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Discover Canada: Unveiling Surprising and Interesting Facts About Canada

Interesting Facts About Canada

When it comes to studying abroad, only a few options come to mind: the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada! And when considering the cost, quality of education, and academic excellence, the options will be minimised to just one option: Canada. The Canadian federal government's cosy and inviting nature, adaptable regulations, and the availability of countless instructional training courses, tuition charges, and living costs favour global students. We provide you with interesting facts about Canada here.

Canada isn't just about stunning landscapes and friendly faces. It's a treasure chest of stories and facts waiting to be discovered, each more surprising than the last.

Facts About the International Students in Canada

International students in Canada are increasing every year because of the quality of education and the Canadian job opportunities provided in Canada. References and recommendations are essential for international students to get employment in the Canadian job market. The number of international students registered in Canadian universities at all levels of education has been growing more quickly. Many students need to know that potential opportunities might lead to quality employment and permanent residence status after graduation. In any given year, Canadian universities welcome over 205,000 international students. Like you, many international students decide to study in Canada.

Surprising Facts About Canada

1. "Eh" is Officially Recognized

The famous Canadian interjection "Eh" is not just slang but an actual word in the Oxford English Dictionary, used to express inquiry, surprise, or to elicit agreement.

2. A Canadian Co-created Superman

Superman, the iconic American superhero, was co-created by Canadian comic book artist Joe Shuster and writer Jerry Siegel in the 1930s. Their creation has become a staple of American culture, yet it has its roots in Canada.

3. Unique Gravitational Anomaly in Hudson Bay

Canada's Hudson Bay region experiences less gravity than anywhere else in the world, a phenomenon dating back to the last ice age. This gravitational anomaly means you'd weigh slightly less here than in other parts of the world.

4. High Foreign-born Population

About 23% of Canada's population is foreign-born, making it the most diverse country among the G8 nations. This diversity is most pronounced in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta.

5. World's Most Educated Country

Over 56% of Canadian adults hold a college degree, the highest proportion among developed nations. This reflects Canada's commitment to quality education and its importance to the Canadian identity.

6. Santa Claus's Official Address is in Canada

Santa Claus, a beloved figure of Christmas folklore, officially resides in Canada, according to postal tradition. Letters sent to Santa at his North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada address receive a response, a testament to Canada's embrace of this magical Christmas tradition.

7. Leading Producer of Maple Syrup

Canada, particularly the province of Quebec, produces 72 percent of the world's maple syrup, making it a significant contributor to the global supply of this sweet treat.

These intriguing facts about Canada showcase its diverse culture, innovative spirit, and the unexpected roles it plays on the global stage, inviting us to explore and appreciate the depth of this remarkable country.

Ready to turn these fascinating facts into your everyday reality? AECC is here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to studying in Canada. Contact AECC today to start planning your Australian educational adventure and take the first step towards an unforgettable international study experience!  


What are the most interesting things about Canada?

The North American country Canada has two official languages - English and French. It is the Second largest country in the World after Russia. Canada has the Autumn Maple Leaf as its National Symbol. 

Why do Indian students choose Canada for higher study?

High quality education, internships, apprenticeships, excellent pedagogy, qualified professors/lecturers, research-based education are some of the top reasons Indian students choose Canada for higher education.

How good is Canada for Indian students?

Canada ranks in the second position as the favourite study-abroad destination for international students. Also, the country ranks 6th on the Global Peace Index making it as one of the safest countries to live and study. Also the work opportunities are immense for qualified graduates. These reasons make Canada one of the preferred countries for higher education by Indian students.

Did you know facts about studying in Canada?

About 60% of international students study in Canada which makes about 621,565 students, Student Health benefits, 6th safest country to study in Canada are the impressive education facts about Canada.

Is life easy for Indian students in Canada?

Yes. Being one of the safest countries and by offering part-time work opportunities for international students, life is made easy for Indian as well as International students in Canada.

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