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Education Loan for MBBS Abroad


Are you an Indian student dreaming of an MBBS abroad, but financial constraints are holding you back? Wondering how to secure an education loan for MBBS abroad? You've arrived at the right place! This guide demystifies the process, transforming your aspirations into achievable goals.

The journey to find the best education loan for MBBS abroad can be intricate. From understanding the intricacies of MBBS education loan collateral to exploring options for an education loan for MBBS abroad without collateral, the road can seem winding. But don't worry! We are here to navigate you through it all.

Our comprehensive guide is tailored specifically for Indian students. We'll dive deep into how to Get a Student Loan for MBBS Abroad, compare leading lenders, and dissect the crucial aspects of loan application and approval. This one-stop resource is designed to streamline the loan acquisition process for you. 

Anjali, a talented student from Hyderabad, faced the daunting prospect of funding her MBBS in the UK, costing approximately £30,000 per year. With her family unable to provide collateral for a traditional loan, she felt her dream slipping away. However, Anjali's persistence led her to an NBFC offering education loans for MBBS abroad without collateral. She successfully secured a loan of INR 25 Lakhs at an interest rate of 12%, enabling her to cover a significant portion of her tuition and living expenses. This strategic financial move not only propelled Anjali towards her goal of studying in the UK but also highlighted the importance of determination and thorough research in overcoming financial hurdles.

Guide to Applying for an Education Loan for MBBS Abroad

Securing an education loan for MBBS abroad can be straightforward if you follow these key steps:

  1. Research Lenders: Start by comparing banks and NBFCs in India that offer education loans for MBBS abroad. Look for competitive interest rates and favourable loan terms.
  2. Collateral Considerations: Understand the collateral requirements. Banks typically require it for loans above INR 7.5 lakhs. However, if you're seeking an education loan for MBBS abroad without collateral, explore options with NBFCs, although these may have higher interest rates.
  3. Document Preparation: Gather all necessary documents, including academic records, admission letters, KYC documents, and financial proofs. For loans requiring collateral, prepare the relevant documents.
  4. Application Process: Apply online or in-person with your chosen lender. Ensure all details in your application are accurate to avoid delays.
  5. Loan Approval and Disbursement: After verification, the loan is usually approved within a few weeks. The funds are typically disbursed directly to the university.

Remember, the best education loan for MBBS abroad is one that suits your financial situation and educational aspirations. Carefully read all loan agreements and understand the terms before committing.

Top Banks and NBFCs in India for Education Loan for MBBS Abroad

When it comes to securing an education loan for MBBS abroad, choosing the right lender is crucial. Indian students have several options, each with unique features and benefits.

Name of Institution

Loan Amount (INR)

Interest Rate (p.a.)

Collateral Requirement

Special Features

State Bank of India

Up to 1.5 Crores

8.85% - 9.35%

Required for loans above 7.5 Lakhs

Low interest rates, longer repayment period


Up to 20 Lakhs

9.55% - 13.25%

Required for higher amounts

Offers loans for a wide range of countries

Axis Bank

Up to 40 Lakhs

10.5% - 12%

Depends on loan amount

Customisable repayment options

Avanse Financial Services

Up to 40 Lakhs

10% - 16%

No collateral for select programs

Fast processing, flexible repayment terms


Up to 40 Lakhs

11% - 15%

Not required for certain courses

Customised loan solutions, quick disbursement

For Indian students seeking the best education loan for MBBS abroad, it's important to compare these options. While banks like SBI offer lower interest rates, NBFCs like Avanse and InCred provide the flexibility of education loans for MBBS abroad without collateral.

Eligibility Criteria for Education Loan to Study MBBS Abroad

Understanding the eligibility criteria for securing an education loan for MBBS abroad is pivotal for Indian students aspiring to pursue medical studies internationally. It's important to meet these criteria to successfully obtain an education loan for MBBS abroad from India.

