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There is a plethora of courses to study in Canada after 12th Commerce. Housing a respectable number of universities offering courses in the commerce stream, Canada has become one of the top places to learn such programs. Due to the innumerable career opportunities and international exposure, Canada attracts students worldwide. It ranges from popular courses like BCom to the ones considered some of the toughest exams in the world, like CA.

Canada offers a wide range of courses to choose from after 12th Commerce. While Science courses were thought to be the most coveted, commerce courses after class 12th are now topping the list.

Why Choose Canada After Grade 12?

Student-friendly environment, a wide variety of programs, high-tech institutions, pocket-friendly tuition fees, living expenses, and international exposure. Canada offers many benefits to international students who intend to kick-start their careers in North America. A member of the G-7 countries. Canada is globally renowned for its industrial excellence and advanced education system. The government is no more than a paradise for students willing to kick-start their careers after 12th as it offers an array of diplomas, bachelor's, and master's across the fields.
A valid study permit is enough for a student looking to work after studies as no separate work permits are required. However, those who plan to stay for a few more years require a work visa. Canada also experiences many seasonal changes, so there are many activities to partake in each season, such as skiing, sailing, hiking, etc.

Popular Courses in Canada after the 12th Commerce

Some popular courses in 12th Commerce are:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)- with this, students learn contemporary business practices across all areas, how to solve business problems and develop critical thinking from a global perspective. It is a 4-year course where intakes are enrolled in October, January, April, and July. The average fee is around $20,000- $25,000 annually.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – This is a four-year program where students learn the fundamentals of business management, including the various departments such as finance, marketing, accounting, organisational resources, and strategy. With a focus on developing good leadership and communication skills. The average fee charged for this course is around $25,000-$30,000 annually.

  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)- These deal with the basics of computer applications and software development. If you're looking to get into the IT sector, this is a popular course with experts in areas like networking to programming. It is also a 4-year course with an average fee of about $20,000-$25,000 annually.

  • Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT) – This significantly deals with issues bordering on international trade. Students are equipped with knowledge/skills about factors affecting imports and exports and the global markets.

  • Bachelor of Accounting- This four-year course focuses on a business's accounting aspects. It costs anywhere between $23,500-$68,500

  • Bachelor of Law (BAL) – This is popular among students looking to pursue a career in law. It heavily involves practical exposure through moot courts, internships, and case studies.

  • Bachelor in Journalism- This 3–4-year course prepares you with practical knowledge and emphasis2RCX D3 on publishing, editing, designs, etc. The average tuition for costs cost is around CAD 18,000-CAD 28,000.

  • Bachelor in Hospitality- This course includes event management, culinary management, tourism management, etc.

  • Bachelor in Hotel Management- This is a 2–4-year course that is quite similar to the bachelor's in hospitality

Diploma Programs after 12th Commerce in Canada

Canada welcomes a multitude of students for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. But apart from full-time courses, Canadian universities also offer 1–3-year Diploma courses. Listed below are a few.

Degree Programs after 12th Commerce in Canada

Listed below are some of the degree programs available in Canadian Universities after 12th Commerce.

Universities in Canada where you can study after the 12th commerce

With universities with world-class facilities and a vibrant student-friendly environment, it is no wonder that Canada is a popular destination for education among students worldwide. Listed below are some globally acclaimed universities to explore.





University of British Columbia


Supply-chain mgt, entrepreneurship, accounting, business technology


University of Calgary


Finance, accounting, business mgt, business technology, operations mgt


University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Marketing, finance & accounting, entrepreneurship 


University of Guelph


Business mgt, hospitality & tourism, food & Agric mgt, finance & accounting, housing mgt


Seneca College 


Financial services management, international business management, international accounting, and finance


Lake head University


Finance, Bus. Admin, Accounting


Document Requirement for studying in Canada after 12th Commerce

For any University admission, certain documents are required for the application process. For undergraduate courses in Canada, you will need the documents listed below at the time of your admission once you receive an offer letter.

What is the Minimum Percentage Required for Canada after the 12th?

Generally, you are required to score between 70-80% to gain admission into your dream university. However, your eligibility and admission criteria will be dependent on your test and language scores as well as the universities entry criteria.

Selection Systems for Indian Students in Canada
There are different ways in which Indian students can get into Canada and begin living there. Two of the common routes are – The Student Partnership program and The Student Direct Stream.

Student Partnership Program
This is an arrangement between the Canadian Colleges and the Canadian high commission in India. This program easily fast tracks visas for Indian visas for prospective students. Under this scheme, students can show fewer documents, and it takes less time to process their visas

The Student Direct Stream.
Under this scheme, international students get faster study permits which apply to many Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Express Entry and Provincial Nominee programs are used by students planning to migrate to Canada on a work visa.

Canada Student Visa Requirements to study after 12th Commerce

The application process can take up to seven weeks as it involves the processing of many documents, so it is advised to apply for a student visa accordingly. You would need to impress the immigration officer during the interview. Listed below are the required documents.

  • A valid acceptance letter from the university/college
  • Adequate funds to facilitate your education (living and tuition expenses)
  • Medical certificate highlighting a healthy mind and body
  • It should not be a security risk to Canada
  • No previous criminal records
  • Students are also advised to confirm from the university or state they would be in to ascertain if there are any additional requirements to be presented. Any missing forms could easily delay the application procedure and create a setback for the entire process.

What is the average pay scale for commerce graduates?

The field of commerce offers an array of well-paying career options for students and has seen an increase in demand for various job positions. As a commerce student, you would like to follow a professionally and socially satisfying career area which would also include a high-paying job that would lead to a comfortable lifestyle. The average pay scale of graduates in Finance, BCom, and accounting degrees working in various sectors in Canada are as follows:



Financial Analyst


Financial Controller

64,000- 110,000



Marketing Manager


HR Coordinator




Management Consultant


Investment Analyst


Finance Manager




Chartered Accountant


For all prospective students looking to study in Canada after 12th Commerce and have plans of pursuing a course in the best universities and colleges in Canada, hopefully, all of the information above has done well to give you some insight and direction as to what's to be expected. Canadian Universities are well reputed around the globe and provide students with a world-class curriculum at reasonable tuition fees along with great employment opportunities in a multi-cultural environment with special healthcare benefits for students.

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FAQs About Courses In Canada After 12th Commerce

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