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April May Intakes in UK for Indian Students


The April and May intake in the UK for Indian students refer to one of the admission cycles offered by some universities in the United Kingdom. These intakes are less common than the primary September/October and January/February intakes, but they provide additional opportunities for students who wish to start their studies at different times of the year.

Intakes in the UK

The United Kingdom, renowned for its world-class education system, offers several intakes for international students, including those from India. Understanding these intakes is crucial for planning your academic journey in the UK.

Main Intakes in the UK

Fall Intake (September/October):

  • Primary Intake: The most popular and comprehensive intake, offering a wide range of courses across universities.
  • Application Period: Generally, applications open in the previous year, around September, and can extend up to June or July.

Winter Intake (January/February):

  • Secondary Intake: Offers another opportunity for students who missed the Fall intake.
  • Application Deadline: Typically, the deadline is between June and November of the previous year.

Summer Intake (April/May):

  • Limited Courses: Offers a more limited selection of courses, often specialised or vocational.
  • Application Window: Usually from October to January.

Choosing the Right Intake

Course Availability: Research the availability of your desired course in each intake.
Preparation Time: Consider the time required for application preparation, including standardised tests and visa processing.

Benefits of April/May Intake Universities in the UK

Less Competition for Admission: One of the primary benefits of the April May University Admissions UK for Indians is the reduced competition. This can be particularly advantageous for courses that are highly competitive during the main intakes.

Flexibility in Planning: These intakes provide additional time for students who need more preparation or have missed the main intake deadlines. This extra time can be used for improving language skills, gathering necessary documents, or securing financial aid.

Diverse Course Options: Although the range of courses might be more limited, these intakes often include specialised programs that are not available in other intakes. This can be a significant advantage for students looking for specific courses.

Streamlined Admission Process: With fewer applicants, the April May University Admissions UK for Indians process can be more streamlined and less stressful for students.

Opportunity for Early Graduation: For some courses, starting in April or May might lead to an earlier graduation date, allowing students to enter the workforce or pursue further studies sooner.

Cultural and Academic Adjustment: Arriving during a quieter intake period can help students acclimatise to the UK's academic environment and culture at a more relaxed pace.

Universities and Courses for April May Intake 2024

Here is a summary of UK universities that offer courses during the April and May intake in 2024, along with the courses available:

University Name

QS Rankings 2024

Courses Offered

Brunel University London


  • BSc (Hons) Business and Management
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • Postgraduate Pathway in English
  • Law LLM
  • International Commercial Law LLM

Ulster University


  • MSc Marketing
  • Extended MSc International Business
  • Extended MSc Marketing and Advanced Practice
  • Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management

Coventry University


  • BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance for International Business 
  • BSc (Hons) International Finance and Banking
  • BA (Hons) Global Business Management
  • BA (Hons) International Business
  • Nursing Associate Foundation Degree

Northumbria University


  • MSc Business with Business Analytics
  • MSc Big Data and Data Science Technology
  • MSc Business with Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Business with Financial Management
  • MSc Computing and Technology
  • MSc Cyber Security
  • MSc Digital Marketing
  • MSc International Project Management

University of East London


  • MSc International Business Management (MBA)
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Big Data Technologies
  • MSc Cloud Computing
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Construction Engineering Management

University of West Scotland


  • BA (Hons) International Business
  • BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies (3rd year entry)
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MEd Education Studies (Full-Time)
  • MSc Information Technology MSc International Management (MBA)

Queen Mary University of London


Indian Relations

Indian Public Policy 

MSc or Extended MSc in Indian Dispute Resolution

Data Analytics and Marketing

Human Resources

Admission Procedure for April/May Intakes

Research and Shortlist Universities: You need to identify the UK university that offers the April/May intakes. You need to identify the specific courses available in these intakes.

Understand Course Requirements: The entry requirements vary between the courses. You need to keep an eye on the specific qualifications, grades, and prerequisites needed.

Prepare for English Language Proficiency Tests: Language proficiency tests are a must in many UK universities. Plan for the IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent tests.

Gather Necessary Documents: You need to keep the academic transcripts and certificates, language proficiency test scores, letters of recommendation, SOP documents, updated resumes, passport-size photographs, and a valid passport.

