrs / 2 yrs

€2,143 / €2,143

As we've explored the best countries to study architecture abroad, it's evident that each destination offers unique opportunities and experiences. From the historic campuses of the UK to the innovative studios in Japan, the world is brimming with educational treasures for aspiring architects. Considering the best universities to study architecture abroad, along with the cost of studying architecture abroad, can set the stage for a transformative educational journey. Now, it's your turn to take the next step in shaping your future in architecture.


What are the things you need to know before applying for the architecture course?

Before applying, research the curriculum, accreditation, and hands-on opportunities offered by universities. Additionally, understand entry requirements, such as portfolio submissions or prerequisite courses.

What are the reasons to study Architecture Abroad?

Studying architecture abroad exposes you to diverse architectural styles, innovative design approaches, and global networking opportunities, enhancing both your education and career prospects.

What are the job profiles available for graduates of architecture?

Architecture graduates can pursue careers as architectural designers, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, or sustainable design consultants, among others.

Which country pays Architecture High?

Countries like Switzerland, the United States, and Australia are known for offering high salaries to architects, reflecting their strong economies and demand for skilled professionals.

What are the Prerequisite Documents For Studying Architecture Abroad?

Typical documents include academic transcripts, a portfolio of work, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and proof of language proficiency (e.g., IELTS, and TOEFL scores).

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