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Masters In Project Management Ireland for Indian Students


Project management is the amalgamation of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques used scientifically to meet a project's objectives. It involves project documentation, planning, tracking, managing, and frequently communicating to complete a duty, task or event within time, scope and budget constraints.

Top-notch institutions, diverse courses and ample work opportunities make Ireland a popular destination for international students. Master In Project Management helps students gather knowledge and skill sets to engage in the project management process effectively. 

Why Study Masters In Project Management Ireland?

Irish universities are renowned around the globe for various academic advantages. Hence, masters in project management can be life-altering for you. The benefits of studying masters in project management from an Irish University have been summed up in the following points:

  • High-Ranking Universities: Irish universities offering masters in project management are among the world's top universities.
  • Diverse Courses: You can pursue a wide range of courses in project management, such as MSc in Project Management and MBA in Project Management, offered by Irish Universities. Additionally, you will get the golden opportunity of obtaining joint and dual degree courses simultaneously.
  • Top Quality Faculty: Faculty teaching project management at universities are of top quality.
  • Scholarships: Irish universities offer multiple scholarships for pursuing a master's degree in project management.
  • Student Culture: The ambience and the student culture are lively and vibrant in Irish Universities. The alumni of the universities are always available to assist you if you have a problem.
  • Post Study Employment Opportunities: In recent years, job opportunities in project management have increased. Therefore, having a master's degree in project management from an Irish University will make you a potential candidate in the current market. 

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Masters In Project Management Ireland: Course Highlights

Project management provides project leadership and direction. The masters program is designed to introduce the concepts and theories of management principles that will help students plan and evaluate the performance of a project in organisational settings.

Major course highlights are stated below:

  • Project Management science and principles
  • Project planning and control
  • People and behaviour in projects
  • Knowledge and Information Management in Project Environments
  • Decision Analysis & Judgement in Projects
  • Commercial Management of Projects
  • Project leadership and Governance
  • Project Management Simulation
  • Research in Projects and Organisations
  • Strategy Formulation and implementation

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Difference between Masters In Project Management Ireland vs MBA Project Management in Ireland

MS In Project Management in Ireland 

MBA Project Management in Ireland 

The MS in Project Management provides students with the chance to form technical, strategic, and managerial skills.

An MBA in Project Management furnishes the foundation of a master’s degree in business administration, with a priority on leadership and problem-solving.

MS in project management mainly focuses on the skills required to manage a project

MBA in project management helps students to grow skills to administer business processes alongside managing projects. 

The cost of studying masters in project management in Ireland is around 15 lakhs

The cost of studying MBA in project management in Ireland is around 12 lakhs

Top Universities Offering Masters in Project Management Ireland

The education structure in Ireland is among the best. Ireland's universities are among the top 3% in the world. Moreover, having a masters degree in project management from Ireland University will make you attractive to employers. Below is a list of universities in Ireland offering Masters programs in project management:

University Name 

QS Ranking 2022

Course Offered 

Tuition Fees 

University College Dublin 


MSc Project Management 


UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School


MSc In Project Management 

€16,800 to €25,600

University Of Limerick 


Master Of Science in Project Management 


Dublin Business School 


Master’s In Business Administration In Project Management 


Waterford Institute of Technology 


Masters In Construction Project Management 

$10,000 to $15,000

If the degree certificate is not in English, the student must submit a translation of the certificate.

University Name 

Tuition Fees 

University College Dublin 

18 Lakhs 

University Of Limerick 

15 Lakhs 

Dublin Business School 

12 Lakhs 

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

14 Lakhs 

Waterford Institute of Technology

9 Lakhs 

Scholarships for Masters in Project Management Ireland

Studying masters in project management in Ireland can be costly for many. So, availing of the scholarship opportunity is the best choice. Here is a list of prominent scholarships you can apply for your masters:

University Name 

Name of the Scholarship 


Dublin Business School 

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

Students pursuing masters in MBA in project management. 

University Of Limerick 

Hani Zeini Scholarship

Students pursuing masters in project management 

Dublin Business School 

MSc Merit-based Scholarship

Top-ranked students in the 1st year of masters get this scholarship

Waterford Institute of Technology

Postgraduate Fellowships

Having good undergraduate score 

Jobs & Salary After Masters in Project Management Ireland

After completing masters in project management, you can begin your career as a project manager. However, you need the patience to walk into high-paying positions. Here is a detailed list of project manager jobs you can get after your masters in project management in Ireland:

Job Role 



Project Coordinator

They handle the projects of a company alongside a project manager 


Construction Project Manager 

Collaborates closely with other skilled professionals to meet the objectives of a project in a construction industry 


Information Technology Project Manager

Now, information is a vital part of our life. IT project managers ensure the work of IT departments in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Environmental Research Project Manager

Protecting the environment is an important issue in the 21st century. As an environmental research project manager, the responsibilities are to coordinate staff and schedule duties that they need to carry out, as well as develop and create plans for projects.



After several years of experience, project managers work as consultants. The responsibility involves consulting team members and making a project fruitful. 


Project Scheduler

To adhere to the strict guidelines of a project, project schedulers are needed by a large team. The project scheduler is responsible for keeping all of the various aspects of the project’s schedule in line. 


Ireland Student Visa Process

To study in Ireland, you will need a student visa. Student visas are classified into two types: C visas and D visas. The master's program is two years so you will need a D Study Visa. You must apply for your student visa online three months before going to Ireland. Below are the documents required for the Ireland student visa application:

  • Valid travel documentation.
  • Acceptance Letter from a recognised Irish institution
  • Current passport size-coloured photographs.
  • A score of IELTS.
  • Medical Insurance Details.
  • Prove fee payment.
  • Biometric Information statement of your evidence that you'll leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa.

After submitting all the necessary documents, you will get a summary application sheet containing the transaction number. Keep that sheet as it will be required in future. Later, you have to pay the visa application fee. After the payment and appointment booking process, a payment receipt will be sent to you. Later, you will get the appointment confirmation receipt.

Here advancing your project management career demands developing a specialised set of skills. A Master's in project management will equip me with such skills to manage projects efficiently in organisational settings. Therefore, pursuing a master's degree in project management from a recognised Irish university is worthwhile. 

Well, that was extensive coverage but we have got more information for you at AECC. AECC is the right place for you to expedite your education endeavours with assistance in all aspects from finding accredited courses, to an ideal destination and a leading institution. The expert counsellors provide guidance and will bring your dreams to life.

FAQs About Masters In Project Management Ireland

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