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Public Universities In Ireland For Indian Students


Ireland, known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, has a strong educational system, including several prestigious public universities. These universities, along with offering high-quality education are known to make major contributions towards research and innovation. The number of students who plan to study abroad has increased over the past few years. Even among the top study abroad destinations, several students have planned to study in Ireland in recent years.

Let us dive deep into the top public universities in Ireland, exploring their rankings, popular programs, tuition fees, and admission requirements. We shall also look into some of the study options in Ireland's public universities, the top Irish universities for higher education. 

Top Universities For Public In Ireland

Government-funded universities in Ireland are rich and diverse, offering exceptional educational experiences. Here is a brief overview of the top public universities in Ireland.

  1. Trinity College Dublin: Renowned for its historic significance and academic excellence, Trinity College Dublin consistently ranks among the top 100 universities, globally. Its prestigious programs in Sciences, Arts, and Engineering attract students worldwide.
  2. University College Dublin: The University College Dublin has state-of-the-art campus amenities and a lively academic atmosphere. Ranking among the top 200 in the world, it provides a broad range of degrees, with a prime focus on Business, Medicine, and Law.
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway: The National University of Ireland, Galway, recognised among the top 250 universities globally, offers outstanding programs in Medicine, Biomedical Science, and Arts. Its strong focus on research and support for students makes it a popular choice for those seeking quality education and assistance.
  4. University College Cork: University College Cork is recognised among the top 300 globally, with notable strengths in the fields of Computer Science, Nursing, and Pharmacy. In addition to offering an engaging academic environment, the institution prioritises innovation.
  5. Dublin City University: Dublin City University stands proudly among the world's top 400 universities, known for its excellent Business, Engineering, and Communication programs. Its cutting-edge facilities and commitment to innovation attract students globally, making it a popular choice for those aiming to excel in their studies.
  6. Maynooth University: Listed among the top 500 institutions in the world, Maynooth University excels in Business, Law, and Humanities programs. It provides a supportive environment for academic and personal growth.
  7. Technological University Dublin: Though not ranked highly internationally, Technological University Dublin is a well-known university in Ireland, known for its practical approach to teaching in Engineering, Computing, and Sciences.
  8. Institute of Technology Sligo: While not globally ranked, IT Sligo specialises in programs such as Computing, Design, and Business, and is a great institution offering hands-on learning experiences to its students.
  9. Institute of Technology Carlow: The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is a popular choice for students looking for specialised education. It excels in fields including Business, Science, and Engineering.
  10. Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT): LYIT, though not globally ranked, is a wonderful institution that provides a range of courses in various fields including Nursing, Computing, and Tourism.


Popular  Programs

QS WUR, 2024

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in €) 

Trinity College Dublin

Sciences, Arts, Engineering


€22,760 - €55,050

University College Dublin

Business, Medicine, Law


€15,000 - €26,000

National University of Ireland, Galway

Medicine, Biomedical Science, Arts


€14,000 - €25,000

University College Cork

Nursing, Pharmacy, Computer Science


€12,000 - €20,000

Dublin City University

Communication, Engineering, Business


€12,000 - €16,000

Maynooth University

Law, Business, Humanities

500 - 1000

€12,000 - €15,000

Technological University Dublin

Engineering, Computing, Sciences

€12,000 - €16,000

Institute of Technology Sligo 

Computing, Design, Business

€9,000 - €12,000

Institute of Technology Carlow

Engineering, Science, Business

€9,000 - €13,000

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Nursing, Computing, Tourism

€9,000 - €12,000

Public Colleges in Ireland: Admission Requirements

Admission into public universities in Ireland normally requires originals or copies of Academic details, English language proficiency, and other Specific program prerequisites that depend on the course you choose to enroll in. There is a possibility of additional requirements as well, which can vary from one institution to another, but here are the common admission requirements.

Academic Qualifications

  • For Undergraduate courses, a high school qualification or diploma is required.
  • For Postgraduate courses, a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent diploma is necessary.

  • Some programs might have specific subject requirements that you will know through the college portal or admission form. Make sure to be ready with them.

English Language Proficiency
  • International students, for whom English is not the first or primary language, must provide proof of proficiency in the English language through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

  • There is a possibility of varying score requirements depending on the programs and universities. Make sure to verify and double-check.

Application Process
  • Applications need to be generally submitted online through the respective university's website.

  • In a majority of universities, documents such as academic qualifications, Letters Of Recommendation, and a personal statement are also needed which you need to submit along with the application.

Tuition Fees and Financial Support
  • Tuition fees at universities in Ireland vary depending on if you are an EU or international student. In some universities, Irish and EU students pay lower fees compared to other international students. But there are also universities where the tuition fees are similar or the same.

  • Scholarships, grants, financial support, etc., might also be available for eligible students to ease their financial burden.

  • It is crucial to adhere to the application deadlines specified by the universities. These can differ based on the course and the level.

Interviews or Additional Requirements
  • Interviews and portfolio submissions may be required for some programs, especially those in Arts and Humanities.

Ireland offers numerous advantages like top-notch universities, a diverse range of educational choices, reasonable living expenses, a rich culture, and a fantastic quality of life. All these factors together make it an excellent destination for pursuing higher education. Ireland's education field is highly competitive with strong demand, so it is crucial to meet admission criteria well in advance to secure timely acceptance. If you wish to learn more about the public universities in Ireland, you can contact AECC. Our expert counselors can guide you through the application process to study in Ireland.


Consistently listed among the world's top 20 countries for its great quality of life, peace, and human development, Ireland is becoming a popular destination for Indian students.Public universities in Ireland are well known for their academic excellence. They welcome students from all over the world, offering diverse programs, financial support, and other affordable support from the government. Their impact is evident through their high-quality research, easily accessible education, and dynamic learning environment. These institutions hold a significant place in Ireland's higher education, nurturing innovation and fostering a culturally enriched academic environment. Their consistent global rankings and unwavering commitment to quality education just keep reinforcing their standing as preferred choices for students seeking a fulfilling and inclusive educational experience. In addition, Ireland's lively culture promotes entrepreneurial thinking and provides many chances to develop professionally, offering lessons that extend beyond what's taught in classrooms.


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