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Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada for Indian Students


The most in-demand IT course in Canada is master's in cloud computing. The course is offered in almost all universities globally and is rapidly expanding. Canada's cloud computing spending is expected to hit 10.3 billion Canadian dollars by 2023. Individuals can earn industry-recognized cloud certifications from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance careers in this fast-growing technology sector. Also, these programs will benefit people who require skills and expertise for cloud infrastructure-related employment.

Why Pursue Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada?

Most cloud computing courses in Canada are designed to educate students about creating, managing, and repairing procedures that allow computers to connect via servers and networks. Individuals will be taught how to apply cloud computing approaches and ideas to various applications as there is an increased demand in the industry, and the focus of these study programs is extensive. These courses discuss using cloud architecture to solve business problems by providing exclusive preservation, connectivity, and related data exchange and other resources.

These programs will also provide necessary academic information for those seeking experience and competencies for cloud infrastructure-related employment. Students will receive extensive project management training, cloud computing theories application, and approaches in various domains.

The following are the main advantages:

  • To comprehend the evolution of cloud computing and its current design and construction systems.
  • To investigate new ways of saving, retrieving, and disseminating data and resources over the internet.
  • Learn how to assess the products and services of various vendors.
  • Working as a cloud developer, cloud creative director, web designer, or cloud-based security professional is possible with a master of Cloud Computing degree.
  • Successful participants can set up consultancy firms.
  • You will learn the technical skills and expertise needed to go into management positions in cloud computing, whether in Canada or abroad.

Certifications for Cloud Computing

  • Associate Amazon Web Service Certified Solutions Architect: Individuals who build cloud technologies and architectures, and those who install systems and applications, should take the Amazon web services Architect Associate exam. Architects of solutions and enterprises, systems engineers, and developers are excellent possibilities.
  • Azure Administrator Associate certification from Microsoft: This certification validates the ability to manage Azure storage, virtual machines, virtual networks, identities, application services, etc.
  • Certified Professional Cloud Architect by Google: Systems and enterprise architects, administrators, and operations team members will benefit from the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification.
  • Amazon Web Service Developer Certification (Associate): The AWS Developer Associate certifies a person's knowledge of essential Amazon web services and industry standards, along with their ability to design, deploy, and debug cloud-based Amazon Web Service applications.
  • Certified Professional Data Engineer by Google: Data designers, database administrators, developers in charge of big data strategic initiatives, and data scientists are eligible for this qualification.
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Microsoft Certified): All Microsoft performance certifications begin with an Azure Fundamentals certification.
  • Amazon Web Service System Operations Administrator Certification: Obtaining this certification verifies technical knowledge of the Amazon web services platform's deployment, control, and operations.
  • Cloud Security Professional Certification: This certification demonstrates a deep understanding of cloud system security, design, operations, and service coordination, and also hands-on expertise with cloud security infrastructure, design, operations, and service coordination.
  • CompTIA Cloud+ certification: The certification aids in identifying abilities involved in the development of cloud technologies, networks, computation, and storage.
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification from Microsoft: This task, professional certification will verify mastery of the abilities required to create Azure-based technologies and also knowledge in computing, storage, and security.

Top Universities in Canada to Study Cloud Computing

As a top-tier program, a master's degree in cloud Computing in Canada provides students with industry-leading participation in global development, an excellent educational structure, and diverse cultural background.

University Name

QS Ranking 

Course offered 

Tuition Fee 

University of Toronto 


Cloud Computing 


Humber College 


Cloud Computing 


Conestoga College 


Virtualization and Cloud Computing 


Canada College


Cloud Computing (Certificate of Achievement)


Canadian College of Technology and Business 


Software Developer in Test Practicum (Diploma) 


Lambton College


Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing for Big Data.


Evergreen College


Post Graduate Diploma (Cyber Security and Cloud Computing) 


Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology


Diploma in Cyber Defense and Cloud Administration.


Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada: Eligibility

To study Cloud Computing in Canada, you must meet the following requirements:

Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada: Admission Process

Here is a quick rundown of the cloud computing admissions process in Canada. You can use this as a reference when applying to colleges and universities as an applicant.

  • Find your selected course on the webpage of the individual institute.
  • To complete your application form, click apply.
  • Complete your personal information and upload your academic transcript.
  • Some institutes will also ask for your profile, letter of recommendation, and Curriculum vitae.
  • In addition to the requirements specified above, applicants must present a Statement of Purpose and financial proof.
  • Now you must pay the application cost and submit your application.
  • Most institutions handle applications in five to six weeks.
  • Selected students will receive an admission offer through email.

Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada: Documents Required

The following are examples of required documents:

Cost of Studying Cloud Computing Courses in Canada

The following are the fees for Cloud Computing courses at prominent Canadian colleges:

Degree Level

Tuition Fee 


10,000CAD to 28,000CAD

Bachelor’s degree

10,000CAD to 40,000CAD

Master’s Degree

8,000CAD to 30,000CAD

Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada: Scholarships

These are the scholarships available in Canada for a master's degree in cloud computing.

Name of Scholarship


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)

Register in the Faculty of Postgraduate Study with a 3.75 GPA.

Jobs and Salary After Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada

Graduates get jobs in various cloud-based contexts, including corporate, commercial, and blended clouds, and other business sectors such as governance, service providers, finance, business, trade, SMEs, and telecoms. Graduates will learn how to deploy and design cloud computing systems and architectural styles, implement applications for supporting database systems, internet services, security protocols, and automation, and develop testing methods for analyzing enterprise cloud solutions and their effectiveness.

Here are some cloud computing job descriptions and salaries in Canada.

Job Role

Salary in CAD

Cloud Security Architect

111,875 CAD

Cloud Solution Consultant

113,500 CAD

Cloud Solution Architect

122,806 CAD

Cloud Engineer

120,000 CAD

Cloud System Administrator

92,500 CAD

Development Operations Engineer

123,704 CAD

Data Engineer

81,141 CAD

Disaster Recovery Specialist

74,750 CAD

Software Architect

102,782 CAD

Senior cloud computing specialists earn an average of CAD 134,000 per year. For jobs like cloud solution architect, cloud security architect, data engineer, cloud engineer, software engineer, disaster recovery specialist, and development operations engineer, average salaries range from CAD 74,750 to CAD 123,704.

Cloud computing is all over the place, and it is exploding. The number of cloud computing programs offered in Canada is enormous and is due to the increased need for employees and specialists in computer broadband technology. These programs expose students to real-world business requirements and issues. It contributes to their skills in information storage, mechanization, computing, advanced analytics, cloud-based services, and data analytics.

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FAQs About Masters in Cloud Computing in Canada

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