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April May Intakes in UK for Indian Students


When deciding to study in the United Kingdom, there are numerous factors to consider. One among these is in which admission intake you will apply for a UK University. This could be quite a complicated question because there are three intakes if you wish to study in colleges across the UK, specifically the Fall intake (September/October), Winter months intake (January/February), and April May intake in the UK. The most preferred and recommended among these are the Fall consumption and Winter intakes; however, many people select the April and May intakes in the UK.

Why Choose April May Intake in UK Universities

As we have pointed out, April May intakes in the UK are the least favoured among the students. The key reason for this is that the top Universities in the UK usually do not offer admissions in most of their programs in this particular intake. However, many people still choose the April May intake in the UK; the reasons for this are provided below:

  • For students, in some cases, the January intake is prematurely, and the September one is too far. Going with the April and May intake is the most effective choice in such circumstances.
  • Because of the limited number of applicants, there is less competition.
  • The batch size is smaller in the April May intake in the UK. This implies that you will be more likely to obtain chosen during placements.

Application Timeline for Apply for April/May Intakes in UK?

Suppose you desire to reserve a seat for yourself in the April May intakes in the UK. In that case, you must use it throughout the preliminary days of the release of the application forms. It's not wise to wait until the end because the seats for the best courses might get filled up by them.

The basic timeline to apply for April/May Intakes in the UK is from October to January. The classes start between May and August. Yet make sure to check the main pages of the University where you wish to apply since various Colleges might have different timelines.

April May Intake in UK Universities

Following is the list of institutions and courses available in April and May intakes in  UK. The cost of the courses may vary from institution to institution; for fee details, please refer to the official website of the universities.


Courses available in April May Intakes in the UK

Coventry University

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (Healthcare sector)

Master of Business Administration (Artificial Intelligence)

Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Tourism)

MBA (Cyber Security Management)

MSc Business and Organisational Psychology

MSc Civil Engineering Project Management

MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

International Foundation Year – Accounting and Finance

International Foundation Year – Art, Design and Media

International Foundation Year – Biosciences

International Foundation Year – Business

International Foundation Year – Computing

International Foundation Year – Engineering

International Foundation Year – Law

International Foundation Year – Nursing

International Foundation Year – Public Health

Keele University

Adult Nursing

Children's Nursing

Learning Disability Nursing

Mental Health Nursing

Northumbria University

BA Business Enterprise, Creation and Management

MSc Business with Business Analytics

MSc Business with Entrepreneurship

MSc Business with Financial Management

MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management

MSc Business with Human Resource Management

MSc Business with International Management

MSc Business with Marketing Management

MSc Computing and Technology

MSc Cyber Security

Queen Mary University of London

International Relations MA

International Public Policy MSc

International Dispute Resolution LLM

Global Public Health MSc

Ulster University

Extended MSc International Business

Extended MSc Marketing

Extended MSc International Business with Data Analytics

Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management

Extended MSc International Business with Advanced Practice

Extended MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice

Extended MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

MSc International Business

MSc Marketing

MSc International Business with Data Analytics

MSc International Business with Human Resource Management

MSc International Business with Advanced Practice

MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice

MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

MSc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

University of Chester

Business Administration

Engineering Management

Health Services Management

International Business

International Finance


Marketing Management

Sheffield Hallam University

Sports & Exercise Science

West of Scotland University


Salford University

Masters Course of Management

Richmond University of London

MBA in General/HR/Marketing

MA in Advertising and PR

MA in International Relations

BPP University

MSc Management with Project Management

MSc Management

Masters of Laws (LLM)


Popular Courses Offering in April & May Intakes in UK 

When it comes to doing a PhD in the UK, there are no such deals with intakes. All the institutions stay open to accepting the applications, particularly from the PhD—scholars throughout the year. So you can apply for the PhD consumption throughout any of the three consumptions or as per specific admissions days for your chosen college. However, most trainees think that the April May intake is the most convenient to start your level.

Out of all the three significant intakes in the UK, April May admissions mainly concentrate on Masters, while there are a few the universities also choose January intake as they likewise approve master's applications. The best consumption for masters in the UK is either performed in January or April since most colleges are open for admissions. You can also enrol in a minimum of 5 universities.

Application Requirements for April & May Intakes in UK

  1. February is the best time to apply to universities if you want a successful admission process.
  2. Choose the University you wish to use. Look for its admission process, exams, and required documents.
  3. If a language proficiency test is required, you should prepare for one such as TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, or IELTS.
  4. Prepare your SOPs and LORs before applying to the universities.
  5. Reply to the emails received from universities.
  6. Deposit the required fee after receiving your acceptance letter from the institution.
  7. Get your documents and application ready for your Visa and apply for it.
  8. Book your tickets
  9. You need a valid passport
  10. Latest passport-size photographs

How to Apply for April/May Intakes in UK 2022

Suppose you have decided to be admission to the April May Intakes in UK 2022. In that case, you need to ensure that you have all the records ready and clear all the qualifications before the admission portal opens up. So, here are some things that you need to keep in mind while making an application for the April May intakes in the UK.

  • Make a listing of all the colleges taking part in the April May intake and the training courses. And from there, select the one that you like.
  • Please do not wait until the last minute, as it can produce many last-minute complications.
  • After choosing the course and your institution, keep inspecting the institution's official website for any critical updates.
  • The key to obtaining admission right into your desired institution is to apply early.
  • After getting your confirmation letter from the institution, get ready to apply for Visa.

Student Visa Process for April May Intakes in UK

After being admitted to the UK's April or May intake, you are only one step away from your destination. All you need to do is apply for a student visa to the United Kingdom.

The UK government grants three kinds of visas, specifically

Tier 4 (General)-- This visa type is for students that are 16 years and above and have earned an admission from an educational institution in the UK

Tier 4 (Youngster)-- Students of the age group 4 to 17 need to request this Visa if they have been admitted from a school in the UK. They likewise need a Tier 4 enroller

Short-Term Research Study Visa-- This type of visa is for students that are most likely to pursue a temporary training or course such as the English language program

Because most of you will certainly be obtaining the Tier 4 (General), let us take a more detailed check out it.

Eligibility for a Rate 4 (General) visa

  • You should be 16 years or older
  • You must have enrolled in a program at a college in the UK
  • One should have a good command of speaking, reading, and writing English
  • Have enough money in your savings account to cover the cost of your education.
  • You are a non-EU citizen

The procedure

  • When you get an offer from an education organisation in the UK, you will get a Verification of Approval for Studies (CAS).
  • This number must be entered in the Online Application Form for the Tier 4 (General) Student Visa.
  • To obtain the Biometric Home Authorization, you must have your photo and fingerprints taken at a Visa Application Centre.
  • Pay the visa fees and the 'Health Care Additional charge' together with the application.
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FAQs About April May Intakes in UK

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