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Best Country to Study Fashion Designing


Setting out on a journey to discover the Best Country to Study Fashion Designing? This quest is more than just a pursuit of education; it's a foray into the vibrant world of creativity and style. But, where does one begin? With numerous Fashion design colleges in the world, the choice can be overwhelming.

Are you mulling over which International Universities to Study Fashion Designing offers the most esteemed programs? Or perhaps, considering the Affordable countries to study Fashion Designing? The answers lie ahead. This comprehensive guide delves into the top destinations for aspiring fashionistas, evaluating factors like QS rankings, course fees, and career opportunities in Fashion Designing.

Moreover, if you're speculating about Fashion Designing Abroad without IELTS or the best programs for BSc Fashion Designing and their duration, stay tuned. This article, enriched with specifics, is designed to navigate you through the intricate tapestry of Fashion Designing Universities in the world. Prepare to unravel the secrets of where to foster your passion and skill in fashion design, and pave your path to a dazzling future in the fashion industry. Let's navigate you through the best country to study fashion designing 

Top 10 Countries to Study Fashion Designing

Venturing into the realm of Fashion Designing is a path filled with creativity, flair, and endless possibilities. As you explore the best countries to study Fashion Designing, it's crucial to consider various facets that contribute to a holistic educational experience. This includes the prestige of Fashion design universities, QS rankings, affordability, and the vibrant cultural milieu that shapes your learning.

Here we present a meticulously curated list of the Top 10 Countries to Study Fashion Designing, each a beacon of excellence in its own right. These destinations are not just about prestigious colleges; they embody a comprehensive environment conducive to nurturing your talent. Whether it's the cutting-edge fashion scenes of Milan or the traditional yet innovative approaches in Tokyo, each country offers a unique blend of education and inspiration.

  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium


Italy, often cited as the Best Country to Study Fashion Design, is a testament to timeless elegance and innovative design. In Italy, fashion education merges centuries-old craftsmanship with modern innovation. It's an immersive experience, where aspirants don't just learn but live fashion, making Italy a prime choice for future designers. Cities like Milan and Florence are not just fashion capitals but also cultural hubs, offering students a vibrant atmosphere to ignite their creativity.

  • Top Universities: Politecnico di Milano, Istituto Marangoni, with QS rankings consistently high.
  • Courses: Bachelor and Master programs in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing.
  • Fees: Approximately €12,000-€30,000 per year.
  • Career Opportunities: Milan, the fashion capital, offers abundant internships and job prospects in luxury fashion brands.

Did you Know 💡:“Raj, 22 from Mumbai, was captivated by Italy's iconic fashion scene. Choosing Italy for his fashion studies was more than a decision; it was a calling, aligning with his dreams of becoming a top designer. He applied to the Politecnico di Milano, securing a scholarship that reduced his tuition fees by 40%. Throughout his studies, Raj immersed himself in Italy's rich fashion heritage, honing his skills. His decision to study in Italy, not only saved him a significant amount in tuition fees but also launched his career in one of the world's fashion capitals, proving that the right choice can shape one's future in fashion.”


When it comes to haute couture and sophisticated style, France stands unparalleled, making it one of the Top Countries to Study Fashion Design. French fashion education is characterized by a strong emphasis on creativity and artistic expression. Paris, the fashion heart of France, hosts iconic fashion weeks, providing students with unparalleled exposure to the industry. Fashion design colleges in France are known for their rigorous curriculum, focusing on both the artistic and business aspects of fashion.

  • Top Universities: ESMOD Paris, Paris College of Art.
  • Courses: BSc in Fashion Design, Masters in Fashion Management.
  • Fees: Around €13,000-€28,000 annually.
  • Career Opportunities: Internships and careers with world-famous fashion houses in Paris.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, particularly London, is a melting pot of diverse fashion styles, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary trends. This fusion makes the UK a compelling choice for Fashion design abroad. British fashion education is distinguished by its innovative approach and emphasis on individual style. Fashion design universities in the UK are recognized globally, offering programs that are both creatively stimulating and commercially viable.

  • Top Universities: Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion.
  • Courses: BA in Fashion Design, MA in Fashion Retail Management.
  • Fees: Approximately £15,000-£28,000 per year.
  • Career Opportunities: Opportunities in diverse fashion sectors from retail to design in London.

United States

The United States, with fashion hubs like New York and Los Angeles, offers a dynamic environment for Fashion Designing. American fashion education is known for its diverse and inclusive approach, reflecting the country's multicultural fabric. US fashion colleges offer more than just design education; they're a comprehensive introduction to the industry's diverse facets, from creative design to business savvy, preparing students for the dynamic world of fashion.

  • Top Universities: Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • Courses: Bachelor in Fashion Design, Master in Fashion Merchandising.
  • Fees: About $20,000-$50,000 per year.
  • Career Opportunities: Diverse roles in fashion capitals like New York and L.A.


