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PhD in Management in Canada

Canada is the world's third-largest destination for higher education. With their high-quality education system, top-rated Universities, Scholarships, and faculties, Canada attracts many international students yearly.
If you're thinking about working in management, pursuing a Ph.D. in Management from one of Canada's top universities can be an excellent choice.

The following article will give you more details on the basics of Ph.D. in Management in Canada

Why Study PhD in Management in Canada?

There are a number of ways that pursuing a PhD in management in Canada might advance your career.

Canadian universities offer high-quality education and research facilities that meet global standards.

Canadian universities for Ph.D. students offer a variety of in-demand Ph.D. programs. Business administration, engineering, computer science, education, and health are the most widely chosen majors.

Canada is known worldwide for offering numerous scholarships to international students. Some scholarships offered in Canada offer a student from 15,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD. This is a great financial help in covering tuition and living expenses.

In Canada, the average base salary for graduate students is around CAD 106,000 annually, offering attractive career possibilities. Work locations and salary packages also depend on your field of study and your role in the company.

Top Universities to Study Ph.D. in Management in Canada

Canada has some of the top universities in the world for pursuing a Ph.D. in Management. Here is a table of some of the best universities in Canada for pursuing a Ph.D. in Management, along with their ranking and tuition fee

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University Name


Tuition Fees 


University of Toronto


$9,870 - $64,810

Toronto, Ontario

McGill University


$11,100 - $39,800

Montreal, Quebec

University of British Columbia


$7,854 - $26,391


University of Alberta


$5,321 - $20,217

Edmonton, Alberta

University of Montreal


$19,339 per year (3 sessions)

Montreal, Quebec

University of Waterloo



Waterloo, Ontario

McMaster University



Hamilton, Ontario

Western University



London, Ontario

University of 0ttawa



Ottawa, Ontario

University of Calgary



Calgary, Alberta

Please note that the fee structure mentioned in the table is subject to change, and actual fees may vary. AECC has a detailed list of Universities, rankings, and fee details which may help students to select more specifically.

Ph.D. in Management Canada: Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible to pursue a Ph.D. in Management in Canada following things should be fulfilled.

  1. One should have completed a Master's/postgraduate degree in the same or similar major with consistent grades and previous research experience. Sometimes, a high-level bachelor's degree with good grades is also an option.
  2. Letter of recommendation from your previous faculties or institutes and research proposal.
  3. IELTS or TOEFL test scores as a parameter of  English proficiency, scores requirements vary from university to university.
  4. GRE or GMAT test scores that vary by college.
  5. Official Transcripts are required from their previous educational qualifications.
  6. Most universities encourage the submission of CVs/resumes. This is useful for students who are doing poorly in school or failing to pass their college exam deadlines.

Grade reports of your previous degrees and online application form submission to the preferred universities. 

PhD in Management Canada: Admission Process

Here is a summary of the application process for a management PhD in Canada.

Step 1 - Visit the colleges' official websites to choose the best one that fits your requirements.

Step 2 - Review eligibility requirements and course structure.

Step 3 – Click the application link, then provide the necessary information.

Step 4 - If you don't have an account, create one with the correct credentials.

Step 5 - Create a research brief.

Step 6 – Submit the documents that are required by the Universities.

Step 7 – Pay the PhD fee. Purchases can be made with any card payments.

Step 8 – Prepare for your interview and apply for a Student visa/study permit. You must need able to provide proof of adequate funds. 

Scholarships for PhD in Management in Canada

Canada has several excellent universities offering top-notch Ph.D. programs in Management. Along with various scholarships to talented and motivated students pursuing doctoral studies in Management. A few such opportunities are mentioned below:

1- Mackenzie King Open Scholarships at the University of Montreal offer $8,500 scholarships for college graduates in Canada.

2- The University of Montreal also offers doctoral scholarships to students who have completed a master's degree at the same university. They have awarded her a $7,000 scholarship, also available to international students.

3- The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is intended to attract international students to study doctoral studies in Ontario. Ivey Business School also falls into this category. This is a state subsidy worth $40,000 annually.

4 - The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is another scholarship partly funded by the Province of Ontario. In it, international students are entitled to a certain number of OGS awards. PhD students can receive OGS awards for up to four years.

Up to $10,000 may be awarded if you are already in Ph.D. If awarded at the beginning of the first semester of a doctoral program, grants are awarded $15,000 maximum for the initial year and $10,000 for subsequent years.

Jobs and Salary after Ph.D. in Management in Canada

Sure, there's a table outlining some potential job options and average salaries for those with a Ph.D. in Management in Canada:

Job Title

Average Salary


$110,000 - $150,000


$80,000 - $120,000

Senior Consultant

$90,000 - $150,000

Director of Operations

$110,000 - $170,000

Chief Executive Officer

$150,000 - $250,000

It's worth noting that salaries can vary significantly depending on factors such as the industry, location, and experience level. Additionally, some individuals with a PhD in Management may choose to pursue careers outside of these fields.

Canada Student's Visa Requirements

To apply for a Canada student visa, an applicant must have the following things

  • A valid passport
  • A letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada
  • The applicant must provide proof of funds to cover their tuition fees,  living expenses, and return transportation.
  • The applicant can apply for a study permit online or on paper. If applying on paper, they must read the instruction guide, select the country/territory, and prepare their application package.
  • International students with a study permit must be enrolled at a designated learning institution and make progress toward finishing their study program

Ph.D. in Management in Canada has several benefits, such as competitive research and teaching skills, affordable tuition fees, world-class universities, scholarship opportunities, and job placement.

If you want to study Ph.D. in Management in Canada but still finding it difficult to select universities and the admission process, AECC has a complete guide to help the students to get admitted to the desired Universities.

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