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What is the Average Salary of Doctors in the UK?

"People pay the doctor for his trouble, for his kindness, they still remain in his debt" Seneca.

A doctor holds a reputed position in society. The practice of a doctor is priceless as he/she works for the survival of society. A doctor's salary is typically high around the world, irrespective of the country. Compared to other places, a doctor's average salary in the UK is high, and that can be one of the attractions for many Indian students to pursue a career in this nation. Apart from the salary benefits, doctors in the UK will get a chance to be a part of many medical innovations and research. A doctor's salary depends on qualifications, training, years of practice and experience. If you wish to know more about a doctor's salary in the UK, this blog will help you. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Doctor

Who is a doctor? A doctor is a medical practitioner with specialised training and licence who treats patients. Various specialist doctors are available such as a paediatrician, physicians, gynaecologists, and cardiologists. The responsibilities of a doctor in the UK are clearly mentioned by the General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK. A doctor is one who takes care of the patients as his/her first priority in order to improve their life expectancy. He/she must know their limitations and should work within them to improve their competence. Doctors must interfere if the patient's safety, comfort, or dignity are in danger. Doctors have to establish good relationships with patients and colleagues. A doctor must promote general health awareness and protect patients' health. The doctor should respect a patient's right to confidentiality.  

Average Salary of Doctors in the UK

The average salary of a doctor in the UK is GBP 74,800 (INR 70.21 lakhs) per annum. An MBBS doctor's salary in the UK is between GBP 61,300 to GBP 282,000 (INR 56.48 lakhs – INR 2.59 crores) per year. A doctor's salary in the UK differs with the speciality and experience. In the UK, a skilled doctor can earn up to GBP 120,000 (INR 1.12 crore) per year. Doctors with more than 20 years of experience can earn up to GBP 130,000 per year.

Doctor's Salary in the UK based on Specialisation

A doctor's salary in the UK differs with their training, specialisation, and qualification. A doctor's average salary in the UK has experienced a hike in basic pay and salary over the years. The difference in salary of a doctor is based on the speciality. The following table gives the details of a doctor's salary in the UK based on specialisation. 

Field of Specialisation

Average salary per year (in GBP)


GBP 130,000


GBP 88,000

Clinical Psychologist

GBP 222,000

Counselling Psychologist

GBP 177,000


GBP 223, 000


GBP 134, 000

Forensic Pathologist

GBP 198,000

General Medicine Practitioner

GBP 138,000

Genetic counsellor

GBP 119,000


GBP 175,000


GBP 118,000

Physician- Cardiology

GBP 267,000

Obstetrician Gynecologist

GBP 190,000


GBP 186,000


GBP 157,000


GBP 214,000


GBP 255,000


GBP 183,000

UK Doctors: Monthly Salary

A UK doctor's salary varies according to their experience. A trainee doctor can earn up to GBP 1,820 per month. An experienced MBBS doctor's salary can be GBP 6,640 per month. The average doctor's salary is about GBP 4,400 per month.

UK Doctor's Salary Based on Years of Experience

Experience is a key factor in determining a person's salary. A doctor's salary is significantly influenced by their level of experience. When you have more years of job experience, you will get a high salary, and you will be suitable for higher roles. A doctor in the UK with less than two years of experience can make roughly GBP 40,912 annually. A doctor with two to five years of experience can earn about 30% more money than juniors and freshers. So, according to experience, there will be a gradual hike in doctor's salaries in the UK.

Best Companies for Doctors to Work in the UK

The following are the top hospitals in the UK which provide high remuneration.

  • Ryminster Medical services – GBP 117,285
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – GBP 93,058
  • King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – GBP 80, 511
  • Cygnet Health care- GBP 81,893
  • St. Andrew's Healthcare – GBP 80,000

Cities Paying the Highest Doctor's Salaries in the UK

The salary of doctors in the UK depends on various cities. Generally, the salary structure is higher in metro cities, while it is slightly lower in small cities. Some of the top cities paying the highest salary for doctors are given below.

  • London – Average GBP 203,000 per year
  • Leeds – Average GBP 201,000 per year
  • Bermingham – Average GBP 200,000 per year
  • Sheffield – Average GBP 200,000 per year
  • Bristol – Average GBP 197,000 per year
  • Leicester- Average GBP 194,000 per year
  • Coventry – Average GBP 190,000 per year
  • Kingston upon hull- Average GBP 190,000 per year
  • Bradford – Average GBP 189,000 per year
  • Glasgow – Average GBP 186,000 per year
  • Derby – Average GBP 185,000 per year
  • Brighton – Average GBP 184,000 per year
  • Cardiff – Average GBP 182,000 per year
  • Edinburgh – Average GBP 181,000 per year
  • Belfast – Average GBP 176,000 per year
  • Liverpool – Average GBP 165, 833 per year
  • Exeter - Average GBP 143,000 per year

Doctor's Salary in the UK by Province

The average salary of a doctor in the UK varies according to which province he or she practises. The below list gives an idea about the salary in various UK provinces.

  • England – GBP 317, 000 per year
  • Scotland – GBP 234, 000 per year
  • Wales – GBP 159,000 per year
  • Northern Ireland – GBP 152, 000 per year

Career Options and Opportunities for Doctors in the UK

International students choose to study in the UK because of the high remuneration given to MBBS doctors in the country. It will be a great opening to ensure a lucrative and fertile career in medical sciences with a good salary. By pursuing MBBS from the UK, they can complete studies at a reputed university and can practise under the guidance of the best practitioner. After MBBS, they can apply for MS in medical sciences, which takes four to five years and a PhD in medical sciences which takes another four to five years.

Most Common Advantages of Doctors in the UK

Doctors hold a valuable position in society even though they have busy schedules. There are certain benefits which they hold as an MBBS doctor. They are granted paid study leave (sabbatical). While practising as a doctor, they can take leave in order to pursue higher studies. They can take paid annual leave and secure eight days of bank holidays. While practising, they can attend part-time training courses. Doctors acquire health insurance and dental and optical insurance. Apart from this, they can join the pension scheme, which helps them to make their life secure.


The doctor's average salary in the UK is higher than other jobs in the health and medical sector. Doctors in the public sector will earn more than private practitioners. An MBBS doctor can take extra shifts and hours in order to earn more. A general practitioner in the UK can work independently as a physician or can work in primary care organisations. They can opt for a doctoral degree in medicine or MD or MS in specialised fields, thereby advancing their career.

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