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Masters in Nursing in New Zealand for Indian Students


Suppose you want to study nursing in New Zealand. In that case, you can either enrol in a master's programme that lasts one to two years or a three-year professional degree at the undergraduate level, enabling you to become a General Registered Nurse. Depending on your prior credentials, a decision can be taken here. In New Zealand, nursing programmes emphasise developing graduates with strong intellectual and practical skills in all facets of nursing. Students who want to focus on a particular field—such as oncology, paediatrics, or mental health—can choose to enrol in Masters of Nursing programmes at universities in New Zealand.

After beating Corona, New Zealand has become a dominant nation in the pandemic world. This has boosted its appeal to international students looking for a place to study who want to pursue a profession in healthcare. Additionally, the annual tuition for international undergraduate students at New Zealand's top nursing schools can range from 16 to 18 million dollars. The tuition price for international graduate students pursuing a master's degree in nursing is anticipated to be between 15 and 22.5 lac per year.

Why Study Masters in Nursing In New Zealand?

Currently, nursing is one of the most sought-after courses in New Zealand, mainly due to the high demand for nurses trained in Australia and New Zealand across the globe.

  • New Zealand's institutions have low entry standards, one of the benefits of studying nursing there. The top nursing universities in New Zealand readily admit students with average grades.
  • Additionally, there is no age restriction for studying in New Zealand, which is another good point in your favour if you intend to continue your nursing studies there.
  • Excellent ROI: The living cost in New Zealand ranges from about 20,000 to 30,000 NZD (10 Lac to 15 Lac). We conclude that studying master's in nursing in New Zealand may be the best choice for pursuing a career in medicine abroad due to the cheaper tuition costs and lower cost of living there.

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Masters in Nursing in New Zealand: Course Highlights




Masters in Nursing

Duration of the Course

Between 1 and 2 years (based on top 4 universities)


IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or an equivalent test score, as well as a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60 per cent or a 2.1 overall and work experience (optional)

Entrance Exams

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or equivalent

Tuition Fees

18 lac - 20 lac


Nursing professors, staff nurses, midwives, public health nurses, etc.

Courses in Nursing Degree in New Zealand

Even though there are registered nursing courses, educational programmes that allow students to become registered nurses are popular. The Massey University of New Zealand, The University of Auckland, & Auckland University of Technology now offer bachelor's degree programmes in nursing.

The Victoria University of Wellington offers a Bachelor of Midwifery and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology if you are interested in non-Nursing Degree programmes.

Top Universities for Masters in Nursing In New Zealand

QS World University Rankings 2021


Tuition Fees for Nursing Programs (in INR)


The University of Auckland

17.2 lac- 22 lac


University of Otago

16 lac


Victoria University of Wellington

14.5 lac - 22lac


Massey University

16.8 lac


Auckland University of Technology

18 lac - 20 lac

Masters in Nursing in New Zealand: Eligibility Criteria

  • A secondary education degree, a high school diploma, or an equivalent
  • 75% of class 12 majors in biology, chemistry, or physics.
  • Documents from any college or university that you have ever attended.
  • A 300-word personal statement outlining your decision to enrol in the nursing school and your reasons for believing you would make a successful nurse. List any personal qualities you possess that support your application.
  • Language Requirements in English
  • An about three-page curriculum vitae
  • two official reports
  • An interview might be necessary.

Entrance Exams:

Masters in Nursing In New Zealand: Admission Requirements

  • You must have finished: a GPA of 5.0 or better or a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Sciences in Advanced Nursing
  • a 5.0-grade point average or above and a Bachelor of Nursing (Honors).
  • Additionally, you must be currently registered as a nurse in New Zealand.

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Masters in Nursing in New Zealand: Documents Required

  • Bachelor's degree with papers at level 7 and a B average or above
  • official, confirmed transcripts from any university you've ever attended
  • Statement of Purpose for CV/Resume
  • evidence of at least two years' worth of professional experience.

 Study Masters in Nursing In New Zealand with Scholarships

Name Amount Eligibility
University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship 9,717 NZD Each and every foreign student enrolled at the University of Auckland
VueVille Future Technology Scholarship 1,472 NZD
Every foreign student who attends school in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Singapore
New Zealand Excellence Awards 8,520 NZD All graduate students from India studying in New Zealand
Forktip Women’s- Innovation Scholarship Variable Every female applicant to higher education in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand
JN Tata Endowment Scholarship Variable Each and every Indian student studying overseas
Bharat Petroleum Scholarship 2020 Variable Each and every Indian student studying overseas

Cost of Studying Masters in Nursing In New Zealand


Tuition Fees for Nursing Programs (in INR)*

Annual TuItion Fees (in NZD)

University of Otago

16 lac


The University of Auckland

17.2 lac- 22 lac

34,361 - 44,000

Massey University

16.8 lac


Auckland University of Technology

18 lac - 20 lac

36,000 - 40,000

Victoria University of Wellington

14.5 lac - 22lac

29,000 - 44,000

Jobs & Salary After Masters in Nursing In New Zealand

The nurses who received their nursing education in New Zealand work in all facets of healthcare and have the option to specialize in fields like critical care, community mental health, elderly care, or child and adolescent nursing. Additionally, nurses might specialize in certain illnesses like cancer, diabetes, or respiratory care.

The alumni of the Bachelor of Nursing programme continue their education by pursuing a master's degree in nursing after becoming registered nurses. Many Masters of Nursing graduates are either pursuing a PhD in nursing or have been registered as nurse practitioners with the ability to prescribe.

In New Zealand, nurses can pursue professions in education, research, or health management. After earning your nursing degree in New Zealand, you can work in a variety of settings, including the following:

  • General practice, district nursing, and community mental health are primary community health care examples.
  • Medical and surgical wards, emergency rooms, intensive care units, paediatrics, and acute mental health treatments are all provided in hospitals.
  • population-based services: schools and public health
  • Nursing in rural and distant areas, mental health, elderly care, children's health, and family health are all specialities.

New Zealand Student Visa process

International students need to fulfil the following requirements in order to be given a New Zealand Student Visa:

  • A letter of acceptance or an offer from an NZQA-approved college or university.
  • If you are under 18, you must obtain a written guarantee that suitable accommodation is available from a person or organization.
  • A return ticket for your home country or financial paperwork proving your ability to buy one, as proof that you have enough cash to cover the duration of your journey to New Zealand.
  • 35 NZD is required to apply for a visa for a TB test (1725 INR).

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FAQs About Masters in Nursing in New Zealand

How to become a registered Nurse in New Zealand?

To become a registered Nurse in New Zealand, students must complete the Nursing-council approved Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Health Science programme from a polytechnic or institute of technology or university.

How long is a Masters of Nursing in NZ?

Master's of Nursing in New Zealand takes around 2 years to complete.

Is New Zealand Good for studying Nursing?

Yes. Studying Nursing in New Zealand creates opportunity for the students and makes them a demanded professional. Especially Asutralia and New Zealand trained nurses are in demand all over the world.

Can Nurses get PR in New Zealand?

Yes. Nursing professionals are allowed to apply for Permanent Residency permits in New Zealand.

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