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Masters in Business Management In New Zealand for Indian Students


Strong quality assurance measures are in place, and the New Zealand government actively regulates the educational system there. International students from all over the world can be confident that they will receive a top-notch education that will increase their chances of finding employment in the global labour market. New Zealand, which has a population of about 4.6 million, provides space for its learners to breathe and be themselves. Famous institutions for international students wishing to pursue higher education overseas can be found in New Zealand. Students may decide to pursue a master's in Business Management in New Zealand due to the country's 0.08 more significant ROI than Australia. 

Why Study Masters in Business Management in New Zealand?

Accounting, finance, law, management, marketing, and ethics are just a few of the fundamental business skills students who pursue a master's degree will learn. Qualified graduates will have various career options across numerous sectors and businesses. The island nation of New Zealand is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

Masters in Business Management In New Zealand: Course Highlights



Total no. of Masters in Business Management Colleges in New Zealand

8 Universities

Master’s Cost in New Zealand

Tuition Fee: NZ$50,000 – NZ$64,000 per year

Living Cost: NZ$19,000 – NZ$21,000 per year

Top Specializations

Finance, Accounting, Marketing, etc.

Exam Required


Popular Business Management Courses for Master's Degree in New Zealand

universities in New Zealand offer Business Management Courses. Some of the most popular courses:

  • Business and Management.
  • Accounting.
  • Business Studies.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Finance.
  • Human Resource Management.

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Universities Offering Masters in Business Management In New Zealand


THE Ranking 2022

QS Ranking 2022

the University of Otago

Dunedin, New Zealand



University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand



Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand



Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand



Massey University

Palmerston North, New Zealand



University of Waikato

Hamilton, New Zealand



University of Canterbury

Christchurch, New Zealand



Eligibility for Masters in Business Management In New Zealand

The following are the standard prerequisites for the Masters in Business Management in New Zealand:

English Language Requirements for Masters in Business Management in New Zealand

IELTS/TOEFL scores must be submitted to enrol in undergraduate or graduate programmes at universities of New Zealand.

Admission Process to study for Masters in Business Management in New Zealand

The application procedure for candidates interested in pursuing a Master's in Business Administration from New Zealand is described below.

  • Students may apply to most New Zealand universities online by visiting their specific official university websites. Students must download and complete the application form and submit it with any necessary supporting documentation. They must also follow all other guidelines.
  • The candidate must pay a fee for applying once he has successfully submitted his application form and the necessary supporting documentation.
  • Interviews could take place over the phone or through other electronic means, depending on the university.
  • The students should know the university submission deadlines, so they submit their applications as soon as possible rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • To study in New Zealand for longer than three months, international students must apply for a student visa.

Documents Required Masters in Business Management In New Zealand

At the time of admission for the admissions procedure, applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • a legitimate passport
  • filled-out application and two passport-size photos
  • original and genuine school and college transcripts
  • Reference letters, a resume, and any required essays or statement of purpose forms
  • Loan applications
  • financial records
  • Essay for a scholarship if applicable
  • further proof as required by the university

Study Masters in Business Management In New Zealand with Scholarships

Overseas students will also have the chance to work part-time to lower their living costs, thus lowering the cost of living. Students from another country are allowed to work twenty hours per week and full time on designated holidays. In addition to lowering their living expenditures, this part-time employment opportunity will give students the chance to develop valuable job experience in their preferred area. Like at most colleges, international students can take advantage of the numerous scholarship programmes that are detailed on university websites. Students who plan to pursue higher study in New Zealand are eligible for a variety of scholarships offered by educational institutions, the government of New Zealand, foreign governments, and private funding sources. The goal of these scholarship programmes is to introduce and spread awareness of New Zealand's world-class educational system.

Cost of Studying Masters in Business Management In New Zealand

The institution you choose to attend has an impact on the tuition cost.

  • Tuition: The annual tuition for this degree is between $49,000 and $63,000 in New Zealand dollars.
  • Living Cost: Your lifestyle will affect your daily costs. Although you need a budget between $18,000 and $20,000 per year for living expenditures.

Jobs & After Masters in Business Management In New Zealand

After obtaining your Master's in Business Management, you will have a wide range of career options at your disposal, such as management consulting, sales management, investment banking, IT director, financial management, computer systems management, marketing management, health services management, and much more. There are as many different kinds of enterprises in the world as there are managerial positions.

Job profiles


Average annual salary

Financial advisor

A financial advisor's responsibility is to provide clients with specialised financial management advice. The job entails conducting market research, recommending the best goods and services, attending to their needs, and making sales.

INR 3.74 lakhs

Marketing Manager

The responsibility of a marketing manager is to oversee the positioning and promotion of a company's sold goods and services.

INR 5.09 lakhs

Management Analyst

A marketing manager is in charge of managing the positioning and advertising of the products and services that a firm sells.

INR 4.10 lakhs

HR Manager

Planning, directing, and coordinating a company's administrative operations are all responsibilities of the HR manager. They provide the necessary manpower and consult on strategic planning.

INR 4.40 lakhs

Finance manager

The budget is planned, the senior management team is supported, and financial guidance is provided in order for the business to make the best decisions possible.

INR 7.66 lakhs

New Zealand Student Visa

International students need to fulfil the following requirements in order to be given a New Zealand Student Visa:

  • A letter of acceptance or an offer from an NZQA-approved college or university.
  • If you are under 18, you must obtain a written guarantee that suitable accommodation is available from a person or organization.
  • A return ticket for your home country or financial paperwork proving your ability to buy one, as proof that you have enough cash to cover the duration of your journey to New Zealand.
  • 35 NZD is required to apply for a visa for a TB test (1725 INR).

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FAQs About Masters in Business Management In New Zealand

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