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Which Country Provides Free Education to Study Abroad?

In recent times, throughout the globe, schooling has been reduced to a commodity. In many nations, kids from low-income homes are now financially challenged to pursue a quality university education. But there's no need to wallow in hopelessness and depression. There are many opportunities to study abroad for free if you have high aspirations, a solid academic record, and a competitive spirit. Optimal choice? Send your application to places where Education is free by knowing which country provides free Education.

It should be noted that this Education's quality has nothing to do with being provided at no cost. In reality, many undergraduate and graduate programmes in nations where Education is free are ranked among the finest in the world. Without further ado, let's look at which country provides free Education without breaking the bank. 

List of Countries Providing Free Education

Every college student has a secret desire to study in a foreign nation. The educational system in several countries is highly developed; hundreds of courses are available. However, many families cannot afford today's exorbitant higher education costs. You may continue your study at no cost since certain nations offer overseas students free or significantly reduced tuition. One of the most significant advantages of studying abroad is the low cost of living. Here is a list of countries that provides free Education.

  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • France
  • Spain

Free Education Countries for Indian Students


Germany, one of the EU's most productive countries, would only be adequately represented on a list of countries with free Education if included. Regarding studying abroad for free, Germany is often considered one of the best countries to visit. More than thousand-degree programmes are available at German institutions, demonstrating their commitment to international students.

Some schools, such as Heidelberg University, the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Munich, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, etc., now provide total tuition subsidies to overseas students.


Norway has off of the world's best universally accessible higher education systems. Most Norwegian universities and state university institutions get funding from the Norwegian government. As a result, higher Education at Norway's public institutions is entirely free. The most significant thing is that students from both EU and non-EU nations may take advantage of Norway's free higher education system.


Ireland, located on the island of Britain, is steeped in history, culture, and literature. Every year, the nation invests more than €800 million in its higher education system. As a result, all citizens of Ireland and the European Union are eligible for fully funded university education. Students from outside the area may take advantage of several scholarships that provide full tuition coverage. In this respect, the advice of any competent specialist will serve you better. You can get a free education at places like the University of Limerick, the Cork Institute of Technology, and the Dublin Business Management School.


Students with valid passports from the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland may study in Sweden at no cost. Undergraduate and graduate students outside the European Union (EU) often must pay tuition.

How, however, do you get a free education in Sweden?

Free tuition is available to schools that have established exchange programmes with their Swedish counterparts. Scholarships from Lund University, Stockholm University, Skovde University, and many more are readily accessible to overseas students.
In addition, many PhD programmes at Swedish institutions are accessible to all students and provide a wage. You may find opportunities to research in English, but in many cases, you can even be paid for it!


Free higher Education is available in Denmark, but exclusively to EU/EAA citizens. However, overseas students accepted to a university in Denmark via an exchange programme are exempt from paying tuition. Scholarships like Erasmus Mundus/Joint Master Degree, Nordplus, and many more are readily available from the Danish government and open to students outside the European Union. If you have questions regarding the scholarships they provide and whether or not you qualify, contact the schools you are interested in attending.


Finland is another nation that only allows students from the EU to get free tuition. Finland was one of the nations that provided free higher education to all citizens until 2017. Scholarships make it possible to study in Finland without paying anything out of pocket. If you're a student from outside the European Union, you may still get a free education in Finland if you enrol in a programme taught in Finnish or Swedish.


Austria is a popular location for international students because of its relatively inexpensive tuition. Students from the European Union and the European Economic Area do not have to pay tuition in Austria; instead, they pay just a small fee to cover administrative and semester expenses. International students are required to pay tuition; however, the cost is lower than in many European nations. In addition, students from underdeveloped countries may not have to pay tuition at several public colleges.


Among the greatest nations offering free (or reduced cost) Education is France, albeit mainly aimed at students from the EU/EEA. Attending a public university in France is rather expensive for students outside Europe. But you can still go to school in France without spending a dime! The French government has increased the number of available scholarships for overseas students by a factor of three in recent years. If you do not come from a country in the European Union or the European Economic Area, you may still take advantage of subsidised or free tuition in France.


EU students pay $0 tuition at a Spanish institution, whereas international students from outside the EU pay a modest charge. Living costs are low as well, making this a desirable option. International students studying at Spanish public universities pay between €750 and €2,500 per year in tuition, whereas EU students pay nothing. Tuition per credit hour may be required for international graduate students. The average living cost in Spain is estimated to be between €10,800 and €13,200 per year. The QS Best Student Cities list has Barcelona at number 21 overall, along with Madrid and Valencia.

Top Universities Offering Free Education

Name of Institution



University of Helsinki



Technical University of Munich



The University of Bergen



University of Cologne



Aalto University



Universität Hamburg



University of Barcelona



LUT University



Tampere University



RWTH Aachen University



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