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Masters in Mathematics in Germany for Indian Students

"Mathematics is a place where you can do things which you can't do in the real world."

– Marcus du Sautoy

German universities provide excellent Mathematics degrees that are both qualitative and comprehensive. Germany is one of the few countries that offer high-quality education at a reasonable price. When you investigate the benefits of pursuing your Mathematics degree in Germany, you will discover numerous reasons to travel to the land of poets and thinkers to pursue your dream career. Because of Germany's global reputation for scientific research, innovation, and technology, studying Mathematics in Germany is an exciting adventure. In addition, the fascinating outdoors and exploration opportunities in Germany enhance the overall experience.

This blog will give you a round-up of everything you need to know about MS in Mathematics in Germany, like universities, fees, scholarships, career prospects and much more.

Why Study Masters in Mathematics in Germany?

The number of Indian students studying in Germany exceeds the global average by five times, making Indians the second largest group of international students in Germany.

Let us look at why you should choose Germany for your Master's in Mathematics degree.

  • Germany is home to the "Prince of Mathematics", Carl Friedrich Gauss.
  • Germany is home to some of the world's best universities. By choosing to study in Germany, students ensure that they will receive a world-class education and practical training at state-of-the-art universities throughout the country.
  • Because Germany has such a rich history and a strong presence of universities/colleges throughout the country, there are a large number of Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, language, and certificate courses that are tailored to the preferences of most students who want to study in Germany.
  • The language barrier is one of the most challenging aspects of studying in any European country.
  • You will be awarded fully and partially funded scholarships from Germany. Universities, private institutions, and the government will host them. These can pay for your tuition, health insurance, living and transportation costs, as well as provide you with a monthly allowance.
  • Students can choose their university and courses more freely now that high fees are no longer a barrier.
  • Mathematics majors can find work as Mathematicians, Statisticians, Actuaries, Maths Professors, Operations Research Analysts, Data Analysts, Software Engineers, and Sound Engineers, to name a few.

Masters in Mathematics in Germany: Course Highlights

The highlights of the German Mathematics Master's program will be helpful to you. As such, learning the fundamentals of the course will be easier.

Name of the Course

Master’s in Mathematics

Degree Level


Course Mode


Course Duration

1- 2 years 

Tuition fees

EUR 270 - EUR 282 per year

Admission Process

Entrance Exam

Top Institutions Abroad

University of Passau, University of Münster, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, TU Dortmund University, University of L´Aquila, University of Göttingen

Career Prospects

Cryptographer, Math teacher, Math tutor, Accountant, GIS Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Data Analyst, Operations Research Analyst

Average Annual Starting Salary

EUR 40,000 - EUR 77,000

Best Universities for Masters in Mathematics in Germany

German universities provide outstanding, thorough, and inexpensive Mathematics degrees. Germany is one of the few nations that offer high-quality education at reasonable tuition fees. When you examine the benefits of earning a Mathematics degree in Germany, you will discover the numerous reasons to pursue your dream job in the nation of poets and intellectuals. 


QS Ranking 2023



Average annual fees (in INR)

University of Passau 


Computational Mathematics

1 - 2 years

INR 99,000

Saarland University


Mathematics and Computer Science

1 - 2 years


University of Augsburg


Mathematics International 

1 - 2 years


University of Hamburg


Mathematical Physics

1 - 2 years


Technical University of Munich


Master's in Mathematics

1 - 2 years

INR 1,10,000

Humboldt University of Berlin


Master's in Mathematics

1 - 2 years

INR 31,500

RWTH Aachen University 


Master's in Mathematics

1 - 2 years


Heidelberg University


Master's in Mathematics

1 - 2 years


University of Stuttgart


Master's in Mathematics

1 - 2 years

INR 2,60,000

Masters in Mathematics in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for Master's in Germany varies depending on the university to which you wish to apply. However, we have provided some of the most important eligibility criteria for admission to any German university below.

  • Relevant Bachelor's degree with a minimum CGPA of 7.5.
  • English proficiency scores (IELTS - 6.5 / TOEFL - 60 -90)
  • Most universities require GMAT/GRE scores for admission.

