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Study in Australia Without IELTS


Studying abroad has become a dream of many students due to the competitive world, international job opportunities, and world-class education system. But this dream is often not fulfilled because some children come from a country that does not speak English. During the admission process, the English proficiency test is one of the key criteria in the eligibility requirements of universities providing education at the international level.

Like other countries, Australian educational institutions demand you pass an English proficiency test to enrol in any UG, PG, PhD or doctoral course. One such test which is a direct and easy route to reach your destination is IELTS. The test is designed to test your English speaking and written skills. Also, you can do work on how to mould yourself in an English-Speaking Environment.

But, if you have the situation of not appearing for the IELTS exam, or have not reached the maximum score, and want to study in Australia, there are several methods you can follow. First and foremost is that many universities do not require you to submit proof of clearing the IELTS exam.

For whatever reason, if you are unable to appear for the IELTS exam but at the same time want to join a reputed educational institution in Australia, then this article is for you. 

Here we have mentioned every detail about studying in Australia without IELTS, further options, and some of the institutes you can apply to. 

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What is IELTS?

The IELTS or International English Language Testing System assesses how well you can immigrate or study in a country where English is the local language. There are many countries where English is a spoken language, including New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK.

Throughout the test, you will be assessed on how good you are at writing, speaking and reading. Important Fact: British Council, IDP- IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English IELTS jointly own the IELTS. Suppose you also wish to study in an English speaking country such as Australia. In that case, you must be able to reveal a high level of English language ability.

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Is IELTS required for Australia?

Most universities in Australia offer admission based on specific criteria, such as passing the IELTS exam. The exam is further divided into IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic is given by the students who are enrolling in the university. On the other hand, general training helps fulfil the objectives of migration.

Whether you plan to study or work, a specific requirement needs to be met. Hence, it is advised that you must check which test is suitable for you whenever you book a test. Simply put, most Australian institutions/universities demand that you need to pass IELTS Academic to attend any UG or PG course, and some workplaces, immigration authorities and workplaces accept IELTS general training. 

Study in Australia Without IELTS for Indian Students 2023

You must have heard that nothing is impossible. Yes, an Indian student can be admitted to a leading institute in Australia without cracking the English Proficiency Test or IELTS.

However, there may be some conditions, such as having studied in the past in countries where the Australian education system gives certificates. 

The applicant can join the Australian educational institution for studies after fulfilling any of the following conditions.

  • Students will not be pressured to present proof of IELTS if they have completed their secondary studies through the list of countries studied and authorised, which are English.
  • Those who have completed their UG or PG degree course from a recognised institute or university where language is the medium of learning are also not obliged to submit IELTS scores.
  • The student may also be exempted from submitting proof of English proficiency if he has studied at least one year full-time or part-time after secondary studies.
  • An Indian student can get relief from submitting IELTS scores if he shows his AISSCE certificate issued by CBSE. Note: Students from Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat and Karnataka must have scored 65% or more on their board.
  • Those students may be relieved from submitting IELTS scores if they have at least three years of part-time remuneration with evidence of sharpening English skills in a specialised setting.

Universities in Australia without IELTS

Let us talk about the universities offering admission without IELTS in Australia. International students note that many Australian institutions accept the Australian Government and the Pearson Test of English, which depends on PTE scores. 

Let's take a quick look:

  1. The University of Adelaide
  2. The University of Queensland
  3. The University of South Australia
  4. Swinburne University of Technology
  5. The University of New South Wales
  6. Bond University

1. The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is in 114th position in the world university rankings. Suppose you want to apply to this university without submitting TOEFL or IELTS. 

In that case, you need to meet the following requirement:

  • They must complete the University of Adelaide's English Pathway course or possess a conditional acceptance letter from the Institute.
  • You must have passed the current degree program in the English language.
  • You will need to ask for a confirmation letter for the admission process from the previous institution to prove that you have completed the degree in the English language.

2. The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland has secured the 48th position in the World's Top Universities Ranking. 

To study at UQ, you will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Students from India will submit the All India Senior School Certificate with minimum marks.
  • They must hold HSC and SSC certificates provided by State boards of Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Gujarat with minimum marks.
  • Indian School Certificate with minimum marks.
  • At least five years of work experience in a business environment where the medium of communication is in English.

3. The University of South Australia

In the World University Rankings, the University of South Australia has been ranked 256th. 

Here is an eligibility requirement to study at The University of South Australia without IELTS:

  • CPE, Certification of proficiency, or Certificate in Advanced English with a minimum of 169.
  • PTE score (Both individual & overall) – 50
  • They must complete their secondary studies in Australia
  • TAFE SA course
  • CELUSA Language course level-4
  • Tertiary studies in Australia at least for 1-year, etc.

4. Swinburne University of Technology

In the world's top Universities Ranking, Swinburne secured 387th position. 

Students must meet the following criteria for studying at Swinburne University:

  • An applicant must have completed their tertiary or secondary in the English language.
  • Submission of a Confirmation letter.
  • Students from the following countries don't need any proficiency certificate:
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Hong Kong
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Students may enrol in the Swinburne University of Technology courses if they complete English for Academic Purposes.

5. The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales has secured the position of 45th in the world's ranking. 

You can get admission to the University of New South Wales after fulfilling the following criteria:

6. Bond University

Bond University is one of the best universities in the world. It has secured 443rd position in the world ranking. To be eligible for admission, you can finish Bond University's EAP level three for academic purposes.

Study in Australia Without IELTS: Eligibility Requirement

Requirements for the English Language

Instead of IELTS, students must submit a TOEFL or PTE score to apply to an Australian institution for study. Alternatively, you can also submit the medium of instruction certificate. The certificate is valid for students who have studied English for more than three years at their erstwhile educational institution. But, it is up to the university to decide whether you are eligible.

Academic Requirement

However, the eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of course. As an international student, you must meet the standard academic requirement presented by the Institute for each course at each entry-level.

Additional Requirement

An international student must submit the CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment), Evidence of Financial Funds, Health Insurance, and Genuine Temporary Applicant during the application process.

Alternative English Proficiency Test Accepted by Australia Universities Except IELTS

Here is the list of universities that have accepted the optional English proficiency test except for IELTS:


Alternative Exams

Minimum Score

University of South Australia


50 & 169 respectively

Victoria University


162, 42 to 49 respectively

University of Adelaide


90, 80 respectively

Macquarie University


180, 180, 58, B respectively

Bond University



Australian National University


70, 5.0 respectively

Australia Study visa without IELTS

To pursue higher education without appearing for IELTS, you are not restricted from applying for an Australian student visa.

Here is detail regarding the major requirement and application costs of the Visa:

  • An applicant must present proof of enrolment for studying in Australia. By showing this document, you will prove that your institution has accepted you and are eligible to enrol.
  • An applicant must possess OSHC, Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • Students who are exempted from submitting IELTS scores may need to be provided evidence during the application process if the authorities may require it.
  • Those applying for an Australia study visa need to submit proof of language skills when submitting a visa application. You must show proof of department-approved English test scores.

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How to Study in Australia without IELTS?

  • First of all, research the institute in Australia without IELTS and decide the course you want to choose.
  • Submit Documents, such as LOP, SOP, proof of work experience, passport, etc.
  • Appear for video interviews
  • You will get a letter of acceptance if you clear the PI round
  • Pay tuition fees.


Hopefully, the given information will help you study at an Australian university without appearing for an IELTS score. To get more information, you can contact AECC, a globally authorized education and visa consultancy that offers placement services to New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc.

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