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Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia

This degree takes about 1.5 to 2 years to complete depending on your mode of study and university of choice. It focuses on applying digital applications and technologies to attain marketing targets and goals within a business. There has been immense growth within this industry due to the rapid growth of social media and internet usage.

Though not mandatory, you should try and gain practical skills and experience in the job market for at least a year before pursuing this course.  After completion,  this course holds amazing job prospects with a starting salary of at least 50,000 AUD; this grows even higher with experience gained after graduation.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia: Highlights




Digital Marketing

Duration of the course

At least 1.5 years and a maximum of 2


Bachelor’s degree in any field

Entrance exams


Tuition Fees 

At least 30,000 AUD


Marketing analyst, Web content manager, Digital marketing manager, Web designer

Average salary

50,000 AUD- 95,000 AUD

Why Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia?

Scholarships: The Australian government has set up many systems to uphold quality standards in education. It has invested in providing international scholarships for students seeking to study in Australia. This welcoming environment has made the country a favoured education destination globally.

Career opportunities: The Masters in Digital course in Australia is ranked as having the most favourable salary compared to other jobs; this means that you have a better job and salary prospects if you pursue this course in Australia. The digital marketing space in Australia is also getting more expansive, meaning there will be an ever-increasing demand for digital marketing specialists within the job market, making it a very lucrative career path.

Quality education: Australia has some of the top-ranked universities for Masters in digital marketing globally. Its universities offer the best curriculum, focusing on offering the best to their students. They ensure you stay current on recent developments within the field, gain both practical and theoretical knowledge and can master exceptional market research skills.

Qualification: There is no requirement for students to sit for a GRE/GMAT test in Australia when they seek to study a master's program in Australia. This is very convenient for international students, making the process less stressful and more manageable.

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Who Should take Master in Digital Marketing in Australia?

This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to students. 

It is recommended for students who:

  • Have an interest in consumer behaviour and marketing research.
  • Have innate leadership skills and can plan and coordinate resources well.
  • They are good communicators, great negotiators and persuasive.
  • Have good arithmetic skills and knowledge of statistic concepts.

Master in Digital Marketing in Australia: Course Curriculum

Master in digital marketing in Australia has a broad scope. There are many available courses for you to pursue within the field. 

Listed below are some of the courses you may enrol in:

  1. Marketing in a Digital World Micromasters Program
  2. Advertising and Brand Management
  3. Applied Digital Marketing
  4. Digital and Social Media
  5. Masters in Digital Marketing

The subjects are vast in this field, but they include:

  1. Customer Experience Design
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Strategy and Planning
  4. Digital Social Selling
  5. Big Data Analytics

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TOP Universities to Study Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

Name of the University

QS World Rankings


Monash University



University of  New South Wales



University of Sydney



La Trobe University 



University of Adelaide



Cost of Studying Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

Many international students seek to pursue Masters in digital marketing in Australia due to its affordability in education access.  This course costs, on average, about 27,000-75,000 AUD but is reduced significantly with the many scholarship opportunities available to international students.

Tuition Fees

Name of the University



Tuition Fee (INR)

Monash University

Master of Marketing

1-1.5 years

20 lakhs

University of New South Wales

Master of Marketing

1.5 years

21.6 lakhs

La Trobe University

Master in Digital Marketing

2 years

25.1 lakhs

University of Adelaide

Master of Marketing

2 years

21.3 lakhs

University of Sydney

Master of Marketing

1-1.5 years

23.7 lakhs

Cost of Living in Australia

Living in Australia is generally affordable. You can expect to spend at least 95 AUD per month. 

The table below highlights some of the variables that may determine your spending and their costs every month.

Kind of Expenses

Amount in (AUD)

Studio rent


Hair cut


Hospital visit






Eligibility Criteria to Study Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

The criteria for the admission process to study master's in digital marketing in Australia may vary depending on the university you apply to. However, you should meet some necessary conditions to study in this country. 

They include:

  • You should have completed a Bachelor's degree in any course.
  • Have sat for an English proficiency test and passed.
  • Some universities require that you have work experience between 1-3 years.

Exams Required to Study Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

Exam Name

Minimum Band Requirements


Not less than 6


Not less than 72



Scholarships to Study Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

The cost of studying in Australia can be high depending on the institution you choose. However, the government and academic institutions ensure that they provide funding options that are very helpful to international students as it drastically cuts down their financial burden.

Some of the scholarships available to students pursuing a Master's in digital marketing are tabled below:

Name of the University



Scholarship Amount (AUD)

Macquarie University

Graduate school scholarship

Must be enrolled in a Master’s program at Macquarie and be an academically excellent student.

Must be an international student

Up to 25% waiver of the tuition fee

RMIT University

Research Stipend Scholarship

Must be an international student pursuing a Master’s or postgraduate degree at the university


Deakin University

Course work scholarship

International students looking to enrol in a course program in the country

25% tuition fee waiver

University of Sydney

International student award

Has a list of specified countries you should be a citizen of

Up to 40,000

University of Adelaide

Global excellence scholarships

Must be an international student

Must be academically outstanding and have enrolled in a course program within the university

50% tuition fee waiver

Placement Opportunities after Master in Digital Marketing in Australia

Australia has recently seen a rapid rise of digital marketing professionals. The market is expected to keep expanding, and students seek to pursue this lucrative career. Companies are also embracing the rise of digital media, leading to the creation of employment opportunities. 

Some of the job prospects in digital marketing in Australia are:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Head of Marketing
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Market Development Manager
  • Email Marketer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Bot Developer
  • Brand Marketing Specialist

TOP Recruiters

There is a booming and vibrant job market for digital marketers in Australia, with over 20 million internet users. 

Listed below are some of the top recruiters for Masters in digital marketing graduates in Australia.

  • Digital Next
  • Sparro
  • Web FX
  • Engine Scout

How to Apply for Master in Digital Marketing in Australia?

International students seeking to apply for a Master's in digital marketing in Australia need to decide on the institution of choice and visit their online website for application. Ensure that you check their stipulations before application and attach all required documents, such as a statement of purpose, transcripts and tests.

You then wait for an offer letter and apply for the visa. You must do so immediately after getting the letter to have enough time to re-apply in case your first try fails. Ensure you attach your passport and proof of funding too.

Remember that you can always reach out to our education consultants at AECC India in case of any difficulties. We are always willing and ready to support you through the process of realising your dreams.

As a result of the trends and new developments within the digital marketing industry, students seeking to pursue master's in digital marketing should be hopeful. We recommend this program as continuously broadening in scope and with an increasing demand for human resources.

A career in digital marketing is sure to pay you well, especially as an experienced professional. We hope that this blog has served you well by highlighting the requirements and guiding you through the process of pursuing a master's in digital marketing in Australia. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.


AECC is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey of fulfilling your dream.

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