NOTE: In Germany, there are two kinds of Master's and two types of sequences: consecutive and non-consecutive. The Consecutive Master's is concerned with your academic advancement. The Non-Consecutive Master's, on the other hand, focuses on your professional development. As a result, if you choose a Non-Consecutive course, you must have prior work experience.

Masters in Mathematics in Germany: Admission Process

Applying to universities in Germany is a relatively easy task. Almost all universities follow the same procedure. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the process before applying. Remember that if you make an error, your application will be rejected.

The procedure that you must follow is outlined below.

  • Make a list of the courses and universities you want to attend.
  • Register on the university's website.
  • Log in and enter all of your credentials.
  • Submit all required documents, such as academic transcripts and language proficiency test scores.
  • Pay the application fees and submit them.
  • After receiving your admission letter, obtain health insurance, make financial arrangements, and fly to your university.

Masters in Mathematics in Germany: Documents Required

The eligibility requirements can vary significantly depending on the university you apply to. You may be required to submit a few documents, which are given below.

  • Academic documents of the recent qualifying examination.
  • Relevant Bachelor's degree.
  • English and German proficiency test scores.
  • GRE/GMAT score is required for some universities.
  • English Test scores: TOEFL - 90, IELTS - 6.5.
  • German Test scores: DSH Level II or I, Goethe - C1 or C2 level, TestDaf - Level 2-4.
  • CV/Resume.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Work experience, if required.
  • Health insurance.
  • Valid Passport.

Cost of Studying Masters in Mathematics in Germany

Studying in Germany is less expensive than studying anywhere else in the world. If you need a ballpark figure, it could range from EUR 3000 to EUR 17,000 per year. Living costs in Germany vary from EUR 5000 to EUR 8000 per year, so the total cost is estimated to be between EUR 75,000 and EUR 1,00,000 per year.

  • Public universities: INR 0
  • Private universities: EUR 15,000
  • Living cost: EUR 10,332/year

Let us quickly review the other costs of a Master's degree in Germany.

Fees components

Average Amount (in INR)


INR 99,011

Enrollment Fee

INR 8762

Semester ticket

INR 34,785


INR 1,42,558

Scholarships for Masters In Mathematics in Germany

Both need-based grants and scholarships are offered to students of MS in Germany. A majority of scholarships available to international students applying to German universities are provided by public and private institutions. Several of the well-known Master's scholarships offered in Germany are

Scholarship Name

Average Amount (in INR)

Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships

up to INR 20,00,000

K.C. Mahindra Scholarships For Post-Graduate Studies Abroad

INR 8,00,000

Hani Zeini Scholarship

INR  82,460

GyanDhan Scholarship

INR 1,00,000

Dr Jade Malay High Achiever Scholarship

INR 82,460

Jobs & Salary After Masters in Mathematics in Germany

After completing your Master's degree, Germany is brimming with opportunities. You will have several job options. Many students pursue a Master's degree because it provides them with better job opportunities and higher-quality education. In Germany, the typical post-MS pay varies from EUR 46,000 to EUR 1,10,000 annually. The table below contains a list of jobs and their average salaries.

Job Role 

Average Annual Pay (in EUR)


EUR 1,01,379

Math Teacher

EUR 1,12,256


EUR 60,000

GIS Analyst

EUR 44,431

Statistical Analyst

EUR 36,400

Data Analyst

EUR 55,000

Operations Research Analyst

EUR 77, 125

Students can choose from various Master's programs in Mathematics to advance their knowledge and career opportunities. Numerous Master's programs in Mathematics provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue careers as Engineers, Actuaries, Statisticians, Mathematicians, Operations Research Analysts, or Teachers in elementary or secondary schools. Because Germany is known for its advancements in Science and Technology, the skills you will gain during your Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies in Mathematics will be helpful in various industries.

Mathematics graduates with the skills acquired during their education can pursue lucrative careers. In Germany, for example, the average monthly salary of a Statistician is around EUR 6000. A Mathematician earns about EUR 6000 per month, and an Actuary makes around EUR 5000 per month. In general, your salary will be determined by your professional experience as well as the size of the company. However, as a Mathematics major student in Germany, you can expect to earn a good living.

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