BSc Astrophysics Abroad

BSc Astrophysics is a three-to-four year Undergraduate program that deals with the study of chemical and physical properties of celestial bodies that happen in the universe. The course has several specialisations like Electromagnetism, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics, Newtonian Dynamics, Waves, Optics etc. You can also pursue advanced specialisations like Solid State Physics, Atomic, Nuclear and Quantum Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Relativity and Quantum Physics.

Do you wish to study BSc Astrophysics? Are you aware of the tuition fees at leading universities? Do you know the average salary you can expect when you plan to study BSc Astrophysics abroad?

You can read the blog further to get more information on the top universities offering the course, the average tuition fees, job prospects, and much more. 

Why Study BSc Astrophysics?

BSc Astrophysics is one of the best courses you can choose to study abroad. A few reasons why it is a good choice are given below.

  1. You will get a well-paid job.
  2. The career options are endless.
  3. Several universities offer summer programs along with NASA and other observatories. 

What Are the Skills Required to Study BSc Astrophysics?

Apart from your high academic scores, you will be required to have a few skills to pursue the course. The skills required to study BSc Astrophysics are given below.

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Good in Physics and Mathematics
  3. Problem-solving skills

Top Universities to Study BSc Astrophysics

There are several top universities abroad that offer BSc Astrophysics. The average annual tuition fee for BSc Astrophysics abroad ranges from INR 16,00,000 to INR 33,00,000. We have given a table below that contains information about a few of these universities, including the average tuition fees, course duration etc.

Name of University



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

University of Birmingham


4 years

INR 23,00,000

University of Portsmouth


3 years

INR 17,00,000

DePaul University


4 years

INR 33,00,000

Arizona State University


4 years

INR 25,00,000

Trinity College Dublin


4 years

INR 24,00,000

Maynooth University


4 years

INR 20,00,000

Ontario Tech University


4 years

INR 16,00,000

Eligibility to Study BSc Astrophysics

You have to satisfy a few eligibility criteria to get admission to BSc Astrophysics in any university. Though there can be a few variations in it based on the university and country you choose, there are a few criteria that remain the same. You should score at least 50% in your grade 12. You should be at least 17 years old and may also have to take any entrance test that the university may conduct. Additionally, you will have to score well in any of the English proficiency tests like TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, etc.

BSc Astrophysics: Documents Required

You will be required to submit a few documents while you apply for BSc Astrophysics abroad. Though there can be differences in it based on the university you choose, there are a few documents that you have to submit in all cases. These are as follows.

  1. All academic documents
  2. Proof of English proficiency test scores
  3. Proof of financial support
  4. Copy of passport and visa.
  5. Study permit.
  6. Updated CV/resume.
  7. Statement Of Purpose (SOP).
  8. Letter Of Recommendation (LOR).

BSc Astrophysics: Admission Process

You will be expected to follow a certain admission procedure to apply for BSc Astrophysics abroad. We have provided the admission process below for your reference. You can also refer to the official website of the university to get updated information.

  1. Check the official website of the university to ensure that you satisfy all the criteria required for admission.
  2. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents.
  3. Fill up the application form and pay the application fee.
  4. Submit the application and log in to the university admission portal.
  5. Gather all the documents required to obtain a study permit.
  6. If your admission is confirmed, you will receive an official email from the university.
  7. You can then arrange all the other documents like student visa, health insurance etc.

Cost of Studying BSc Astrophysics

The cost of studying BSc Astrophysics will vary depending on the country and university you choose. You can expect an average annual tuition fee from INR 16,00,000 to INR 33,00,000, and there will be other additional expenses as well. You will have to spend on books and supplies, accommodation etc. The tuition fees at public universities will be lesser than those at private universities. On average, you can expect an average annual living expense from INR 9,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 abroad. However, you will find scholarships to fund your studies, which will be fully and partially funded based on the host institution.

Scholarships to Study BSc Astrophysics Abroad

As mentioned above, there are several fully and partially funded scholarships offered by universities, government and private institutions to international students. They will have different eligibility criteria, and you can get detailed information on all the scholarships, their requirements and award values from our blogs. A few popular scholarships are listed below.

  1. Faculty of Engineering International Scholarships
  2. Sydney Scholars Awards Australia
  3. New Zealand Aid Program 2023 Scholarships for International Students

Career and Job After BSc Astrophysics

As mentioned above, BSc Astrophysics is one of the very few courses that help you land top-paying jobs. Most students prefer to work abroad in the same country after their studies because of the higher standard of living and better payment opportunities. The average annual salary after studying BSc Astrophysics abroad ranges from INR 62,00,000 to INR 76,00,000. The table contains information about the jobs you can pursue and their average salaries.

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (in INR)


INR 76,00,000


INR 74,00,000

Planetarium Director

INR 65,00,000

Research Scientist

INR 62,00,000

It should be noted that there can be changes in the above figures depending on the country, company, years of experience etc.

We hope that you have, by now, gathered all the important information about studying BSc Astrophysics abroad. You can also read our blogs to get detailed information on the cost of studying and living in top destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany and Dubai. You can also read more about the scholarships available, jobs and salaries etc. You also have the option to contact AECC's counsellors to get free individualised assistance.

AECC has expert counsellors to guide you through the entire process of studying abroad. From researching the best universities and courses to visa guidance, we will help you on every step of your study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us to get free assistance!


What is the overall duration of a Bachelor's in Astrophysics?

The overall duration of a Bachelor's program in Astrophysics is 3-4 years.

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