Masters in Aerospace Engineering in the USA

Master of Aerospace Engineering in the American subcontinent is a 1 to a 2-year program, which you can pursue online, full-time or part-time. The degree is sectioned into two brackets – aeronautics and astronautics. Aeronautics teaches you to design, construction, and aircraft science. While on the other hand, astronautics covers the study of spacecraft. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) certifies all aerospace degrees at the USA's universities.

Since the degree requires basic math, physics, and engineering knowledge, we recommend holding a bachelor's degree in these fields before pursuing it. The cost you will incur for pursuing this degree is USD 15000 and 56000. However, the payment after graduation is also high. You can earn up to 88867 USD after graduation. However, please note that entry-level designations don't require a PE license, but you may need it for more advanced jobs. 


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