Submit Your Application: Ensure to fill out the application form accurately and submit it through the UCAS. If needed attach all required documents.

Attend Interviews or Additional Assessments (if required): Some universities may require interviews or additional assessments as part of their admission process.

Receive and Respond to Offers: If your application has been accepted at the university, you will receive a formal offer letter. Accept the letter and book your seat for the course.

Apply for a Student Visa: Apply for the Tier 4 Student Visa. Prepare well for the visa interview and clear it.

Arrange Accommodation: Decide whether you want to make use of the university accommodation or the private housing. You need to make proper arrangements very well in advance.

Plan Your Finances: You need to arrange proper funds that cover the tuition fees and living expenses in the UK. You can explore the various scholarships and financial aid options available.

Prepare for Your Arrival in the UK: You need to book your travel arrangements in the UK. You need to get adapted to the UK culture and the local area of your university.

Register for Classes and Attend Orientation: Once you are done with the registration process you need to attend the orientation sessions to the university life.

Application Deadline Dates for UK Universities 2024

Navigating the application process for UK universities can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to meeting various deadlines. Spring 2024 intake UK Universities, it's crucial to be aware of the key dates to ensure a smooth application journey. This guide outlines the essential deadlines for prospective students looking to study in the UK for Indian students.

Key Deadlines for 2024 University Entry

Early Applications:

  • Deadline: 15 October 2023
  • Details: This deadline is primarily for applicants to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry.

Main UCAS Deadline:

  • Deadline: 15 January 2024
  • Details: This is the general deadline for most undergraduate courses. Both UK, EU, and international students should adhere to this date.

Art and Design Courses:

  • Deadline: 24 March 2024
  • Details: Some art and design courses may have this later deadline.

Late Applications and Clearing

  • Late Applications: Applications can be submitted until 30 June 2024, but course options may be limited.
  • Clearing Process: Post-30 June, applicants can use the Clearing process to find courses that still have spaces available.

Postgraduate Course Deadlines

  • Varied Deadlines: Postgraduate deadlines differ significantly and often depend on the course and university.
  • Early Application Recommended: Due to its competitive nature, early applications are advised.

Preparing for Application

  • Document Preparation: Ensure all necessary documents, including personal statements and references, are prepared well in advance.
  • Scholarship Considerations: If applying for scholarships, be mindful of their separate deadlines.

Scholarships for April/May Intake in UK Universities

Finding scholarships for the April/May intake at UK universities involves a bit of research, as scholarship availability can vary by institution and program.

Government-Sponsored Scholarships:

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Marshall Scholarships

University-Specific Scholarships


Name of the Scholarship

University of Oxford

Rhodes Scholarships

Clarendon Scholarships

The University of Cambridge

Gates Cambridge for pursuing a PG program

The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Global Research for pursuing a PhD program

Bristol University 

Think Big Scholarships offering upto 21,00,000 INR.

University of Sussex

Chancellor’s Scholarships covering half of the tuition fees

Other Notable Scholarships

  • British Council IELTS Award
  • Great Scholarships
  • Royal Society Grants


April/May intakes in the UK for Indian Students can be an excellent choice who are looking for an alternative pathway to start their academic journey in the UK. With proper planning and preparation, these intakes can open doors to a world-class education and a unique international experience.

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FAQs About April May Intakes in UK

What are April/May intakes in the UK?

April/May intakes, also known as Spring intakes, are one of the alternative admission periods offered by some UK universities. They provide an opportunity for students to start their courses in the spring season, as opposed to the more common September (Fall) and January (Winter) intakes.

What are the visa requirements for Indian students for the April/May intake?

Indian students need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. The requirements include having an offer from a licensed university, proof of sufficient funds, and English language proficiency.

Can I work part-time during my studies in the UK?

Yes, Indian students on a Tier 4 visa are typically allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations.

Do UK universities offer scholarships for the April/May intake?

Scholarship availability for the April/May intake can be limited. However, some universities might offer scholarships, and there are also external scholarships that Indian students can apply for. It's important to research and apply early.

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