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Scholarships for MS in Australia for Indian Students


Are you an Indian student dreaming of a Master's degree in Australia but concerned about the costs? Discover a world of opportunities with our guide to the best scholarships for pursuing an MS in Australia. We're here to help you navigate the diverse range of funding options, from coveted university-specific scholarships to generous government and private awards.

Whether you're exploring options for a Masters Scholarship in Australia or seeking comprehensive details about International Student Scholarships, this guide is your essential companion. We'll provide expert insights on securing Financial Aid for MS Programs and navigating the intricacies of Study Abroad Scholarships for Master's Degrees.

Prepare to dive into a detailed exploration of Australia's most prominent Graduate Scholarships. Our guide will take you through each step of the application process, from understanding the eligibility criteria to mastering the art of a successful application. And with AECC's personalised assistance always at your disposal, your journey towards securing Funding for Master's Degrees in Australia starts here. 

Anjali, a talented student from Mumbai, faced a common dilemma: she dreamed of pursuing her Master's in Data Science in Australia but was daunted by the high costs. With ambitions larger than her budget, she sought AECC's guidance. Their experts pointed her towards the University of Sydney International Research Scholarships, known for covering tuition and living expenses. Anjali meticulously prepared her application, focusing on her strong academic record and passion for data science. Her efforts were rewarded when she received the scholarship, a turning point that transformed her dream into reality. Anjali's story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with the right guidance and determination, even the steepest financial barriers can be overcome.

Popular Scholarships for MS in Australia

In your quest for a Master's degree in Australia, numerous scholarship opportunities await you. These scholarships offer not just financial relief but also recognition of your academic and personal achievements. Let's shine a light on some of the most accessible and rewarding scholarships, specifically curated for Indian students aspiring to study in Australia.

1. Australia Awards Scholarships: These government-funded scholarships are a comprehensive package, covering tuition, living expenses, and airfare, designed for students from developing countries seeking impactful educational experiences.

2. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards: A prestigious opportunity offering up to AUD 140,000 for Master's degrees, these scholarships open doors to superior education standards for international scholars.

3. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships: Tailored for high-calibre international postgraduate students, these scholarships provide a full waiver of tuition fees and living expenses for up to three years.

4. Monash University International Merit Scholarships: Valuing up to AUD 50,000, these scholarships are awarded to international students demonstrating exceptional academic achievements.

5. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships: These fully-funded scholarships cover your tuition and living costs, aimed at academically outstanding students from around the globe.

6. Adelaide Scholarships International: Offered by the University of Adelaide, these scholarships aim to attract top-quality international postgraduate students to areas of research strength within the university.

7. Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships: Geared towards international students embarking on a research-based Master's degree, these scholarships cover both tuition and living expenses.

8. Macquarie University International Scholarships: Providing up to AUD 10,000 towards tuition fees, these scholarships recognise and support outstanding international students.

9. ANU College of Business & Economics International Graduate Scholarship: These scholarships from the Australian National University are designed to support academically talented international students.

10. University of Western Australia Global Excellence Scholarship: Targeting high-achieving students from select countries, these scholarships offer significant fee reductions for various Master's degree courses.

Each scholarship on this list represents a unique opportunity to alleviate the financial challenges of studying in Australia, especially for those seeking International Student Scholarships. Remember, AECC is here to guide you through these options, helping you identify the ideal Study Abroad Scholarship for your Master's Degree.

University-Specific MS Scholarships in Australia

When it comes to pursuing a Master's degree in Australia, various universities offer an impressive array of scholarships, each with its unique benefits and criteria. These scholarships, pivotal for students seeking Masters Scholarship in Australia and International Student Scholarships, significantly reduce the financial burden and pave the way for exceptional academic and career advancements. Here's a detailed look at some key scholarships provided by Australian universities, designed to support your journey as an international student.

University Name

Scholarship Type



Application Deadline

Special Conditions

University of Melbourne

Melbourne Research Scholarship

Full tuition, Living allowance AUD 31,200 p.a.

High academic merit, research potential

Varies by department

Open to all nationalities

Australian National University

ANU Graduate Scholarships

Up to AUD 28,092 p.a.

Academic excellence, research proposal

Around October each year

Priority for research areas

University of Sydney

Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program

AUD 50,000

Indian citizenship, academic excellence

April 30th

Specific to Indian students

Monash University

Monash International Merit Scholarships

Up to AUD 50,000

High academic achievement

No deadline (assessed upon application)

Open for all courses

University of Queensland

UQ Graduate School Scholarships

Full tuition fee, Living stipend AUD 28,597 p.a.

Academic excellence, research potential

Bi-annual rounds

Prioritise research students

University of Western Australia

Global Excellence Scholarship

Up to AUD 48,000

Academic excellence

Automatically considered upon admission

Target specific countries

University of Adelaide

Adelaide Scholarships International

Tuition fee waiver, Annual living allowance AUD 28,000

High academic achievement, research interest

Annual rounds

Open to Master by Research/PhD

RMIT University

RMIT Study Support Scholarship


Financial hardship, academic potential


Open for postgraduate courses

University of Technology Sydney

UTS International Postgraduate Full Tuition Scholarship

Full tuition fee

Academic merit

Automatically considered upon application

For all postgraduate courses

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Postgraduate Research Awards

Full tuition, Living allowance

Research proposal, academic merit

Mid-year and end-of-year rounds

Focus on research areas

Each scholarship listed here is a gateway to achieving your academic goals in Australia without the financial strain. From Graduate Scholarships in Australia to specific Funding for Master's Degrees, these scholarships cater to a wide range of needs and aspirations. AECC's dedicated team is here to assist you in navigating these options, ensuring you find a scholarship that aligns perfectly with your academic and career ambitions.

How to Apply for Scholarships for MS in Australia

Embarking on the journey to secure a Master's Degree Scholarship in Australia involves several crucial steps. This guide aims to simplify the process, providing clear, actionable advice to enhance your chances of securing the Best Scholarships for MS in Australia.

Identify Suitable Scholarships:

  • Use AECC's resources and university websites to explore MS Scholarships Australia.
  • Focus on scholarships aligning with your field of study, such as a Masters Scholarship in Australia for specific disciplines.

Understand Eligibility Criteria:

  • Check if scholarships require a specific GPA or academic achievements, typical for Graduate Scholarships in Australia.
  • Some scholarships may focus on leadership skills or community service, key for Study Abroad Scholarships for Master's Degrees.

Prepare Your Application:

Submit Application and Follow-up:

  • Be mindful of different application deadlines.
  • Organise and review all documentation, including SOP, LORs, and academic records.
  • After submission, keep track of your application status and prepare for potential interviews.

Plan for Finances and Logistics:

  • Budget accordingly if applying for partial scholarships or seeking Financial Aid for MS Programs.
  • Begin the visa application process early, a crucial step for Funding for Master's Degrees.

By carefully following these steps, you enhance your chances of securing a scholarship in Australia. AECC's guidance throughout this process ensures that you are well-prepared to secure the necessary funding for your academic journey.

In sum, the path to securing a scholarship for your Master's degree in Australia is rich with opportunities. From Master's Degree Scholarships to International Student Scholarships, each option opens a door to new educational horizons. With AECC's guidance, navigating the complexities of Study Abroad Scholarships for Master's Degrees and securing Financial Aid for MS Programs becomes a journey of empowerment, not just a process. Don't let financial barriers dim your academic dreams; reach out to AECC today and take a definitive step towards securing your Funding for Master's Degrees in Australia. 


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