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Best Places to Visit in Canada for International Students


Canada has established itself as one of the world's most desirable educational destinations for students. However, it boasts a thriving music scene and diverse cuisine to please the palates. Canada is not only the second-largest nation for its natural life and experience; there's a postponed nocturnal life and a lovely food scene.

Studying abroad is a cinematic experience in many ways. You are exposed to a unique culture and introduced to all kinds of individuals and you are encouraged to embrace diversity. There are way too many best places in Canada and also plenty of best tourist places in Canada. It has been a popular foreign student destination and it has plenty to offer in terms of education, lifestyle, entertainment, and more, as a boiling point of culture. In most cities, foreign students are quite cosmopolitan and welcome.

We recognise that it might be quite difficult to establish a new destination and discover the ideal location and university for you. Thus, in this article, we'll present the greatest student-friendly cities and best places to visit in Canada.

1. The Rocky Mountains

The 415 square miles of Rocky Mountain National Park cover amazing mountain landscapes and safeguard them. Discover Trail Ridge Road - which stretches over 12,000 feet, with magnificent views of the mountain subalpine and alpine walks, wild flora, wildlife, starry nights, and pleasant moments. The route is more than 300 miles away. Rocky is at the pinnacle of a world of superlatives!

Outdoor activities are available in the Rocky Mountains all year round. If you want to go back to nature, Rocky Mountain National Park is a fantastic place to relax - hundreds of thousands of walking routes lead to rugged summits, such as Longs Peak and Twin Sisters Peak, spectacular waterfalls, high alpine lakes and luxuriant meadows.

If you like to explore the Rockies in a subtle way, take an adventurous drive from Estes Park to Grand Lake. There are lots of sights along the road with panoramic views of the mountainous terrain of Colorado. In the Rocky Mountains, families can find many children-friendly attractions including adventure parks and ranger programmes.

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park was Canada's first national park and in fact one of North America's first national parks. The park is situated in the Rocky Mountains in the ecoregion of forests on Alberta's west border with British Columbia. Today, Banff, a place of breathtaking mountain scenery, is one of the world's best destinations. Millions of travellers visit Banff each year to experience astonishing views and an array of activities.

Nothing is as special as Banff National Park. It's difficult to grow bored in Banff whether it is in winter or in summer. The mountains offer an infinite playground so it's a little mystery why millions visit every year. You may enjoy this wonderful mountain scene for the rest of your lives.

3. Niagara Falls

The cascades of Niagara are actually three, although Horseshoe Falls is the most famous. The combination of flow rate and height, epics the fall. The deafening boom of the cascade does not include this.

The Niagara River flows between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie on the New York and Canadian borders (two of the Great Lakes) and is located in the western region of the East Coast state of New York. Niagara Falls is the perfect trip for your family, because there is a lot of fun for children nearby and your children will be impressed. If you go between the US and Canada, it's a fantastic day excursion. Not to forget that if you are around sunset, you can enjoy the vista and take in the lighting.

4. Old Quebec City

You'd assume you were in Paris with its sidewalk cafés, paved streets and French language flooding the streets. Québec City has a particular European elegance that you seldom encounter outside the continent, but there is something that gives this city such a unique feeling, which is clearly North American.

Slip on a few comfortable shoes and follow a 400-year history trail. The Old City is an impressive trip through a collection of architectural masterpieces that are different from anything else outside Europe. Indeed, UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites has all this Monumental Beauty. In the birthplace of French North America there's a wonder waiting past every curve.

Finally, when walking around, take into account all the stunning architecture of the Old City such as the stone front of Notre-Dame de Québec cathedral basilica.

5. The CN Tower Toronto

The CN Tower is a large and stunning tower and landmark in Toronto, Canada and it is absolutely a must-do item to see this iconic attraction on your trip to Toronto. The CN Tower is probably Canada's most renowned holiday resort. The CN Tower, however, is not the highest radio spike on the planet. It is known that these pinnacles are fully supported by cords.

Every year, a great number of holidaymakers from all over the world have visited the CN Tower since its inauguration. Since the CN Tower is a collective location manufacturer for all Torontonians and also because of its lovely view, it would be reasonable to take a sight of the CN Tower from your home.

