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Hundreds of MBA programmes are available, each with its own set of degrees and specialities. Some are oriented toward working professionals, while others are geared toward students interested in pursuing professions in finance. These programmes are particularly popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

However, with so many nations providing management degrees in top universities, finding the perfect one might take a lot of work. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to earning an MBA in Finance. Before applying, choosing the best school and programme for your goals and interests is critical. The fact is that there is no one best country for MBA in the globe for Indian students. Still, you may narrow your options by shortlisting a few countries and universities depending on your personal and professional interests.

What are the subjects in MBA Finance?

A bachelor's degree in finance will take between three and four years, while a master's degree in finance will take between one and two years.

Most of your time studying for a finance degree will be spent reading books, gaining practical experience with computer software, attending lectures, and engaging in independent study time, with chances to discuss your findings in seminars and work groups. Some universities may also feature rooms designed to resemble a trading floor.

The organisation and content of a finance degree vary based on the nation and university where you study. Some of the modules or electives that may be counted toward a finance degree will include subjects like

  • Investments
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Commercial banking
  • Trading
  • The future of finance

Curious about the requirements for an MBA in Finance Course?

Here they are

Top universities in USA for MBA in finance

As the creator of the degree, the United States is unquestionably one of the finest countries for MBA hopefuls. Most top-ranked business schools and management institutions are in the United States. Every year, the country generates more than 100,000 MBA graduates.

Due to its flexible educational structure, diverse disciplines, internships and employment prospects in prominent organisations, high employability, and other good qualities, the United States is recognised as the dream location for MBA applicants. Although its business schools are suitable for all MBA programmes, general management, marketing, and finance are the most popular among students. In the United States, the average cost of an MBA programme ranges from Rs. 60 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore.

Given below is the list of some best MBA Finance USA universities for International students: 


Average Tuition Fees for International Students/ Year (in USD)

New York University


Harvard University


University of Pennsylvania 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Columbia University


New York Institute of Technology

1,400 per credit

University of Texas at Austin 


Northwestern University


Boston University


Top universities in UK for MBA in finance

UK is the second-best country in which to get an MBA. London, a nexus of leading banking and financial centres, offers prestigious professional chances to the best brains. Because of its large Indian population, the United Kingdom is regarded as the finest destination for Indian students to study MBA.

Over 20,000 students enrol in MBA programmes in the United Kingdom each year. The country desperately needs qualified managers, with core and executive MBA programmes commanding the greatest salaries. The fees for its business schools range from Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 80 lakhs.

Given below is the list of some best MBA Finance UK universities for International students: 


Average Tuition Fees for International Students/ Year (in pounds)

London Business School


Imperial College Business School, (Imperial College London)


University of Birmingham


Bayes Business School (City University of London)


Arden University


London School of Business and Finance


Top universities in Canada for MBA in finance

Another popular destination for Indian youth, Canada is home to several growing companies and industries. The country's rating is due to its multicultural atmosphere, high job rate, world-class academic standards, and educational affordability.

Thousands of students study management in Canada each year. The typical price for an MBA programme in India is between Rs. 25-60 lakhs, with the executive MBA degree being the most expensive. The country offers vast opportunities in all management fields, including general, human resources, finance, and operations.

Given below is the list of some best MBA Finance Canada universities for International students: 


Average Annual Tuition Fees for International Students/ Year (in INR)

Rotman School of Management

77.24 lakhs

Smith School of Business

33.18 lakhs 

University of Alberta

24.60 lakhs

Laval University

17.70 lakhs

Top universities in Australia for MBA in finance

Australia is the finest location to study MBA at a reasonable cost because of its friendly work environment and entrepreneurial spirit. The country's educational culture is friendly and accepting of immigrants while ensuring high-quality management programmes.

MBA courses in Australia typically cost between Rs. 16 and 50 lakhs. Every year, tens of thousands of students relocate to the nation to pursue management degrees. In Australia, full-time general and part-time executive MBA programmes are in high demand. The country's strong real estate and tourism sectors offer MBA graduates several job choices.

Given below is the list of some best MBA Finance Australia universities for International students: 


Average Tuition Fees for International Students/ Year (in AUD)

University of South Australia

36,000 AUD/ year

Western Sydney University

31,760 AUD/ year

  The University of Newcastle

27,495 AUD/year

Victoria University

3,500 AUD/ per unit

Curtin University

30,000 AUD

University Of Tasmania

35,950 AUD/ year

MBA Finance Jobs for Freshers

A finance MBA can work in various disciplines, including taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, investment banking, hedge fund management, etc. Following an MBA in finance, some of the opportunities available abroad include:

Job Options

Average Annual Salary in INR

Finance Manager

9.80 Lakhs

Credit Risk Manager

13.50 Lakhs

Portfolio Manager

10.71 Lakhs

Financial Analyst

4.22 Lakhs

Here are a few the Jobs and Salaries after completing MBA in Finance:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Loan Officer
  • Investment Banker
  • Budget analyst
  • Hedge fund manager
  • Senior accountant

An MBA in finance abroad is an excellent career path for international students with strong financial knowledge and analytical skills and those with a solid understanding of economic models and the stock market. So, if you're considering completing an MBA in finance from overseas, contact our AECC Professionals now to learn more about the many countries that offer MBA programmes.

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