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Toronto University Courses


Are you dreaming about studying in Canada? Look no further than the University of Toronto. Located in the city of Toronto in the Ontario province, it is Canada's leading public research educational institution. The programs offered by the university are dynamic and diverse. The quality of education and the technical aid provided by the university is unparalleled in the global context. Whatever course you want to pursue, the university has you covered.

But do you know what the Toronto University courses are? Are you aware of the eligibility criteria? Do you know the fee structure? This article will discuss in detail the courses the University of Toronto offers, their fees, ranking, and eligibility criteria. So keep reading! 

Why Study at The University of Toronto?

Earlier known as the King's College, the University of Toronto got its present name in the year 1849. It is considered one of Canada's oldest and most vibrant educational institutions. It is home to a public library with over 4.5 million books on various subjects. But are these the only reasons to study at The University of Toronto? Here are some popular reasons to study and have a look at the Toronto University courses:

1. Unparalleled Academic Standards

With over 1000+ courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the university offers an exceptional range and depth of study. The university has academic standards and has an excellent faculty of teachers and professors.

2. Excellent Research Opportunities

The University of Toronto provides an excellent environment for conducting high-quality research. The university conducts this research in collaboration with various universities, business houses, government agencies, and industry experts. The university receives around CAD 1.45 million (INR 145 crores) of research funds annually.

3. Vibrant Campus Life

Currently, the university has three campuses: St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough. All these campuses come under the Greater Toronto Area. The university offers a vibrant campus life with over 800 student clubs and organisations.

4. Exceptional Placement Opportunities

 The University of Toronto offers excellent and exceptional placement opportunities. After graduating from the university, you can secure employment in leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Bank of Canada, IBM, etc. On average, the graduates from the university earn CAD 120,000 (INR 72.6 lakh) annually.

The University of Toronto Ranking

The University of Toronto is a decentralised institution. More than seven colleges and faculties are affiliated with the University of Toronto. Each college and faculty offers a dynamic range of programs to choose from. The University of Toronto is ranked 34th globally and number 2 in Canada. Here is a table highlighting some popular colleges and faculties:

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Name of the Institution

QS Ranking 2023

Rotman School of Management

Ranked 1

Trinity College

Ranked 4

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 

Ranked 6

Innis College

Ranked 3

School of Graduate Studies 

Ranked 5

The University of Toronto Subject Ranking

From environmental sciences to ancient history, business and management to law, the University of Toronto offers some globally recognised programs. The programs combine practical learning and theoretical knowledge. Here is a table that mentions some best courses provided by the university with their rankings:

Name of the Course

QS Ranking 2023

Accounting and Finance

Ranked 15

Business and Management Studies

Ranked 28

Computer Science and Information System

Ranked 12

Data Science 

Ranked 6

Earth and Marine Science

Ranked 26

Law and Legal Studies 

Ranked 19


Ranked 15

Social Policy and Administration 

Ranked 15

What Are The Eligibility Requirements to Study At Toronto Universities

 There are different colleges and faculties at the University of Toronto. All these colleges and faculties have their eligibility criteria and subject-specific requirements. But here are some basic academic requirements that you should fulfil:

For Undergraduate Courses

Here are the eligibility requirements for the undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto:

1. Class XII Marks

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, it is important that you should maintain a minimum 3.6 GPA out of 4.0 or 92% of marks.

2. SAT or ACT Scores

In order to be admitted to The University of Toronto, it is compulsory to take a standardised test. There are two popular tests that you can take - SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT (American College Testing).

3. English Language Proficiency Test

To study at the University of Toronto, it is compulsory that you take the English language proficiency test. You can take IELTS or TOEFL, depending on the course and the college.

For Postgraduate Courses

You need to follow some eligibility criteria to pursue any graduate or postgraduate course at The University of Toronto. Here are the requirements for postgraduate courses:

1. A Bachelor's Degree

The basic requirement is a bachelor's degree in the related field from a recognised university with a minimum of 75% of marks.

2. English Language Proficiency Test

You can take IELTS or TOEFL, depending on the course and the college. The minimum score for IELTS should be 7.0, and for TOEFL should be 93.

3. Letter of Recommendation

You should submit two letters of recommendation. The letters should highlight your academic work, experience, and ethics.

4. Statement of Purpose

You should provide a statement of purpose that highlights your reason for studying in Canada and your future expectations.

You must fulfil these basic eligibility criteria when applying for the Toronto University courses.

Admission Process at The University of Toronto

 The admissions at the University of Toronto are easy, quick, and hassle-free. The university administration has ensured you do not have to stress when applying. The admission process is as follows:

1. Check all Your Requirements

It is important that you conduct thorough research before applying to the University of Toronto, as the university offers various programs.

2. Create an OUAC Account

After you have checked all the requirements, the second step is to create an OUAC account. The Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) is a portal that processes all the applications for admission. You can create an OUAC account by visiting the OUAC website.  

3. Fill Out the OUAC Application

After creating your OUAC account, the next step is filling out the OUAC application. You can fill out the application on the OUAC website. Around six types of applications exist depending on the courses and requirements.

4. Pay the Application Fee

The next step is to pay the application fee and submit your application. The application fee depends upon your application and the course you will choose.

5. Submit Your Documents

After you have paid the application fee, the university will process your application. After around one week, the university administration will contact you and share all the necessary information. Follow all the steps mentioned by them and submit all the documents required.

Cost of Studying at Toronto University

The cost of studying at the University of Toronto depends on your chosen course. Here are some of the top Toronto University courses and their fees:

Law and Legal Studies

The University of Toronto is a popular destination for pursuing courses in the legal field. Some of these programs are



Fee/Per Year (INR)

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology, Law and Society)

4 years 

38.9 Lakh

Juris Doctor (J.D)

4 years 

24.5 Lakh

Master of Law (L.L.M)

1 year

32 Lakh

Computer Science and Engineering

The university's computer science and engineering courses are globally recognised. A few of these courses are:



Fee/Per Year (INR)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

4 years

38.9 Lakh

Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering) 

4 years

40 Lakh

Master of Science (Computer Science)

2 years

20.3 Lakh

Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

4 years

6.2 Lakh


Accounting is a very famous course to study at the University of Toronto. The university offers different courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here are some top recommendations:



Fee/Per Year (INR)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Accounting)

4 years

38.9 Lakh

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

4 years

38.5 Lakh

Master of Science ( Forensic Accounting )

2 years

20.3 Lakh

Environmental Studies

The environmental studies course offered by the university focuses on using theoretical knowledge in the practical sense.



Fee/Per Year (INR)

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

4 years

39.9 Lakh

Master of Environmental Sciences

1 year

20.3 Lakh

Master of Science (Sustainability Management)

2 years

24.8 Lakh

The University of Toronto Scholarships

Studying at the University of Toronto can be quite expensive. To manage such expenses, the university provides some scholarships. These scholarships are provided to domestic and international students. Here are some of these scholarships:

Name of the Scholarship


Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

Academically outstanding and active participation in extracurricular activities

International Merit Admission Award

Academic merit

University of Toronto Scholars Program

Meritorious students

Mackenzie King Open & Travelling Scholarship

Awarded to Master’s students with a  minimum of 85% of marks

The admission intake for the University of Toronto happens three times a year - summer, fall, and winter. The winter intake is the most competitive admission cycle. The university offers every single course during this admission intake. It is advisable that you keep in touch with the university administration for further information.

Furthermore, the Toronto University courses have an acceptance rate of around 45%, making them the most competitive courses.

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