  1. Academic Performance: Banks and NBFCs generally require a strong academic record. Students should have a consistent academic history, preferably with a minimum of 60-65% in their most recent qualifications. This criterion underlines the importance of academic excellence for securing an education loan to study MBBS abroad.
  2. Admission to a Recognized University: Proof of admission to a recognized foreign medical university is mandatory. The course and university should be accredited and recognized by major medical councils or bodies.
  3. Age Limit: Most lenders have an age criterion, typically requiring student borrowers to be between 18 and 35 years old. This range aligns with the general age group of students pursuing MBBS.
  4. Co-applicant Requirements: A co-applicant, usually a parent or guardian, is required. The co-applicant's credit history and financial stability are crucial factors in the loan approval process.
  5. Collateral: For loans exceeding a certain amount (often around INR 7.5 lakhs), collateral such as property, fixed deposits, or other tangible assets might be required. However, some NBFCs offer education loans for MBBS abroad without collateral, targeting students unable to provide security.
  6. Nationality: The applicant must be an Indian citizen with valid proof of residency in India.
  7. Repayment Capacity: Lenders assess the co-applicant's financial stability, including income, assets, liabilities, and credit history, to determine the repayment capacity for the MBBS education loan.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is a crucial step in your journey to secure an education loan for MBBS abroad for Indian students.

Important Considerations When Taking an Education Loan for MBBS Abroad

When Indian students embark on the process of securing an education loan for MBBS abroad, several critical factors must be taken into account to ensure a smooth financial journey.

  • Interest Rates and Repayment Terms: Interest rates for education loans for MBBS abroad can vary significantly, typically ranging from 8.85% to 15%. It's essential to compare rates from different banks and NBFCs. Consider the repayment terms as well, which can range from 5 to 15 years. Longer repayment periods might mean lower EMI but result in higher total interest paid.
  • Currency Fluctuations: Since the loan amount will be disbursed in Indian Rupees but converted to foreign currency for tuition fees, be aware of currency exchange rates. Fluctuations in currency value can affect the total amount required and should be factored into your calculations.
  • Moratorium Period: Most lenders offer a moratorium period (a loan holiday), typically lasting until the course duration plus six months to one year. This means you don't have to start repaying the loan immediately but can wait until after course completion. Understand the terms of this period clearly.
  • Processing Fees and Other Charges: Be mindful of processing fees, which can range from 0.5% to 2% of the loan amount. Also, inquire about any other hidden charges.
  • Insurance: Some lenders require insurance for the student loan, which can add to the total cost. Understand the insurance terms and how they impact your loan.
  • Loan Margin: Loan margin refers to the percentage of the total cost that the bank will not cover. For instance, some banks might finance 90% of the total cost, expecting you to contribute the remaining 10%. This is an important factor in your financial planning.
  • Tax Benefits: Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, the interest paid on an education loan for MBBS abroad is deductible from your taxable income. This can offer significant savings over the loan period.
  • Prepayment Options and Charges: Investigate if there are any prepayment charges should you decide to pay off the loan early. Some lenders offer no prepayment charges, which can be beneficial if you plan to settle the loan before the end of the term.

By considering these factors, Indian students can better navigate the complexities of securing the best education loan for MBBS abroad. It's not just about getting a loan; it's about getting the right loan that aligns with your financial situation and career aspirations.

Collateral & Non-Collateral Options for Education Loan for MBBS Abroad

When Indian students seek an education loan for MBBS abroad, one critical decision is choosing between collateral and non-collateral loan options. Understanding the specifics of each can significantly impact your loan experience and financial planning.


Collateral Loans

Non-Collateral Loans


Loans secured against assets

Loans without asset security

Typical Loan Amounts

Up to INR 1 Crore or more

Usually up to INR 40 Lakhs

Interest Rates

Approximately 8.85% to 12%

Approximately 10% to 16%

Assets for Collateral

Real estate, government bonds, fixed deposits, insurance policies



Lower interest rates, higher loan amounts, longer repayment terms

No asset risk, faster processing, less documentation


Risk of asset forfeiture on default

Higher interest rates, stricter eligibility criteria, lower loan amounts

For MBBS education loan collateral, tangible assets such as property or fixed deposits offer security to the lender, thereby reducing the interest rate. Conversely, education loans for MBBS abroad without collateral are based purely on the borrower's creditworthiness and academic merit.

To sum up, navigating the options for an education loan for MBBS abroad is a crucial step for Indian students aspiring to study medicine internationally. Understanding the nuances of MBBS education loan collateral and the specifics of education loans for MBBS abroad without collateral can make your journey smoother. If you're exploring your options for an education loan for MBBS abroad from India, AECC offers tailored guidance to help you find the best solution. Contact AECC today for expert advice on securing your education loan for MBBS abroad and turn your medical career dreams into reality.


Which bank is best for education loans for MBBS abroad?

Choosing the best bank for an education loan for MBBS abroad depends on individual needs. Banks like SBI, HDFC, and Axis Bank offer competitive rates and terms, but it's important to compare their offers based on your specific requirements.

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