6. The Jasper National Park

Jasper is home to the alpine wilderness, breathtaking mountain tops, glacier-powered lakes, forests and streams, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. The snowy mountains and picturesque routes greet both soft and outdoor travelers. But don't assume Jasper is exclusively for walkers, skiers, and climbers, there's a lot to check for people who don't go walking!

Were you aware that Jasper is the second biggest Dark Sky conservation in the world? Well, it is also one of the more accessible, which means that the darkest night sanctuary is within easy reach of the city. You will probably see lots of animals at the Jasper National Park, even if you don't load far into the countryside. Jasper features one of Alberta's most numerous black and brown bears, and not only this, when you travel within the park, it is nearly easy to see deer, elk, bighorn sheep and goats.

7. Gros Morne National Park

In 1987, Gros Morne National Park was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gros Morne is a must-do in Newfoundland, whether you visit for only a few hours or enjoy a whole week. The park stretches from the St Lawrence Gulf over 1800 square km. It is no wonder that the temperate, boreal and Alpine flora and wildlife combine in a spectacular way. You will be taken to a new planet with just a two-hour trip.

Regardless of when you are visiting, Gros Morne has so much to offer. Every season you are going to have a new experience. Take some snowshoeing or skiing in the lovely winter tundra.

8. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its rough shoreline, panoramic views and heavy forests. The woodlands of Cape Breton have abundant moose and bear, while whales and eagles from the coast are frequently seen. The first national Park in the Atlantic Province was Cape Breton Highlands, which welcomes more than 300 000 visitors annually, yet has sufficient space for over 366 square miles.

Cape Breton autumn, the most enchanting period of the year, is the year when the friends, the food and the music warm your cool days with a colourful foliage.

It is also very wonderful like the autumn colour season – it lasts approximately 2-3 weeks in October. You presumably are seeking for sites to add your own must-visit list that ensures that you see colour.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."

         – Mark Twain,American writer

Best Cities in Canada

1. Toronto

Toronto is an eminent student destination and is home to many of Canada's leading university groups. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is one of the world's best cities. Toronto, with nearly 50% of the population in a minority community, is likewise extraordinarily diverse. This shows that people from various corners of the world are welcomed in Toronto, whether they are from Asia, Africa or Europe. In Toronto there are a stunning 160 languages, making it very popular among immigrants. Toronto was the 11th-best student city in the world according to QS World Rankings 2020. Toronto also boasts a number of tourism attractions to discover for students.

2. Montreal

Another popular option for students who want to study in Canada is Montreal with a plethora of valued universities. Among 2019, Montreal ranked sixth in the best student cities in the world according to QS World Rankings for 2019. It was also ranked 2nd in the QS World Rankings list of student views. This demonstrates that students tend to study in Montreal in any other town. Montreal may not be the cheapest city, but it offers a great living quality. Montreal is a beautiful combination of different cultures, famous for its warm and kind hospitality.

3. Vancouver

Renowned in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is known for its quality of education and tranquil existence. The Economist called it "one of the best places in the world". There are around 50% of minorities in Vancouver, making it an attractive place for international students. English and French are the main languages spoken in Vancouver. Also hosted in Vancouver are large tech businesses such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Vancouver has placed 16th in 2019 by QS in the list of best student cities, a land of stunning scenery.

4. Quebec City

Quebec City is noted for its architecture and European feeling as a French speaking province. It is a very vibrant town with several festivals. The major festival is the Winter Carnival, which organises numerous winter sports. It's also for international students, the cheapest town in Canada.

5. Ottawa

Ottawa is famous for world-class universities and leading academic members. The QS World Rankings put Ottawa 45th in 2019 in the list of the top student towns. Ottawa is another varied city with residents from all over the world. The hostel is warm and hospitable to the world's students and is the favourite location for students from Africa, Asia and Europe.

This was about Canada's top places to visit and best cities, particularly for students from abroad. We hope that this blog will be helpful to you. For more interesting stuff, subscribe to AECC. Please Contact Our Education professionals and reserve a free session now.

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