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Masters In Culinary Arts In UK for Indian Students


The study of culinary arts provides students with a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cooking, baking, presentation, and restaurant management. Students in culinary arts also study food science, nutrition, and dietary education. If you want to maximise your education, you might consider studying culinary arts in the United Kingdom, a popular study abroad destination and a global leader in higher education.

Studying culinary arts abroad in the United Kingdom is the ideal way to see the country's beauty and culture. A day in the life of a culinary arts student consists mostly of attending lectures and seminars led by industry experts.

Courses in Culinary Arts focus on the study of preparing, cooking, and presenting food/meals effectively and attractively. It also imparts the technical and management abilities necessary for success in the hotel industry's culinary sector.

In the United Kingdom, professional experience is also essential to a culinary arts degree. Frequently, students will participate in an internship or an apprenticeship that will give them the skills necessary to thrive in a career after graduation. Numerous students pursue careers as cooks and restaurant managers.

Why Pursue Masters In Culinary Arts In UK?

The Culinary Arts course will enhance your knowledge of classical culinary techniques and how to adapt it to the modern international culinary environment.

  • World-renowned universities: Universities in the United Kingdom are internationally renowned for food and hospitality training. The Culinary Arts course will enhance your knowledge of classical culinary techniques and how to adapt them to the modern international culinary environment.
  • Updated Curriculum: You'll learn about innovation, recipe development, and food product development, as well as how to satisfy evolving customer wants and research trends, as well as how to manage culinary operations as profit centres.
  • Job placement and opportunities: Not only will the vastly experienced lecturers and outstanding kitchen and food development facilities support you on campus, but you'll also have the opportunity to demonstrate your culinary skills and knowledge in the industry through an optional six-month placement, laying the groundwork for a career in senior management.

In the United Kingdom, professional experience is vital to a culinary arts degree. Students are frequently required to participate in an internship or apprenticeship that will teach them the skills they will need to thrive in a career after graduation. Many students go on to work as professional chefs and restaurant managers after graduation.

Highlights of Studying Culinary Arts in UK

Studying in the United Kingdom is a unique experience that is renowned globally.

  • You will have access to the professional standard kitchens, award-winning restaurants, and state-of-the-art food creation facilities as a student of Culinary Arts Management master's degree or postgraduate diploma.
  • Provide opportunities for firsthand experience in various restaurants across the UK. The student progresses from serving quick food to silver service.
  • In the United Kingdom, you will study classical culinary and cooking techniques and adapt them to new culinary trends. Innovation, formula and nutrition development will be important components of your entire competence.
  • Given the unique nature of the UK as a melting pot of different cultures, cuisines and interests, a Culinary Arts course from the UK provides opportunities to learn not just about British culture but also from people of other cultures and origins.

Universities in UK for Masters In Culinary Arts

Even though the UK has excellent culinary arts degree programmes, a few places stand out for being particularly well-liked by students studying the culinary arts. If you don't know where to look for a culinary arts degree in the UK, think about going to one of the following studies abroad locations:


QS Ranking 

Course Offered 


Le Cordon Bleu, London


Master of Science in Culinary Innovation Management

£19,200 p.a.

University College, Birmingham


Master of Arts in Culinary Arts Management

£14,500 p.a.

Birkbeck, University of London


Master of Science in Culinary Innovation Management

£12,450 p.a.

Eligibility requirements to Masters In Culinary Arts In UK

The eligibility requirements for Masters in Culinary Arts in UK could be briefed as follows:

  • Applicants must possess a minimum grade classification of 2:2 in one of the following subject areas: Culinary Arts Management, Hospitality Management, Food Nutrition and Preparation, Food Innovation, Food Technology, or Professional Cooking, or their international equivalent
  • Applicants must hold a three-year degree with a minimum grade point average of 60 percent or a four-year degree with a minimum grade point average of 55 percent.
  • In the first instance, applicants having a three-year degree with a grade point average between 55 and 60 percent or a four-year degree with a grade point average between 50 and 55 percent will be admitted to the postgraduate diploma program.
  • Applicants with a degree in an unrelated discipline must present evidence of employment.
  • You must have five years of relevant managerial experience and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the industry for the subject you choose to pursue.

Admission Process to Study Masters In Culinary Arts In UK

Applications to universities in the United Kingdom that offer culinary degrees are filed through the UCAS portal for bachelor's programs and the university's website for master's programs. In detail, here is the application procedure:
  • Visit the UCAS website or university webpage
  • Examine the course outline and prerequisites for enrollment.
  • Click on the individual university's application form
  • You must first establish an account by providing your mobile number or email address.
  • You will receive an email or text message on your registered number with your login information and verification code.
  • Use the provided login credentials and enter your personal information ( name, gender, date of birth).
  • Enter your academic credentials and upload the necessary documentation.
  • Choose the program and submit the application fee.
  • Each university has its own application cost, which can be paid via debit/credit card or internet banking.
  • You can track the status of your application through your account after you have submitted it. Some universities will require selected students to participate in a virtual interview.

Documents Required

Here is a list of the documents required for admission to a Master's programme in Culinary Arts in the UK:

Cost of Studying in Masters in Culinary Arts in UK

A full-time master's degree may cost £35,700 (36.8 Lacs), yet a day-long course may cost as little as £65 (6703). A full-time course cost can be considered a multi-decade career's annual income, making it a long-term investment. This cost is also mitigated by excellent financing and scholarship options available.

Scholarships to Study Masters In Culinary Arts In UK

It is common for students to look for scholarships and fee waivers when deciding whether to commit to a foreign university program or not. There are various opportunities for students opting for Masters in Culinary Arts in the UK in terms of financing, scholarships, grants and bursaries. Further, living costs in the UK are reasonable, especially when considering places outside major cities like London.

Some of the common scholarships available for international students are as follows:



Culinary Arts and Business Degree Scholarship at Le Cordon Bleu


International Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction- India and Nigeria (at Birkbeck, University of London)

10% of tuition fee waiver

Masters Intern Bursary (University of Birmingham)

Full tuition fee waiver

Chevening Scholarships

Tuition fee and Living costs

Jobs & Salary After Masters In Culinary Arts In UK

Courses in culinary arts include cooking techniques and the presentation of diverse cuisines in a restaurant setting. After completing studies in culinary arts, there are several career possibilities. Typical recruiting sectors include hotels, resorts, cruise ships, educational institutions, and culinary colleges.

Here are some of the top career profiles for those who have completed courses in culinary arts: 

Job role 


Salary in GBP

Executive Chef

An Executive Chef produces recipes, creates menus, and directs kitchen operations.


Banquet Chef

In banquet and catering events, plans, controls, and organises the employees, food preparation, and catering.


Food production manager

They are in charge of ensuring that production processes function well and negotiating budgets and timelines with clients.


Catering Director

Organizes and manages the catering.



Evaluate a patient's nutritional requirements and develop a nutritious meal in response.


Food Critic

Their role is to review food so that a reader knows a restaurant's service and food quality.


Food scientists

They investigate and create various components and meals to ensure that they are safe for human consumption.


Culinary Arts is a burgeoning field with many applications and career growth opportunities. After earning a Master's in Culinary Arts in the United Kingdom, you have a multitude of employment alternatives from which to pick. In the future, the number of career alternatives (and, therefore, the number of job prospects within each option) is projected to increase. Thus, a Masters in Culinary Arts in the UK puts you in the best position to capitalise on this steady increase in demand for professionals in the Food and Hospitality industry.

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