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PhD Scholarships in Australia


Starting a PhD can feel like climbing a mountain, especially when you're worried about the cost. It's tough to focus on your research dreams when you're thinking about money, right? Now, picture this: what if those money worries disappeared? Scholarships in Australia for PhD students are here to do just that. Whether it's getting a PhD Scholarships in Australia for international students or joining a renowned university with a scholarship, these opportunities open the door to a world of new possibilities. Ready to see how a PhD in Australia can change your life? Let's find out together! 

Types of PhD Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

The variety of PhD Scholarships in Australia presents an array of choices specifically designed for Indian students, each with unique focuses and advantages. Let's take a closer look at five distinct types:

  1. Government-Funded Scholarships: Central to these is the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP), offering up to AUD 28,000 annually (about INR 15,40,000). These scholarships, covering tuition and living expenses, aim to foster international research ties and academic brilliance. They are perfect for those looking for PhD with scholarships in Australia.
  2. University-Specific Scholarships: Esteemed universities, including the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, offer scholarships directly targeting Indian scholars. Providing up to AUD 30,000 yearly (around INR 16,50,000), they cover tuition and living allowances. These are ideal for students eyeing a Scholarship for PhD in Australia for international students.
  3. Industry-Sponsored Scholarships: Aligning with industry interests, these scholarships offer unique benefits like internships and post-graduation employment opportunities. They vary in amount and scope, suiting those seeking practical experience alongside a PhD scholarship in Australia.
  4. Research Project-Based Scholarships: Linked to specific projects, these fully-funded scholarships support tuition and living costs. Amounts often exceed AUD 25,000 annually (approximately INR 13,75,000), attracting students passionate about deep-diving into specialised research areas.
  5. Cultural Exchange Scholarships: Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards are a prime example, promoting cultural exchange and international relations. They cover tuition, travel, and monthly stipends, significantly reducing the financial burden for Indian students pursuing a PhD in Australia with a scholarship.

Each type of scholarship addresses distinct needs, from financial support to global exposure, making your journey towards a PhD in Australia Scholarships both accessible and enriching.

Top PhD Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

Australia is a hub for some of the most prestigious PhD Scholarships in Australia, offering Indian students unparalleled opportunities to advance their research careers. Here, we highlight the top scholarships that have set benchmarks in terms of benefits and financial support:

  1. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP): Esteemed for its comprehensive support, the RTP provides scholarships covering tuition and living costs up to AUD 28,000 per year (approximately INR 15,40,000), a significant aid for those seeking Scholarships for PhD in Australia.
  2. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships: A boon for Indian students, these scholarships offer tuition coverage and a living allowance of AUD 35,000 annually (roughly INR 19,25,000), emphasising the university's commitment to fostering global research talent.
  3. Monash University International Scholarships for Excellence: With full tuition coverage and a yearly stipend, these scholarships, valued up to AUD 30,000 per year (around INR 16,50,000), are designed for academically outstanding students eyeing a PhD with scholarship in Australia.
  4. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships: These prestigious scholarships, providing full tuition waivers and a living allowance of approximately AUD 31,200 annually (close to INR 17,16,000), position the University of Melbourne as a top choice for Indian scholars pursuing a Scholarship for PhD in Australia.
  5. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI): Offered by the University of Adelaide, these scholarships include tuition fee waivers and an annual living allowance of AUD 28,000 (about INR 15,40,000), tailored for outstanding international students, particularly those seeking a Scholarship for PhD in Australia for international students.

University-Specific PhD Scholarships in Australia

Several Australian universities offer specialised scholarships for Indian students pursuing a PhD. These scholarships are tailored to specific academic requirements and research interests. Below is a detailed table highlighting the top 10 university-specific scholarships, including their types, amounts in INR, and key requirements:

University Name

Scholarship Type

Amount (INR)



University of Melbourne

Graduate Research Scholarships

Approx. 17,16,000

Merit-based, Research proposal

3-4 years

Australian National University

ANU PhD Scholarships

Approx. 15,40,000

High academic performance, Research alignment

Up to 3 years

University of Sydney

International Research Scholarships

Approx. 19,25,000

Academic excellence, Research potential

3 years

Monash University

Monash Graduate Scholarship

Approx. 16,50,000

Academic records, Research proposal

3 years

University of Queensland

UQ Graduate School Scholarships

Approx. 15,20,000

Research skills, Academic background

Up to 3.5 years

University of Western Australia

UWA International Postgraduate Scholarships

Approx. 17,60,000

Academic excellence, Research proposal

3 years

University of Adelaide

Adelaide Scholarships International

Approx. 15,40,000

High academic merit, Research potential

3 years

University of New South Wales

UNSW International Scholarships

Approx. 15,00,000

Academic excellence, Leadership qualities

3-4 years

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Postgraduate Research Awards

Approx. 14,00,000

Research project alignment, Academic Excellence

3 years

University of Canberra

UC Doctoral Scholarships

Approx. 10,65,000

Research proposal, Academic record

3 years

How to Apply for PhD Scholarships?

Applying for a PhD scholarship in Australia is a critical step in your educational journey. Indian students can follow this straightforward guide to enhance their chances of securing a scholarship:

  1. Identify Suitable Scholarships: Start by researching scholarships that align with your academic goals. Look for options like Scholarships in Australia for PhD or specific ones like Scholarship for PhD in Australia for international students.
  2. Check Eligibility Criteria: Each scholarship, such as those offering a PhD in Australia with a scholarship, has unique requirements. Ensure you meet these to avoid any disappointments later.
  3. Gather Required Documents: Prepare essential documents including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and your research proposal. These are key to applications, especially for PhD with scholarship in Australia.
  4. Engage with Potential Supervisors: For research-led scholarships, reaching out to potential supervisors at your target universities can be a game-changer. Their support is often crucial, particularly for universities in Australia for PhD with scholarship programs.
  5. Complete the Application Process: Submit your application through the relevant channels, ensuring accuracy and completeness. This step is vital for all types of scholarships, including PhD Scholarships in Australia.
  6. Interview Preparation and Follow-Up: Some scholarships might require an interview. Prepare thoroughly and follow up on your application status regularly.
  7. Visa Application: Once you secure a scholarship, begin your student visa application process to study in Australia.

By adhering to these steps, Indian students can enhance their chances of securing a Scholarship for PhD in Australia, paving the way for a rewarding academic journey.

In conclusion, pursuing a PhD in Australia is an enriching and transformative journey for Indian students, made more accessible through a wide array of scholarships. From government-funded initiatives to university-specific programs, these scholarships provide the financial support and resources necessary for students to excel in their research endeavours. As you start on this academic journey, remember that the right scholarship can open doors to world-class education, groundbreaking research opportunities, and a bright, promising future in academia or industry. Contact AECC today!


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