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SOP for PG Diploma In Canada


Many Indian students opt to pursue their higher education from abroad. Among all the places, Canada is one of their go-to study destinations. It is because Canadian universities offer the best education along with an individual's personality development. Moreover, the probability of getting placements in top multi-national companies with handsome salary packages is higher after pursuing a master's or PG's Diploma from Canadian universities.

However, writing a winning SOP at the time of application is tricky. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an integral part of the application procedure in any Canadian university. It is a mandatory document that explains the previous educational background and experience. An SOP should also indicate your motivation and reason for applying for higher studies in Canadian Institutions.

Are you stuck with writing an impressive SOP? Well, don't worry, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the steps and various SOP formats. In the end, we have also included a sample SOP for your reference. So, without any further dues, let's get started!

How to Write SOP for PG Diploma In Canada?

Before writing an SOP, it is necessary to know what it is? A Statement of Purpose is like a descriptive essay that you write to the admission committee to convince them to accept your application for admission. It describes every detail of your educational and professional background in a descriptive manner. Avoid duplicating the content of your CV in the SOP. Try to give a detailed explanation of the pointers not mentioned in your CV.

A Statement of Purpose is important because it contains all your information regarding academics and work experience. Also, writing an SOP effectively with all the details appropriately structured is mandatory. It should necessarily cover two sections - academic and professional achievements.

Here, we have mentioned some steps of writing a winning SOP for the PG Diploma in Canada:

  • Plan the Outline of your SOP

Planning the outline before working on the draft is essential while writing an SOP. Create a rough structure and jot down the main pointers on a pad. Don't forget to add your academic and professional achievements, areas of expertise, and long-term life goals. Also, mention the reason behind choosing a particular PG Diploma course in that institute.

  • Write a Rough Draft

After creating a rough outline:

  1. Start working on your first draft.
  2. Plan a proper sequence in reverse chronological order to mention all your qualifications and achievements. Your introduction and conclusion part should be short and descriptive.
  3. Be optimistic while explaining yourself and your educational background.
  • Proofread and Edit Before Sending

Don't forget to proofread your final draft before sending it. Proofreading and reviewing is the last and most necessary step while writing an SOP for PG Diploma in Canada. Make sure to avoid grammatical and typo errors. You should maintain a proper flow while writing an SOP. You can also consult with professional counsellors at AECC for a double-check.

Remember the following points before starting the work on the first draft of the SOP:

  • Avoid duplication of the content, and write your SOP in an active voice.
  • Use a formal tone to demonstrate yourself and your achievements.
  • Don't forget to highlight the key pointers indicating your accomplishments and expertise.
  • Mention your skills and contribution to the institute with examples.
  • Keep it short and exciting.

SOP Format for PG Diploma in Canada

The main thing about writing an SOP is describing the critical pointers of your past and future goals in the proper sequence and effective manner. Writing an impressive SOP is not challenging; instead, it is tricky. Ensure to write in a formal tone so that the reader never loses interest. 

Here's a simple format that you need to follow while writing an SOP:

  1. Introduction: You need to write about yourself and your family background in the first paragraph. You must write it effectively and interestingly to hook your reader to continue reading further.
  2. Past Experience: The second paragraph of your SOP should express your past academic and professional achievements. It describes your past goals, like what have you done and from where. It mainly focuses on your educational background.
  3. Future Goals: Now comes the central part. In the third paragraph, you must include your future goals and inspiration. Here, you should describe your motivation to pursue PG Diploma in Canada.
  4. Funding your education: Here you have to tell the institution about the arrangement of funds for your education. It can either be funded by an education loan or any family member of yours. So they can trust you for capital.
  5. Conclusion: The conclusion is the fourth and last paragraph of your SOP. Conclude your SOP in an effective manner that impresses the reader. To make it more effective, you can add a few words of gratitude to it. Here, you must convince the admission department to consider your application for admission.

Sample SOP for PG Diploma in Canada

We have attached a sample SOP for pursuing PG Diploma in Canada for your reference below:

This is Kanika Mittal from Delhi. I'm a Senior Executive Officer in Niutech Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. While handling the company at a senior level, I realized that I need to work harder on my management skills to grow professionally. That's when I decided to pursue PG Diploma in Business Management at Durham College, Canada.

Academic Background: 

I've completed my matriculation with 98.4% and intermediate with 95.2% marks from a CBSE-affiliated institute. Further, I pursued a Bachelor of Business Studies (BMS) from Deen Dayal Upadhyay College of Delhi University. I cleared my bachelor's degree with 90% marks in 2020. Going forward, I cleared IELTS with a band score of 8.0 to get an entry for my further education in a Canadian institute. To pursue my dream of studying in a Canadian Institution, I am writing this sample of purpose for your consideration.

Professional Achievements: 

After completing my bachelor's degree, I immediately got selected by Niutech Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. as an Executive Officer. Seeing my outstanding performance on the floor, I got promoted to Senior Executive Officer last year. But now, with increasing industry competition, I need to work on my management skills to control company operations at this senior level. That's why I've now decided to pursue PG Diploma in Business Management to improve my skills and get better career opportunities.

Why did I choose Canada for my higher education?: 

After having an experience in a managerial position, I found out that I need to have a Post Graduate degree to excel in my career growth. And for that, I need to gain a post-graduate degree from a reputed Canadian University that is globally recognized and fulfils excellent standards of teaching.

In Canada, institutions pay to heed to deploy a team of world-class faculty and proper maintenance. The post-graduate course in Canada accentuates the professional exposure of the student. It will help me capture challenging skills in the economy, finance, and other business-related skills. Acquiring all such skills will make me a person who can make the best decisions in hard times.

Another reason to choose Canada for my further studies is the country's cultural diversity. Since Canada is a welcoming country, it has a perfect blend of artistic, musical, social, political, and literary elements. People do not appreciate racist and sexist mindsets here, making it an ideal place to study and work.

Funding for my Education: 

My brother will sponsor the complete funding of my education and other essential expenditures. He is well settled and sufficient to look after my expenses. I have already paid the entire fees of the post-graduate program that I have chosen.

Final Words: 

I'm choosing this college with the motive to enhance my skills and build an exceptional career for myself. The college has an active contribution to the industry, allowing students to have an excellent array of opportunities. I feel that Canada can widen my outlook on business management and decision-making.

In the end, I would like to say that I want to acquire a productive, practical, and technical approach to handling business and risk management which I can get by learning through this program hopefully. Curious to start my education and career in Canada, I am grateful to you for taking the time and reviewing my application. 

Are you still having doubts about writing an attractive SOP for admission to PG Diploma in Canada? Don't worry; we are here to help you in writing an outstanding SOP for you. Contact AECC for any support or assistance required for pursuing PG Diploma in Canada. We have deployed a team of professional and expert SOP writers. Dating your dream education in your dream college/university will become easier with AECC. An impressive SOP increases your chances of getting admission to your dream college. So, don't wait anymore; connect with us now!


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