Japan is revered for its unique blend of traditional aesthetics and avant-garde fashion, making it one of the most intriguing and Affordable countries to study Fashion Designing. Japanese fashion education focuses on innovation, attention to detail, and a deep respect for craftsmanship. Fashion design universities in Japan offer programs that encourage students to explore the boundaries of fashion, blending traditional techniques with futuristic concepts.

  • Top Universities: Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo Mode Gakuen.
  • Courses: BA in Fashion Technology, MA in Fashion Studies.
  • Fees: Around ¥1,000,000-¥1,500,000 annually.
  • Career Opportunities: Tokyo offers unique opportunities in avant-garde and street fashion.


Spain, with its vibrant fashion scenes in Madrid and Barcelona, is an exciting destination for students wishing to Study Fashion Designing. Spanish fashion education is known for its emphasis on creativity and innovation, influenced by the country's rich cultural heritage. Fashion design colleges in Spain offer a diverse curriculum, covering everything from traditional tailoring to modern digital design techniques.

  • Top Universities: IED Barcelona, Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid.
  • Courses: Bachelor in Fashion Design, Master in Fashion Management.
  • Fees: Approximately €9,000-€20,000 per year.
  • Career Opportunities: Rich in textile heritage, Spain offers opportunities in fashion design and marketing.


Australia has emerged as a key player in the global fashion education scene, offering a fresh perspective on Fashion Designing. Australian fashion education combines practical skills with creative thinking, suited to the evolving demands of the global fashion industry. Fashion design universities in Australia are known for their focus on sustainability and ethical fashion, aligning with contemporary global trends.

  • Top Universities: RMIT University, University of Technology Sydney.
  • Courses: Bachelor of Fashion Design, Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship).
  • Fees: Around AUD 20,000-AUD 33,000 annually.
  • Career Opportunities: Growing fashion industry in Sydney and Melbourne, with opportunities in design and retail.


The Netherlands stands out as a leader in sustainable and innovative fashion education, making it an attractive destination for International Universities to Study Fashion Designing. Dutch fashion education is characterized by a strong focus on sustainability, ethical production, and innovative design thinking. Fashion design colleges in the Netherlands offer a unique blend of artistic freedom and practical industry engagement.

  • Top Universities: Amsterdam Fashion Institute, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.
  • Courses: BA in Fashion Design, MA in Fashion Strategy.
  • Fees: Approximately €8,000-€15,000 per year.
  • Career Opportunities: Amsterdam, a hub for sustainable fashion, offers unique avenues in fashion design and sustainability.


Belgian fashion education, especially in Antwerp, is an experimental journey. It encourages students to challenge traditional norms, blending art with fashion and making Belgium an innovative hub for fashion studies. Fashion Designing Universities in Belgium are celebrated for producing some of the most innovative and influential designers in the fashion world.

  • Top Universities: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
  • Courses: BA in Fashion Design, MA in Fashion.
  • Fees: Around €1,500-€5,000 annually.
  • Career Opportunities: Known for its artistic fashion scene, Belgium offers opportunities for creative design roles.

What are the Popular Computer Science programs in the best countries?

Here's a detailed and informative section focusing on the most popular Computer Science programs in some of the best countries to study Fashion Designing. The table format includes specific details about program types, duration, and fees, making it a valuable resource for students seeking information on Fashion Designing Universities in the world and International Universities to Study Fashion Designing.




Fees (approx.)


Bachelor in Fashion Technology

3 years

€12,000 - €18,000/year


Master in Fashion Design Management

2 years

€15,000 - €22,000/year


BSc in Fashion Marketing

3 years

€13,000 - €20,000/year


MA in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management

2 years

€16,000 - €25,000/year


BA (Hons) in Fashion Design

3 years

£15,000 - £22,000/year


MA in Fashion Retail Management

1 year

£18,000 - £26,000/year


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

4 years

$30,000 - $45,000/year


Master of Professional Studies in Fashion Merchandising

2 years

$35,000 - $50,000/year


BA in Fashion Creation and Technology

4 years

¥1,200,000 - ¥1,600,000/year


MA in Fashion Studies

2 years

¥1,300,000 - ¥1,800,000/year

This table highlights Affordable countries to study Fashion Designing and the variety of Fashion Designing Abroad programs available. It's tailored to assist students in making informed decisions about their Fashion Designing studies, considering both academic excellence and financial investment. These countries, known as some of the Top Countries to Study Fashion Designing, offer a blend of prestigious Fashion Designing Colleges and cutting-edge curriculum, ensuring students receive a comprehensive and world-class education in the field of fashion design.

Choosing the Best Country to Study Fashion Designing is a pivotal step in your educational journey. Whether you're drawn to the historic fashion capitals of Italy and France or the innovative scenes in Japan and the Netherlands, each destination offers unique opportunities to flourish in the fashion industry.

Ready to embark on this fashionable journey? Connect with AECC today to find your perfect fashion design course and destination!


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