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Top 10 Reasons to Study in the UK for Indian Students


 The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study-abroad locations. Studying in the UK is a great opportunity for students who want to explore the best universities, get an excellent education, and learn a language that is spoken worldwide. Not only the UK is one of the best places to meet with your new friends and have new experiences, but also this country offers many opportunities which can help you to find jobs quickly after graduation.

Did you know that the UK welcomed over 5,38,000 students to study at universities in 2022? There were 1,42,000 from the European Union and almost 3,95,000 from non-EU countries.

There are numerous reasons to study in the United Kingdom. There is truly something for everyone, with world-class universities, good value for money, and a plethora of bustling cities and cultural organisations. If you wish to study in the UK, here are the top 10 reasons to convince yourself and those around you.

Why Do International Students Choose to Study in the UK?

The United Kingdom has a reputation for accepting international students with open arms. As a result, international students are more likely to pick the UK for their education. The availability of a comprehensive continuum of degrees, courses, and programs in various academic areas, as well as a vast diversity of UK university options, make the UK an excellent destination for furthering your education.

The existence of some of the world's best universities and educational institutions, such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Queen Mary, and others, demonstrates that the United Kingdom has class and prestige and is at the top of everyone's priority list when it comes to studying abroad.

There are numerous reasons to study at a UK university. Let's look at the top ten factors:

World-renowned universities

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world's most excellent universities. It has a global reputation for producing world-class institutions and encourages a creative and intellectually challenging atmosphere. This means that a degree from a UK university will look great on your resume.

Indeed, the UK is home to 16% of the world's top 100 universities (according to the QS World University Rankings). That's quite outstanding for such a little island.

S. No

University Name

QS Ranking 2023


University of Oxford



University of Cambridge



Imperial College London



University College London



London School of Economics and Political Science



University of Edinburgh



King’s College London



University of Manchester



University of Warwick



University of Glasgow


Top Education

If world-class academics and world-class institutions aren't enough, you may be assured that teaching standards will always be at the most excellent level.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) inspects UK universities regularly. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the Research Excellence Framework (REF) also rate them (REF). You can apply confidently because all this information is publicly available on university league tables.

Incredible choice of academic courses

The course duration is one of the most significant advantages for overseas students in the UK. The courses in the United Kingdom are shorter than those in the rest of the world. Many Master's programs in the United Kingdom are one-year programs, which means you will graduate ahead of the competition. In terms of educational quality, as previously stated, colleges are among the most prestigious in the world, and the options are limitless.

Here are the popular courses in the UK:

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • MBA and MIM
  • MBBS
  • Finance, International Business and Accounting
  • Law
  • Architecture and Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Psychology

Shorter courses and lower costs

Undergraduate degrees in the United Kingdom typically last three years, whereas Master's degrees often last one year. This is in contrast to countries such as the United States, where Undergraduate degrees take at least four years, and Master's degrees take two years. Tuition expenses are also lower than in the United States and Australia (beginning at £10,000 against £13,000 or more!).

This means you'll graduate faster and save money on annual course fees, housing, and living costs. If there was ever a good incentive to study in the UK, this is it. Various scholarships and bursaries are also available to international students to help with fees.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in GBP)

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)


8000 GBP - 30,000 GBP

INR 7,10,000 - INR 27,00,000


12,000 GBP - 35,000 GBP

INR 10,70,000 - INR 31,00,000


11,880 GBP -  23,760 GBP

INR 12,00,000 - INR 24,00,000


30,548 GBP - 64,652 GBP

INR 28,00,000 – INR 61,00,000

The UK's unique landscape and history

The United Kingdom has a rich and fascinating history. It has picturesque villages, breathtaking castles, rough coastlines, undulating landscapes, and forests to explore.

It also houses some of the world's most prestigious museums and art galleries. If you enjoy English Literature, you should go to William Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon or the British Library. STEM education? What about the Science Museum in London?

Whatever university town you choose, there will be a dynamic mix of eateries, nightlife, and independent stores. So, whether you're looking for history or high life, the United Kingdom is a wise choice!

The diverse cultures

University life is about more than just getting a degree. It is about discovering your college life, meeting individuals from various nations, communities, and cultures, and forming lasting connections with people who share your mind and calibre.

A diverse culture can help you learn more and broaden your perspective. One of the main reasons you choose the UK to study is because of its diversity.

Scholarships to Study in the UK

Scholarships are provided for international students from universities, the government, and other organisations. They are either need-based or merit-based and assist international students with tuition waivers or financial aid.

Here is a list of all the scholarships offered to international students in the United Kingdom:

  • Scotland's Saltire Scholarships
  • Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students
  • Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students
  • Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships
  • UCL Global Masters Scholarships for International Students
  • Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Masters Scholarships at the University of Sheffield
  • UWE Millenium Scholarship for International Students
  • The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship at the University of Edinburgh
  • Eira Francis Davies Scholarship at Swansea University
  • Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships

Not only that, but with the support of fully financed scholarships, one can study in the country for free. Tuition, travel, and living expenses are all covered by fully compensated scholarships.

Opportunities to Work while Studying in the UK

We are all aware that work is quite vital. As previously noted, courses in the United Kingdom are relatively short compared to other countries. You will begin earning money early, and the UK government allows you to work 20 hours per week while studying during semesters and full-time during semester breaks. This will assist students with day-to-day expenses and tuition bills.

A simple visa application process

The visa application process in the United Kingdom is simple and fair. UK student visa procedure takes up to three weeks and costs £348, which is also relatively quick and affordable!

Here's the checklist for you to apply for a UK student visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificate
  • Documents like educational certificates and passport-size photographs
  • Proof of finance

Graduate Employability

Compared to other nations, the employment opportunity rate for studying in the UK is high. According to the QS Graduate Employability Ranking, the scores obtained by UK universities are very impressive.

Universities in the United Kingdom with Graduate Employability Scores are given below.

UK Universities

Graduate employability Score

University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


Imperial College London


University College London


University of Manchester


University of Bristol


What are 5 interesting facts about the UK?

Below are a few interesting facts about the UK that might be useful for you. They are given below.

  1. They adore going to the beach.
  2. The English possibly invented champagne.
  3. London has an extensive transit system.
  4. The Welsh town has the longest name in Europe.
  5. Stonehenge is older than the Pyramids.

There are numerous compelling reasons to study in the United Kingdom, ranging from world-class universities to welcoming communities and a rich, dynamic history. We haven't even mentioned that it's less than two hours by plane or train from continental Europe, allowing you to visit other nations and cultures while you're there!

After reading our top ten reasons to study in the UK, if you are looking for help with your UK application process, contact AECC. You will find helpful information on everything you need to know about studying in the UK from India.

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