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Global Business Management Course in Canada for Indian Students

Any global business management course in Canada will help you establish a settled business financially. It gives powerful control, accounting, finance, and strategy features, alongside support to expand conversation networks at a cross-cultural level. It also differentiates management knowledge of the business sector from a global context. Studying Global business management in Canada facilitates college students for profitable careers in numerous fields.

In Canada, they use industry-standard tools and techniques to transform raw data into meaningful information to support business decision-making. You can explore research potential business opportunities with an understanding of cultural, financial, legal, and distribution issues.

This is a perfect chance to take your business strategy global by understanding customer needs and gathering business requirements where you can identify the risks and financial rewards of different international investment alternatives.With your peers, create strategies and business plans to develop and support the global business presence of a company. You can also develop B2B sales and negotiation skills as well as a personal brand to launch a professional career in Canada or abroad.

Global Business Management Course in Canada: Course Highlights

International business management gives numerous possibilities to examine and specialize in disciplines and finance and legal work. There is an excellent scope of professional improvement in healthcare, insurance, finance, utilities, oil and gas extraction, mining, education, manufacturing, clinical and technical services, and more. After graduating, you may practice for the CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) or the FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) certifications, among different options. There are many employment possibilities in banking and economic services, e-commerce, delivery chain control, logistics, income and marketing, and more. This post-graduate programme will prepare you for a variety of business management positions. Learning with experienced international business experts, you will obtain a vital grasp of the critical parts of sustaining a worldwide business, as well as cultural orientation to Canada and the communication skills required to be effective in a global business setting. Within your first year of study, you will be exposed to fundamental international and Canadian business principles, as well as assist you enhance your English communication, math, and statistics skills. Advanced international business practises, such as supply chain management, marketing, sales and negotiation, e-commerce, finance, business analytics, and project management, will be covered in your second year, culminating in the construction of an international business capstone project

Why is Canada best for Global Business Management Courses?

1) Top Ranking Universities:-

Canada is known for its first-class training — a lot of its universities constantly are ranked in the top 100 amongst the global universities for the first-class in their business management programmes; McGill University, University of Toronto, University Canada West, Thompson Rivers University, and the University of Regina and University of British Columbia are some of the ranked universities.

2) Extensive range of courses:-

There are various courses available in Canada which give you the freedom and flexibility to consider other options.

3) Thriving business economy

Canada is a globally thriving economy which has one of the biggest GDPs globally and, in 2019, had fifty-six organizations on the Forbes Global 2000 list ranking 9th behind Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The economy is considered a strength superpower because of its significant quantity of natural assets and smaller population of 37 million. While the United States and the UK search for organizations to sponsor their employees' work visas, Canada has decided to create a competitive advantage. When you graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution, you're permitted to stay in Canada and work for a few years. The period of the work relies upon the period of your program. However, typically, if you finish a four-12 months course, your work visa may be issued for three years.

4) High investment in returning back

Canadian universities provides stellar training at a smaller fee tag than a few different worldwide schools. Studying business overseas affords extra benefits — worldwide experience tells employers that you are assured to make your personal decisions. The student can adapt to alternate methods, shape into particular environments, and suppose in your feet. Learning approximately different cultures and customs is extraordinarily essential for businesses, mainly as they increase on the worldwide market. 

List of Global Business Management Courses in Canada

Canada offers a diverse range of Global Business Management courses, catering to students aiming to enhance their expertise in international business practices. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills required in the global business environment.


1. Ontario College Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

2. Ontario College Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

3. Ontario College Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

4. Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in International Business

5. Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

6. Two-Year Post-graduate Certificate

7. Two-Year Post-graduate Certificate

8. Post-Degree Diploma in International Business Management

9. Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

10. Ontario College Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

Top Universities in Canada for Global Business Management Courses

Global business management in Canada may be pursued in several colleges. Choosing a college that offers a unique analyzing environment, eminent professors, and an elegant direction is as critical as selecting a stream. Some of the famous universities that provide first-rate 1-12 months graduate certificate programs and additionally 12 months postgraduate programs in Canada are:

University Name

Tuition Fee (in CAD)

Course offered

Humber College

26,875 CAD

1-year graduate certificate program

McGill University

25,195 CAD

1-year post-graduate program

George Brown College

15,117 CAD

1-year graduate certificate program

Memorial University of Newfoundland

1,679 CAD

1-year graduate certificate program

Conestoga College

24,642 CAD

1-year post-graduate program

Centennial College

25,876 CAD

1-year post-graduate program

Eligibility Criteria to study Global Business Management course in Canada

Candidates want to fulfil specific necessities to study for a postgraduate degree or masters in Canada. Given under are the common eligibility standards for the same:

Qualifications Criteria


No specific is cutoff mentioned


Bachelor’s degree placed in the First Division/Class, university transcripts



Marks - 88/120

With no single test score below 22


Marks - 61/90


Marks - 6.5/9

With no single test score below 6.0

Other eligibility criteria

Applicants with the following backlog summary are accepted: 

Bachelor’s degree- 3 years: 3 backlogs 

Bachelor’s degree- 4 years: 6 backlogs 

Master’s degree: 4 backlogs 10+3 Curriculum: 4 backlogs

Application Process to Study Global Business Management Courses in Canada

Step 1: Additional files required Scanned copies of original licensed secondary faculty graduation transcripts for degree and diploma programs. All files should be followed with the aid of using a notarized, reliable translation into English (wherein applicable). Proof of English language skill ability looks at scores Portfolio & written statement.
Step 2: Start the online application.
Step 3: Application expenses for this course CAD 75 =C INR. Forty-seven Thousand Mode of payment: Credit card, Debit card, Wire cash transfer 
Step 4: Application deadline Fall (Sep 2023): Feb 1, 2023

Documents Required to study Global Business Course in Canada

  • Candidates ought to publish their graduation transcripts.
  • SOP - Statement of purpose
  • Visa of Canada for Indian Students
  • LOR – letter of recommendation

Additional files required:-
  • Scanned copies of authentic licensed secondary faculty graduation transcripts for degree and diploma programs (All files should be followed with the aid of using a notarized, reliable translation into English (wherein applicable). Proof of English language skill ability)
  • Portfolio & written statement, if relevant Undergraduate transcripts & backlog summary 

Global Commercial Business Management Scholarships in Canada

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships: The Trudeau Foundation give some scholarships, fellowships and mentorships to worldwide college students for doctoral degree project to study in Canada at decided institutions.

Scholarship name


Narotamseksaria's Scholarship


K.C Mahindra Scholarships for PG studies abroad


Hani Zeini Scholarship


Harvey fellowship


Ritchei- Jennings memorial Scholarship


Jared J. Davis Grant


Centre sector scheme of national overseas scholarship for SC etc. Candidates

Need & Merit

Gyandhan scholarship


Jobs and Salary After Global Business Management Course in Canada

Graduates of Global Business Management courses in Canada have access to a diverse range of career opportunities in the international business sector. These roles often come with competitive salaries, reflecting the specialized skills and knowledge required in global business operations. The following table provides an overview of potential job titles and their average annual salaries in Canada:

Job Title

Average Salary (CAD/Year)

International Business Manager


Global Marketing Manager


Business Development Manager


International Trade and Compliance Specialist


Global Supply Chain Manager


International Sales Manager


Export Manager


International Business Consultant


International Finance Manager


Global Operations Manager


Studying abroad could be a long and tedious process however at AECC with expert counsellors. The Counsellors will guide you through every step and help you attain your dreams at ease. They will assist with visas, courses, universities, and more.


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