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    • The visa process can be stressful and demanding, with endless paperwork and documentation. AECC is situated in Amritsar, renowned for the revered Harmandir Saheb, also known as the Golden Temple.
    • AECC is one of the most preferred Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar that has the experience, proficiency and potent processes to assist you in steering the Intricate visa procedures and filing for a visa with great certainty. 
    • There are different types of visas based on course duration and other aspects. 
    • Applying for a visa has been simplified by using online, but sometimes, it could cause some hassle without the proper guidance. While applying online, it is significant to have all the documents in hand and fill out the application form without errors. 
    • We are one of the best visa consultants in Amritsar, substantiated by our field expertise since 2008. 
    • There are different requirements for student visas for each country, and it's essential to understand the specific requirements of the visa.
    • We have in-house Australia study Visa consultants in Amritsar who can assist you in studying in the diverse terrain, or if you plan to study in Canada’s prairies, our experts Canada study visa Consultants in Amritsar are your go-to. 
    • There are UK study visa Consultants in Amritsar who will assist you in reaching the top-ranking institution and USA study visa Consultants in Amritsar who will help you with the entire visa process.
    • The guidance of a visa counsellor will be beneficial to help in understanding the requirements for your visa.
    A visa counsellor will help you with the application process to successfully procure your visa. They will 
    • Identify the best approach to getting your visa
    • Advise you on finances to be shown
    • Advise you on documents to be presented
    • Help in the filling out papers
    • Assess all your papers before submission
    • Advice on legal and documentation to complete the process smoothly and 
    • Increase the chances of visa approval with professional advice.
    • Deal with all of the tedious manual work 
    • Aware of all the legislative updates which will help your application 
    • Save a lot of time by consulting and proceeding with us

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We at AECC strive to give our students the best assistance and services. From understanding the student visa rules of the country to applying for a student visa, we offer all our services for free. 

It is essential for students to have proper information on the laws of the country, application fee, things to avoid while applying for a student visa etc. At a time when students struggle to find reliable information on student visas and other likely things, it is easier for students to contact experts like AECC so that they can get all the updated information quickly and easily.

With you at every step of your
study abroad journey

Get personalised, friendly, honest
guidance for free
Get personalised, friendly, honest
guidance for free

With you at every step
of your
study abroad journey

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Team AECC has been a pleasure to work with; They always communicate clearly, respond quickly and treat me with professionalism, openness, and support. Many thanks to the education consultant for making the unthinkable - a reality by providing excellent assistance throughout the process and helping me get my application approved. I truly appreciate that!
Had a fantastic experience with AECC. I want to express my sincere gratitude to my counsellor for his assistance with the application and visa processes. I received incredible help throughout the procedure and was given close attention to every little detail during my visa processing and university application. He was only a phone call away for any queries. I would highly recommend AECC as the best consultancy. Thank you, AECC Team.
Had a great experience with AECC for my student visa. I got my visa on the first attempt, and the whole process was very smooth due to the excellent staff. They are very experienced and professional in their work and also supportive and friendly. Overall, my experience with AECC was great, and I would highly recommend AECC for student visa applications.
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