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Masters in Human Resource Management in UK

HRM, or human resource management, is a subfield of business and management studies. The course incorporates theories and assists students in correctly practising the recruiting processes. Human Resource Management students study the recruiting process as well as personnel administration, administrative services, and performance management. The course supports students in learning and gaining the knowledge and concepts required to manage a firm's human resources.

The UK has a reputation for being an excellent country for HR education. Human Resources courses in the UK range from certificate diplomas to master's degree programs that teach students about hiring, sourcing, and making appropriate staffing decisions. Furthermore, HR managers and recruiters see the UK as a desirable location due to its high employability rate.

As a result, many international students, such as Indian students, choose the UK for their Masters in Human resource management.

Tuition for a master's degree in human resource management in the United Kingdom can range from 17,000 to 25,000 GBP each year. To follow the curriculum, Indian students will need to pay an equivalent of 16.7 to 26.8 lakhs.

Masters in Human Resource Management in UK: Course Highlights




Masters in Human Resource Management 

Duration of the Course

1 to 2 years 


An undergraduate degree in a relevant field, a test of English proficiency.

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees



Employee Communication Manager, Executive Recruiter, Training Officer, etc.

Average Salary

80,000 GBP

Why Masters in Human Resource Management in UK?

Choosing the UK for your master's in human resource management comes with several benefits. These include the use of studying in a world-class University that is internationally recognised. Also, after graduation, international students can work in the UK. This leads to a high-paying job, and a successful career start.

Who Should take this Masters in Human Resource Management in UK?

Students with bachelor's degrees in a suitable cognate area such as business administration, education, communication, economics, government, and political sciences, sociology, or linguistics who want to work in human resources management should take this course. 

Below is a list of human resource management courses:

  • International Human resource management MSc
  • MA in human resource management
  • MSC in human resource management
  • MSc Human resource management and consulting

Best Universities For Masters In Human Resource Management In UK

University Name

QS World Ranking 


Kings College London 



University of Central Lancashire



Manchester Metropolitan University



Coventry University 



University of West London



Leeds Beckett University



Cost of Studying Masters in Human Resource Management in UK

The cost of studying master's in human resource management in the UK is relatively high compared to other countries. But, international students always get value for their money when they pick a UK University for their master's studies. This is because of the high quality of education in the UK and the job opportunities after graduation. Below, we'll see the cost of studying master's in human resource management in the UK:

Tuition Fees

University Name



Tuition Fees in INR

King’s College London

MSC in human resource management 

1 Year

22.3 Lakhs

University of Coventry 

MA in human resource management 

1 Year

19.2 Lakhs 

University of Southampton

International Human resource management MSc

1 Year

18.2 Lakhs 

University of Surrey

MSc Human resource management and consulting

1 Year

20.2 Lakhs

University of Strathclyde

MSC in human resource management 

1 Year

24.7 Lakhs

Royal Holloway University

MSC in human resource management 

1 Year

26.3 Lakhs

Cost of Living in UK

 The cost of living for international students in the UK includes travel and living expenditures in the United Kingdom. These prices can vary significantly based on your university of choice, city, kind of residence, and lifestyle choices. You have complete control over how much money you choose to spend on your expenses.

Kind of Expenses 

Amount in GBP





Internet charges 






Restaurant meal 


Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Human Resource Management in UK

  • A bachelor's degree in human resource management or a related field from a recognised university is required.
  • Some universities in the United Kingdom need the GRE if the individual has never studied at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in the United Kingdom.
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, you must take a language proficiency test such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE to verify your language skills.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Human Resource Management in UK 

University Name

Accepted Exams 

Minimum Band Requirement 

University of West London 



University of Edinburgh



University of Newcastle 



University of East Anglia 



University of Manchester 



Scholarships for Masters in Human Resource Management UK

Name of the Scholarship



Amount in GBP 

University of Stirling PGT India Scholarship 

Scholarship awarded to Indian international students

Must be an international student 


University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Academic scholarship awarded to outstanding international students 

Must be an international student 


Durham University Masters International Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students at Durham University 

Must be an international student 


Sussex India Scholarship

The Sussex India Scholarships are available to Indian international students who are starting postgraduate studies at the University of Sussex.

Must be an international student 


GREAT Scholarship

The British Council and UK institutions have developed a GREAT Scholarship to help and encourage international students to pursue higher education in the UK.

Must be an international student 


Career after Masters in Human Resource Management UK

You would be qualified for the finest opportunities in the UK job market after completing a master's degree program from a top UK institution. Every company needs an HR department to function correctly. So you would have a plethora of job openings available to you.

The program and school you attended will play a key influence in the interview process and your skills. 

Job Profile 

Salary in GBP

HR manager 


HR Coordinator


HR Assistant




HR Administrator


HR Analyst


How to Apply For Masters in Human Resource Management UK?

  • The first step in applying for a Masters in Human Resource Management in the United Kingdom is to find a university that meets your needs and budget.
  • In the United Kingdom, most universities that offer master's degrees in human resource management begin classes in September. To ensure that their applications are filed on time, international students must consult the official websites of the universities.
  • International candidates must submit their IELTS and TOEFL exam scores as part of the next step of the UK university admissions process. This is done to ensure that you have evidence of English proficiency.
  • Gather all relevant test results and papers as the next step in your application process. Students should begin writing their Statement of Purpose, obtain letters of recommendation from professors and supervisors, and gather financial information and other documentation, such as exam scores.
  • Once you have your paperwork, start filling out application forms on the university's websites. Students who want to apply to a university in the United Kingdom that accepts direct applications should go to the university's official website first. They'll have to choose courses, pay tuition, and start an online application.

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