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Masters in Healthcare Management UK for Indian Students


In the United Kingdom, a master's degree in healthcare management equips a person to work in critical medical situations across the healthcare spectrum. Healthcare Management Masters programmes in the United Kingdom provide students with the skills they need to become effective healthcare managers who can ensure that the clinic or hospital runs smoothly and within budget. The MSc Health Care UK programme ensures that graduates can run a clinic or hospital daily while keeping the organisation's, people's, and community's best interests in mind. MSc Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom enables graduates to build communication skills that aid in maintaining proper relationships with doctors, employees, and patients, as well as delivering information to the media and the general public. Masters in Healthcare Management graduates in the United Kingdom are responsible and calculated enough to make decisions on performance evaluation, patient and doctor expectations, and information to be shared with the public and kept confidential.

Masters in Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom gives sufficient financial and analytical understanding to assist healthcare managers in making decisions about invoicing, budgeting, and other facility expenses. Master Healthcare Management UK aims to provide students with hands-on training to guarantee that they have learned all the necessary abilities to run a real-world clinic or hospital without any flaws. Students interested in pursuing a managerial job in the medical profession might consider pursuing a master's degree in healthcare management in the United Kingdom. Masters in Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom is your ticket to working in the medical field without having to work in an operating room, administering medicine, or providing direct patient care. A healthcare manager is the foundation of any medical facility, such as a doctor or hospital, but if this is your dream job, the Master Healthcare Management UK course is for you.

Why Study Masters in Healthcare Management UK?

In recent years, the term healthcare management has expanded beyond hospitals, with the scope of healthcare management now encompassing a wide range of sectors, making it a suitable career option for international students.

The UK's healthcare system, according to the Commonwealth Fund, is the greatest in the world, stressing predictive, preventive, and customised healthcare management.
Improved and latest technologies, Better health awareness in the field of medicine, and health regulations are predicted to generate a 20% growth in the range of healthcare management in the UK by 2026.
The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is the world's most extensive healthcare system and a top employer for master's in healthcare management graduates.
Depending on your field of work, the typical pay when you leave the system ranges from 28,000 to 38,000 euros.

Masters in Healthcare Management UK - Course Highlights

Courses Available

Primary Care, Global Health, Health Economics, Public Health, 


1 Year


Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60%

Average Tuition Fees

20,000 Euros to 45,000 Euros

Scores Required


Average Salary

37,880 Euros to 42,860 Euros

Top Recruiting Companies

Global Data, National Health Service Scheme, Greenwich Council,

Top Universities for Masters in Healthcare Management UK

Here is the list of top universities in UK offered healthcare management courses for international students:

Name of the Universities

QS World Ranking 2022

Fees per Annum (Euro)

University of Glasgow



University of Warwick



University of Bristol



The London School of Economics & Political Science



King’s College London



The University of Manchester



The University of Edinburgh



University College London



University of Cambridge



University of Oxford



Masters in Healthcare Management UK: Eligibility

  • Applicants must have earned at least an upper second-class honors degree in a related field, such as psychology, medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, geography, biological sciences, veterinary science, pharmacy, statistics, politics, or social science.
  • Candidates with strong academic performance in their undergrad course and a demonstrable sense of public healthcare via job experience, volunteer, or research will be given priority.
  • Those who have learned math or stats as a course in their undergrad course, at A- level, or similar will be given preferential treatment.

Masters in Healthcare Management UK: Admission Process

  • International students interested in applying to universities can do so on the university's or program's website.
  • Some universities and colleges use the UCAS portal to submit applications.
  • The typical application price for a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management programmes is between 51 and 91 euros.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Masters in Healthcare Management UK: Documents Required

Include your professional experience, school credentials, project specifics (if applicable), internship information, a list of extra - curricular activities, and your interests on your resume.

Educational Mark Sheets: from tenth grade through the end of the year.
Bachelor's Documents are a consolidated result sheet you receive from your college.
Letters of Recommendation: To study in the United Kingdom, you need two letters of recommendation. These must be printed on your college, school or employer's letterhead, stamped and signed.
Statement of Purpose for Studying in the United Kingdom: This should be a 1.5-2 page essay.
Job Experience or Intern Letters: UK universities would be interested in learning about your experiences following graduation, even if you are going for a postgraduate program.
Exam Scores: IELTS or PTE test scores are required by most UK universities. When you obtain the physical copy of the score, you can send it as a scanned copy.
Community service, Extracurriculars, social work, voluntary work, and other certificates should be mentioned. Certificates of participation should not be included.
The first and end pages of the passport, as well as any correction pages.
Photo: A passport-size photo
The application form for every UK institution must be completed and returned to the institution.

Tuition Fees for Masters in Healthcare Management UK

For local students, the expenses of Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom are £13,510. On the other hand, international students must pay £15,600 for a Healthcare Management degree in the United Kingdom. Candidates should budget for Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom costs before applying for the programme, as this will give them an indication of the costs they will pay while studying in the United Kingdom.

The cost of a Masters in Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom will likely differ from one institution to the next. Still, it will often include tuition and the expense of university study materials. As a result, applicants must include expenses such as lodging, food, medicine, and sports while evaluating the cost of an MSc in Healthcare Management in the United Kingdom.

Scholarships Masters in Healthcare Management UK


Amount Granted (euros)

Felix Scholarships

15,840 towards living cost

100% Tuition Fee Waiver

Rhodes Scholarship at University of Oxford

Accommodation, Covers tuition fees, health insurance, travel expenses

Cambridge Masters Studentship


Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Tuition Cost Covered

Warwick Chancellor's International Scholarships

maintenance stipend covered, Tuition fees

Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship

Three awards 2,000

David Vowles Postgraduate Scholarships


Great Scholarship

11,000 for one year only

Think Big Scholarship

5,000-20,000 Tuition fee rewards


Jobs After Masters in Healthcare Management UK

In the United Kingdom, healthcare managers earn between 37,887 and 42,875 euros a year. The rising demand will necessitate a more seasoned and specialised staff, and earning an MS in Healthcare Management while studying in the United Kingdom could be the answer.

Job Roles

Average Salary (Euros)

Healthcare Manager


Healthcare Administrator




Facility Manager




Public Health Educator


Healthcare Consultant


Health Information Management


Hospital Administrator


Nurse Manager



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FAQs About Masters in Healthcare Management UK

Is healthcare management in demand in UK?

Healthcare management is in significant demand throughout the UK, in hospitals, clinics, consulting businesses, insurance companies, and other private and public healthcare facilities. Additionally, graduates are frequently hired by public institutions like the NHS.

Is a Masters in healthcare management worth it?

Unquestionably valuable is a master's degree in healthcare administration. Greater chances and earning potential are associated with a graduate degree in health administration.

What is the average cost of pursuing Masters in healthcare management in UK?

The tuition fees to study MS in Healthcare Management in UK is around 20,000 to 45,000 Euros per annum.

What is the average salary after Masters in healthcare management in UK?

In the UK, earnings for an MBA in healthcare management typically range from £90,000 to £100,000 per year with experience.

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