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Ultimate Guide to Pursuing a Masters in Interior Design Abroad


Embarking on a Master's in Interior Design abroad can seem like navigating through a labyrinth of choices and challenges. Where do you begin? The overwhelming array of universities, each promising a unique experience, the intricacies of application processes, and the cost considerations can perplex you. This is where our guide comes to your rescue, illuminating the path to your dream career in interior design. From pinpointing top universities for a Master's in Interior Design abroad to unravelling the mysteries of scholarships for international students, we have got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive guide, and discover everything you need to know about pursuing your Postgraduate Interior Design studies. Whether it is understanding the cost of studying Master's in Interior Design abroad or exploring the career prospects of a Master's in Interior Design abroad, this blog is your beacon in the complex world of international education. Are you ready to transform your aspirations into reality? Let us embark on this enlightening journey together! 

Top Universities for Master's in Interior Design Abroad

Selecting the right university is a pivotal step in your journey towards a Master's in Interior Design abroad. With numerous international Interior Design programs available, it is essential to consider not just the reputation but also the specifics of each course. We have meticulously compiled a table highlighting the top universities offering Postgraduate Interior Design studies to aid in this critical decision. This includes their global rankings, the specific courses they offer, their duration, and an approximate fee structure converted into INR for your convenience.

These institutions are renowned for their cutting-edge curricula, state-of-the-art facilities, and distinguished faculty, making them coveted destinations for students seeking a Master's in Interior Design abroad. Whether you are aiming for an innovative approach to design or seeking extensive practical experience, these universities cater to a diverse range of aspirations and learning styles.

University Name

Course Offered


Fees in INR (approx.)

Royal College of Art, London

MA in Interior Design

2 years

INR 30,00,000

Rhode Island School of Design, USA

MA in Interior Architecture

2 years

INR 35,00,000

Parsons School of Design, USA

MFA in Interior Design

2 years

INR 40,00,000

Pratt Institute, USA

MS in Interior Design

2 years

INR 38,00,000

Did you Know 💡:“Rahul, a creative mind from Bangalore, faced a daunting challenge: affording his dream Master's in Interior Design in the UK. Despite his talent, the hefty fee of INR 30,00,000 seemed unreachable. Undeterred, he connected with AECC, where he learned about a specific scholarship covering 50% of the tuition. Rahul’s meticulous portfolio and AECC's guidance won him the scholarship, reducing his financial burden significantly. This pivotal moment not only made his dream feasible but also illuminated the path for many aspiring designers back home, showcasing the power of perseverance and the right support.”

Admission Requirements and Application Process

Embarking on a Master's in Interior Design abroad demands meticulous preparation, particularly regarding admission requirements and the application process. Universities offering these Postgraduate Interior Design studies seek candidates with a robust portfolio, showcasing their creativity and technical skills. A Bachelor's degree in Interior Design or a related field is typically essential, with most institutions requiring a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or its equivalent).

Language proficiency is a key criterion for non-native English speakers. For instance, a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 90 is commonly expected for admission into top international Interior Design programs. Moreover, Letters Of Recommendation (LORs) and a Statement Of Purpose (SOP) are crucial, providing insight into your aspirations and suitability for the program.

The application process usually commences a year before the intended start date. Prospective students should prioritise early submission to increase their chances of acceptance and access to Interior Design scholarships for international students. It is vital to research each university's specific deadlines and requirements, as these can vary significantly across countries to study Interior Design abroad.

Cost to Study Masters in Interior Design Abroad

Understanding the cost of studying Master's in Interior Design abroad is crucial for effective financial planning. The total expense encompasses tuition fees, living costs, and additional expenses like materials and field trips, which vary widely across countries to study Interior Design abroad.

Embarking on a Master's in Interior Design abroad is not just about the tuition fees. Yes, the fees are a big part, ranging roughly from INR 8 lakh to INR 35 lakh annually. This varies a lot, though.

Living expenses, on average, might be about INR 10 to INR 15 lakh a year for these necessities. Bear in mind that if you are dreaming of studying in a bustling city like London or New York, your budget needs to be a bit more generous. These cities have a reputation for being expensive, and for good reason.

Thankfully, many institutions offering international Interior Design programs provide Interior Design scholarships for international students. These scholarships can significantly reduce financial burdens, covering partial or full tuition fees and sometimes even living expenses.

Prospective students should research thoroughly to understand the financial requirements of their chosen Postgraduate Interior Design studies and explore scholarship options to make this investment in their future more attainable.

Scholarships to Study Masters in Interior Design Abroad

Securing a Scholarship to study Master's in Interior Design abroad can significantly alleviate the financial strain of international education. Various types of scholarships are available, each catering to different student needs and criteria.

  • Merit-based Scholarships: These are awarded based on academic, artistic, or athletic excellence. For example, a student with an outstanding portfolio or a high GPA may be eligible. These scholarships can cover a portion of or the entire tuition fee.
  • Need-based Scholarships: Aimed at students with financial constraints, these scholarships take into account the applicant's financial background. Documentation of family income and assets is typically required.
  • Country-specific Scholarships: Some countries to study Interior Design abroad offer scholarships specifically for international students from certain regions. For instance, the Chevening Scholarships in the UK are targeted at students from Commonwealth countries.
  • University-specific Scholarships: Many institutions offering Postgraduate Interior Design studies have their own scholarship programs. These could be full or partial tuition waivers and may include stipends for living expenses.
  • External Scholarships: Numerous external bodies, like arts councils, industry associations, and charitable organisations, offer scholarships for international Interior Design programs. Eligibility and benefits vary widely..
  • Research and Teaching Assistantships: While more common at the doctoral level, some Master's programs might offer assistantships that provide a stipend and/or tuition waiver in exchange for research or teaching assistance.

Career Prospects of Masters in Interior Design Abroad

Pursuing a Master's in Interior Design abroad opens up a plethora of career opportunities, allowing graduates to apply their creative and technical skills in various dynamic sectors. Here is a snapshot of some promising career paths.

  • Interior Designer: The most direct route, focusing on designing and styling interiors for homes, offices, and public spaces. This role often involves collaboration with architects and contractors.
  • Commercial Interior Designer: Specialising in commercial spaces, this role focuses on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing designs for businesses, retail environments, and hospitality sectors.
  • Lighting Designer: A niche yet growing field, where you will be responsible for creating lighting schemes that enhance the mood, functionality, and aesthetics of a space.
  • Sustainable Design Consultant: With a growing focus on sustainability, this role involves advising clients on eco-friendly and sustainable interior design practices.
  • Furniture Designer: This role allows you to create bespoke furniture pieces, combining functionality with artistic design.
  • Set and Exhibit Designer: For those interested in the entertainment or museum sectors, this role focuses on designing sets for theatre, television, film, and exhibitions.
  • Visual Merchandiser: This involves designing store layouts and window displays, crucial in retail to attract customers and enhance their shopping experience.
  • Space Planner: Involves creating effective space planning solutions, often for corporate clients to optimise their office space.
  • Design Educator: If academia interests you, this path leads to teaching design principles and practices at universities or design schools.

Freelance Interior Designer: Offers the flexibility to work on various projects independently, from residential to commercial design.

Master's in Interior Design abroad is not just an academic pursuit; it is a journey towards realising your creative potential in the global design landscape. The opportunities are vast, from prestigious universities to diverse career prospects and supportive Interior Design scholarships for international students. If you are ready to leap into this exciting world of international Interior Design programs, AECC is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact AECC today to start your journey to a fulfilling career in interior design!


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