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New Zealand Student Visa Rejection


One of the few well-liked study-abroad locations that accept a lot of overseas students for the express goal of learning is New Zealand. To enter New Zealand, international students must apply for a student visa. The processing of a student visa application for New Zealand may be impacted by many factors. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a student visa application to be rejected.

This blog will help you comprehend the possible reasons for New Zealand student visa denials, what you can do to prevent a denial, and how to reapply if your application is rejected.

New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Although the New Zealand student visa rejection rate is low at 3.97%, student visas could still get rejected for a few acceptable reasons. Therefore, it is good to know the reasons for visa refusal so that you can avoid them. Here is a list of some of the typical grounds for denial of your New Zealand student visa.

Poor performance in visa interview

A student visa interview is one of the best opportunities to communicate personally with a visa officer and explain why you want to study in New Zealand. If you provide unnecessary or unclear information, or If you don't interact with the questioner effectively, your visa application will be turned down.

Failure in Proving English proficiency

Most universities in New Zealand require students to prove their English language proficiency by taking one of the many possible English tests. These include IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. The respective officers examine your student visa application very closely on your English skills. Since maximum communication, whether at the university or national level, is conducted in English, students must be fluent in English. If you cannot convince the visa officer of your English skills, your visa application may get rejected.

submission of incorrect or incomplete documents

During the student visa application process, students must submit the documents required by carefully checking the official New Zealand student website, and the documents should be in order. If you skip any of them or attempt to submit a fake document, it may result in your visa application being rejected.

Unclear explanations for landing in New Zealand

Most students are often rejected when they cannot provide a valid explanation for their landing in New Zealand. If the officers feel that the applicants want to gain employment in the country illegally, their visas will be rejected if the students fail to provide proof that they are only going to the country to study.

Issues with the passport

Damaged, broken, and invalid passports with disappeared pages and expired dates will undoubtedly lead to the rejection of the student visa application.

History of criminal records

Previous criminal records can hold up your passion for studying in foreign lands, occasionally with visa rejections, even for minor cases.

Financial instability

The Embassy will ensure that students landing in New Zealand have enough financial support to cover study and living expenses such as stay, meals, travel, etc. This means that for the visa application process, you must present proof that you have sufficient funds to support your financial needs in New Zealand. Failure to meet one of the most crucial requirements for the visa application procedure will result in the rejection of the visa.

Unsatisfactory academic results

The visa officer tries to examine the applicant's educational qualifications and achievements. Low grades and lack of achievements lead to visa rejection.

You can reapply if your visa is denied for any reason mentioned above. Let's see briefly the process and steps further.

How to Avoid New Zealand Student Visa Rejection?

Let's begin our analysis by examining the New Zealand student visa success rate. Overall New Zealand visa acceptance rate has increased from 85% to almost 88%, and for New Zealand visa approval rate for Indian students has increased from 62% to 84%.

So it must be easy for Students to prevent their visa applications from being rejected by educating themselves on what not to do. Once you know the key things you should and shouldn't do, you'll be ready to apply for a student visa successfully.

Before requesting a student visa for New Zealand, every student should bear the following considerations to improve their acceptance chances.

  • In interviews, Students should communicate clearly and boldly with the officers. You should be well-versed with the colleges you want to attend, the course offerings, and other details that might be discussed during an interview. By doing so, the authorities will trust you and your visa application will be approved.
  • Ensure your finances are properly set up and documented with your bank and income statements.
  • Ensure that all of your information and documentation is accurate, complete, and accurate/false information is not included.
  • Justify your staying intentions clearly with proof.

After making sure about all the above steps, after the visa gets rejected, students can re-apply for the visa. Let's see briefly below.

How to re-apply for New Zealand Student Visa?

Students can re-apply for a new visa in a while as their first application gets rejected. Anyhow, it would be important to consider the reason for the denial and to solve it first. If you do not specify the reason for the rejection, likely, your new application will also be rejected. For example, if your visa is denied due to lack of proper documentation, fill that gap; or if it is rejected due to a lower IELTS/TOEFL score, make sure to reappear in the test to improve your score. Once you've resolved the reason for the rejection, you can follow the regular New Zealand student visa route through the following steps.

  • To apply online, students must create a New Zealand Government "RealMe" account (https://www.realme.govt.nz/how-apply/). RealMe is a government identity verification and authentication service. You can use RealMe to connect to many New Zealand government and public sector websites and services.
  • Complete the application form completely and provide the necessary information. Also, attach all the documents needed and double-check everything before posting.
  • Visit New Zealand Immigration website>apply for a student visa>fill out the application form>pay the fee> apply.

A visa will be granted if officials are satisfied with the documents and the details provided.

Even if students have a re-applying option, applicants must make sure that they get a New Zealand student visa on the first attempt itself without getting rejected by following the procedure mentioned above.

AECC would help students who are struggling to get through the New Zealand student visa process successfully.

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